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Charities and non-profit organizations that help with bills.

Find a list of national non-profit organizations and charities that will provide financial help or free material items. Charities, including some near you, will often be able to help with rent, housing or this give out free food and offer utility bill assistance. Other more national non-profit organizations will provide support with health care expenses, free medical care, and transportation services. Locate charities and non-profit organizations near you below for assistance.

The programs offered to low-income families will vary. Some charity organizations will also provide job training or employment opportunities. Or get free gasoline and help pay for a car in order to get you to that job. Free clothes and items for work, even a computer, will be provided too.

Funding is always limited, and many of these non-profit agencies rely heavily on donations from individuals and businesses in the local community. Financial assistance will also issued with conditions, and is usually offered as a last resort when a family is faced with a crisis. The demand for help is very high, and since resources are limited, many charities prioritize programs for families with children, seniors, single mom and the disabled. They are a great place for referrals and staff can be used as resources.

Emergency financial help from a charity or non-profit

There are numerous charities and assistance organizations that operate only in one state. These groups can provide various types of assistance, including help with utility bills, medical bills, free items for the poor, and other types of aid.

Catholic Charities - No matter what your background or religion is, this charity organization may be able to provide financial help, cash assistance or other resources in a crisis. Catholic Charities is a network of local churches and social service agencies. There are over 1,500 locations around the nation that individuals, including the homeless or immigrants, can turn to

  • The organization will assist those that qualify, regardless of their religion, race, gender, or age. They focus on reducing poverty and strengthening families over the long term. Food, housing, emergency financial help, clothing, holiday assistance and much more is offered. More details on Catholic Charities financial assistance.




Churches provide a wide variety of assistance. Faith based groups offer emergency rent help, food, assistance with paying utility and light bills, health care, and more. A church near a family can be used for financial help, as they are increasing the number of programs administered near you. Locate assistance from churches.

Community Action Agencies - Local public or non-profit organization that provide numerous types of help and assistance, including help with utility bills, job training, and other services. They provide various types of help, including grants, to those in need. They can help with year round electric bills, provide job training, rent payments, and various other services.

  • Social workers and volunteers at many community action non-profits contain a wealth of knowledge on local resources Many also help low income families apply for free government grants. Find assistance from community action agencies.

Episcopal Church - This is a national organization, but the services run by each local parish vary. The charity supports the vulnerable and families living in poverty. Volunteers can provide basic needs such as personal hygiene items, clothing, furniture, hot meals, or food. Some of the parishes of this charity may also have more extensive support, even involving health clinics held by volunteers or loans to use for car repairs. Continue with services from Episcopal Church.

Foundations that are non-profit or charitable - There are many that operate programs that provide families with direct financial assistance. Foundations can be operated by a corporation, group of volunteers or other grounds. There will be hardship funds for rent and mortgage payments. They also offer free counseling, help with tax returns, budgeting skills, and more. Read more on financial help from foundations.

Free Diapers for infant and babies - The National Diaper Bank (TDB) is a national charity that provides and distributes free diapers or wipes to lower income families. The supplies are offered through existing service providers, including daycare centers, soup kitchens, food pantries, social service agencies, shelters and more. They provide free diapers through its extensive network of dozens of non-profit agencies and local charities near you. Call 203-821-7348

  • Additional non-profits and charities across the nation provide free diapers, baby wipes and even samples to low income families. Many partner with leading manufacturers such as those that make Pampers or Huggies. Find an agency in your area that distribute free diapers.





Funeral expense help from charities - Learn how to get help to pay for a cremation or to save money on burial and funeral costs. A non-profit organization known as Funeral Memorial Society of America can provide information on how to save money on caskets, burials, and other funeral bills. Most states also have other organizations that can help the low income, the uninsured, homeless and indigent pay for burials as well. More on help with funeral costs.

Heating oil and home fuel from charities - A number of non-profits help seniors, the disabled and older adults over 60 with heating oil. Examples include Corporations such as Exxon charitable foundations, National Grid and regional utility companies as well as other foundations.

  • This program, in cooperation with thousands of local fuel assistance agencies and heating oil dealers in almost 20 states, provides delivery of free home heating oil to those who need help across the Northeast, Midwest and other cold weather states. Get free home heating oil near you.

Charity organizations that help pay billsJewish Federation of North America - This is a national charity organization that distributes funds to non-profit sites around the country. Most locations provide assistance to struggling or working poor families of all religions, races, and ages. Social services and emergency assistance for rent, homeless prevention, energy bills, and more is offered. The  federation will also help coordinate job training and workforce development. More on Jewish Federation financial assistance.

  • International Association of Jewish Free Loans - Regardless of religion, this charity organization can provide borrowers with access to funds for addressing an emergency. The loans will be interest free, which means there are no financing charges. The assistance from the non-profit can be used to pay for emergencies such as rent, car repairs, utility bills, housing, and medical expenses. Read Association Free Loans.

