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Free school supplies in 2024 near you.

Find where to get free back to school supplies for children from low to moderate income families. People in need will get help from the Salvation Army, national retailers, churches, or charities near you that help students from grades K-12. Find charities that give out free back to school supplies, clothes, backpacks or uniforms for the 2024 school year.

There are many free school supply programs, both locally and nationally. Kids from low-income families or single mom run households will often get priority for the school year. Each program varies. Charities will provide financial help, or giveaway free gift certificates, vouchers, or pass out the school supplies directly to qualified families. Many assistance programs allow parents, kids, single mothers and others to shop on their own for school items, backpacks, laptops, clothes, books and more using a client choice model.

The assistance from the Salvation Army, a church or charity will help families or people with no money get the school supplies they need for the 2024 year. Some of the items are provided in partnership with retailers such as Target or Wal-Mart. There are other free back to school assistance programs that are administered directly by the Salvation Army or other charity organization near you, including the United Way. The charities that administer the programs, details on applying as well as the contact information to use in order to get applications for free uniforms as well as school supplies are noted below.

Charities to apply for free school supplies and clothes in 2024

There are a number non-profit programs to apply at for free school supplies. There are options available for the working poor, single moms, the unemployed, homeless as well as struggling low-income families. In addition to the charities listed below, everyone from a local clothing closet to a church may provide free school items, such as backpacks, shoes, uniforms and book bags to children that are in kindergarten, elementary, middle or high school.




Some charities may even provide free electronics to students in elementary, middle or high school. They will often give out tablets for educational purposes, Chromebooks or free or low cost desktop or laptop computers for remote learning. A combination of free as well as low cost school supplies may be given out by a center, depending on the resources available. Or look into how government benefits will provide a free tablet.

Each of the children selected for the school supply program near you will come from families that meet income criteria. Many of the clients have been helped from a charity, such as the Salvation Army, in other ways. So maybe the family has received assistance with paying utilities, rent, or food in the recent past, and they will often automatically be qualified for free school supply programs.

A Salvation Army free school supply program is usually in communities. They giveaway free back to school supplies to kids from pre-school up to high school age in mid-size to larger towns and counties. While resources are limited, the sites will do what they can to help lower income families during a difficult period. This can include offering affordable or free school supplies, shoes, clothes, backpacks, and other stuff for children during the back to school period. Or they may provide referrals. Get more information Salvation Army assistance programs.

  • Not only are the resources indicated above available, but many Salvation Army centers also provide other assistance to students. As an example, some center have been able to hand out, for free, backpacks full of food. Or they give free haircuts or personal hygiene items to students along with emergency school supplies. Or parents may get rebates or vouchers to shop for school supplies near them at major retailers, including Target or WalMart.

The Assistance League has hundreds of local chapters around the country as well. The main program they run is called Operation School Bell. Not only will it provide students with clothing, uniforms, items they need for any dress code policies effective in 2024, but they also offer other educational services. The supplies may be notebooks, shoes, backpacks, and other school supplies. The charity also arrange for free haircuts, physicals, and more for the student before the school year starts. More on Assistance League programs.





School supply drives are also coordinated by Love, Inc., or Love in the Name of Christ. The national charity is a Christian based group, but they assist clients regardless of their religion. One program, often called practical help, will include free school supplies for the poor, single moms, and less fortunate. The items are generally given away using a free voucher system from their thrift store. Or they are sold at a low cost to a shopper. Find details on Love Inc. programs for the poor.

Some families do not live near a distribution site, or they are working during the day/weekend and can’t pick up back to school supplies for their kids. In these cases it may be possible to get free school items, including clothes or uniforms, in the mail or delivered. This can benefit single mothers who are working, the homebound or disabled, or families that lack a car or affordable transportation. There are several options, and learn how to get free school supplies in the mail.

Churches often giveaway free school supplies. Faith based organizations often have collection bins or other assistance programs that pass out some items for students from a school district. They tend to focus on supporting people in the local parish. Any struggling family, with children, can get free clothes. Or there may be books, school supplies such as bags, and other stuff for the struggling household. Find churches near you to contact.

United Way free low-income school supply programs are an option as well. The national non-profit, as well as its hundreds of local offices, partner with charities in a community near you to provide this form of assistance. Everything from free clothes to shoes, school bookbags or backpacks, pens, dresses, slacks, and other goods are passed out. Students from kindergarten age to high school may apply. Find more details on United Way school assistance programs.

Catholic Charities free school supply giveaway events are held in many locations. They help kids from low-income households, immigrant and homeless families too. There are often 2024 free back to school supply programs offered, though what exactly is provided will vary by location. In general, a backpack full of school items (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.) is provided to all as free hygiene supplies. Locate free items from Catholic Charities.

Urban League is a national organizations with local affiliates in dozens of cities. Many provide free stuff, such as Back to School Bashes, supply giveaway events or Community Family Days. There will be items such as free backpacks for students and supplies, clothes for kids, health screenings, sneakers and more. A major focus is on undeserved families, including Black or Hispanic families, women, veterans, and minorities that have a low income. More on Urban League help for the low-income near you.




Volunteers of America Operation Backpack is available in 2024 in most communities The national charity, often called VOA, gives away many items to students from pre-school age to college age. Low-income families, the homeless and veterans with kids in school will be given free backpacks, writing materials, electronics such as a tablet or laptop, uniforms and other free school supplies. VOA also provides free school stuff to students from homeless families. There will also be gift cards and hygiene kits, and learn more on Volunteers of America assistance programs.Free school supplies near you

Find free school uniforms, supplies, and backpacks near you

Most states and counties have local charities, often called clothing closets, that giveaway free backpacks full of school supplies as well as other stuff to kids. There are non-profits, churches and other places that have free back to school supply events for students in 2024.

Find a city or county below for stuff items you. They give low income as well as struggling families free items, including school supplies, hygiene items, and other stuff for the 2024 school year. They assist students with their educational needs, and a list of cities and counties are below.



























Mississippi - Entire state. Click here.




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York





North Carolina








Rhode Island

South Carolina




South Dakota






Washington DC

West Virginia


Wyoming (Statewide)

For a comprehensive listing of additional non-profit organizations to contact, click here to find local government agencies in your state and county. There are numerous other charitable groups that may distribute gift certificates, school supplies and other items. Or use the search bar at the bottom of this page. The distribution options would include clothing closets, thrift stores, churches, and local non-profits.







Free school supplies online

Charities and churches give away free school items to low income families, but there are also online websites, apps, and other places that have supplies for kids. Both new and/or gently used school supplies, tablets, clothes, laptops and more may be found online, often for free.

Freebies Alert is a free app that provides information on where to get free stuff near you today, including school supplies. It is available to anyone to use, but a number of low-income and/or single parent run families rely on it to find free online school supplies. It sill provide information on places for free school uniforms, sneakers for kids of all sizes, book bags, refurnished laptops that a student can use and other school giveaways. Get details on Freebies Alert.

Freecycle has lists of free school supply programs. This is another realtime app that anyone can get for their Samsung or Apple phone. Find people, places, online stores, or retailers near you that have free clothes for students, desks, used computers, or even brand new school supplies like notebooks, calculators, lunch boxes and more. Find how to get the Freecycle app.

Low cost school supplies, clothes, backpacks, and uniforms

Much of what is listed above is given away for free, whether it is a charity or store. But struggling households can also buy low priced school supplies. Many other charities also provide low cost or discounted school supplies. There are places for low income families to shop at, such as bargain thrift stores or clothing closets near you. These sites will sell gently used goods, ranging from uniforms to backpacks, clothing, computers, shoes, laptops, and more.

  • The inventory of cheap items for the school year will vary. There is normally a minimal cost to buy the back to school supplies, but some of the charities may provide vouchers or gift cards to the lowest income families in the area. In an emergency, and if the parent is out of options, then the gift card passed out will in effect provide the school supplies to them for free or at a price close to it. Find locations of inexpensive school supplies and uniforms.

Free school supply giveaways from stores and companies

Many stores, national corporations, and local businesses also help kids get free school supplies. In general, they are local in nature and rely on the community to run them, but there may be free back to school supply give away events near you for 2024. They will usually operate from July to September of every year, often in partnership with a charity such as the Salvation Army or Saint Vincent de Paul.

  • Hundreds of Target stores as well as other retailers participate in various free Back to School Spree shopping events in partnership with local charity groups.
  • A Wal-Mart store near you may also hold their own school supply donation drive. or give low-income families a gift card.
  • Other companions that organize school supply giveaways include Verizon, Family Dollar, Kroger, and others. Other major retailers, whether a department store or shopping mall, may hold their own events.

These stores or corporation help students from families living in or near poverty. They are provided a free gift certificate by a retailer to shop at a store, which they can use purchase their needed school supplies. Or they may be given the items they need directly, such as a free school backpack, uniform, shoes, tablets, and other clothing items.

Each store, or charity, that offers a back to school supply program will have their own means of providing assistance. Working together, these free or low cost school supplies are available in partnership with other groups as well, such as the United Way.

To apply for a school supply drive at a store, families can make inquiries into whether these programs are available to them at a local non-profit organization. The Salvation Army is often a good place for referrals. The goal of these companies, and many others, is to ensure that children of all ages have the items they need for growing and learning at school. Or dial a local 211 referral service for details on these services.


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