Love in the Name of Christ, or Love, provides many services. The charity organization operates from dozens of sites and can provide families access to a Clearinghouse. This will offer them referrals to church based solutions, such as a homeless shelter, food, meals, housing, and transportation. Some churches or charities they partner with may have cash assistance available for expenses, such as medications, rental payments, or overdue utility bills. Find assistance from Love Inc.

Lutheran Services in America coordinates with hundreds of local human service groups and charities to provide help to the needy and less fortunate. Lutheran Social Ministry provides a number of social services to the elderly, low income, poor, unemployed, and disabled. The non-profit charity organization partners with community organizations and local municipalities to coordinate services.




  • Programs will provide basic needs such as housing, medical care, meals, free food and financial resources for critical bills. The poor, elderly, and struggling are many of the beneficiaries of this national non-profit charity. Find a local branch of Lutheran Services.

Ministries from UMC - United Methodist Church - Programs available from this church based charity organization are wide ranging. Ministries may help with solving transportation needs (such as auto repairs or rides to work), hunger ministries provide free food or meals, and they also partner with housing organizations as well as local clinics. Charities, churches and non-profits work together to help the poor. Locate details on the United Methodist Church.

National Assistance League - While the charity operates across the country, the local centers focus on meeting the needs for that community. So called chapters that may be near you provide a number of basic needs. A common program offered nationally is Operation School Bell, which is school clothes, books, and items to students. the charity also has holiday programs for the elderly or single moms. A number of other programs are available and may include dental care, meals, social services, day care, and other support. Locate local Assistance League programs.

Net Wish - A non-profit that was created by a private individual. The organization provides emergency cash grants and free money to qualified individuals to help them pay critical bills in an emergency. Priority is given to the elderly and families with children. This non-profit was created to help the less fortunate. More details on grants to help pay bills.

Non-profit law firms are located in most states. The volunteer lawyers provide free advice and legal representation. The organizations are funded by the federal government, and they can help with civil cases. Attorneys from the pro-bono firms address housing issues, foreclosures, credit and debt collection, domestic lawsuits, and much more. Read more free legal advice.

Operation Homefront - The non-profit charity organization Operation Homefront provides emergency financial assistance, grants, counseling, and other aid for military personnel. It helps those who are currently in the service, as well as ex- military. In addition they can also assist families of service members as well as wounded soldiers. Continue with Operation Homefront.

Operation Round Up - This is an assistance program that is offered by utility and gas companies in many states. This non-profit organization, and the financial aid they will give, provides energy assistance funds and grants to families and individuals in need of help. Most of the money raised is from customer contributions. In addition, the program will offer additional aid, such as help for paying medical bills, rent or housing costs, and more. Look here for details on Operation Round Up.

Saint Vincent de Paul - Regardless of your religion or background, this national charity organization may be able to offer grants. Each parish provides immediate financial help for paying bills or basic needs. While funding is limited, qualified low income families faced with a crisis may get assistance.

  • Tens of thousands of volunteers, or Venetians, work with this charity organization. They provide basic needs such as food and clothing, access to thrift stores, furniture and more. As a last resort, when a family is in a crisis, limited financial assistance for paying bills (such as utilities or rent) may be offered. Read more details on the St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.




Salvation Army emergency services - Low-income families or single people can also contact The Salvation Army for additional help with paying bills. They have local social service centers across the nation, including thrift stores. The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services unit helps support basic human needs. The organization will provide a safety net to anyone who has nowhere else to turn if those people need help paying bills.

  • Some of the financial help or free stuff provided by the Salvation Army charity include clothing, food, electric bill help, rent assistance and counseling. The Salvation Army also has many case workers that help clients get long term support. These case workers will also help prevent homelessness through crisis intervention. People need to contact their local chapter for more information on charity assistance and other services they offer. Find local Salvation Army Family Emergency Services.
  • Salvation Army homeless shelters assist the homeless. There is lodging for women, men, youth and others in need from the charity organization. The homeless shelters also provide free meals, clothes, and hygiene supplies as needed. Find a Salvation Army shelter near you.

Samaritan Ministries - These charity centers will generally be faith based groups. There is not one official network of charities that are part of it, but rather dozens of local agencies as well as hospitals operate as Good Samaritan Centers. They will offer support to the less fortunate, and it ranges from financial aid to health care or food and transportation. More on Good Samaritan Center services.

Seniors Agency on Aging non-profit centers - A local agency on aging office provides free services, can coordinate charity care, and focuses on offering assistance to individuals over age 55. They help low-income elderly people, retirees as well as older adults with a disability. There is support for the elderly and senior citizens on fall income levels. Find senior assistance programs.

United Way - The United Way is involved in providing information on hundreds if not thousands of non-profit organizations as well as local charity programs. They have databases of national charities and non-profits. The free 211 telephone service can clients to local housing resources, food, seasonal help, substance abuse assistance, Christmas toys, financial aid for bills and so much more. Hundreds of services may be offered. More on United Way assistance programs.

Urban League - Provide services, counseling, job programs and indirect financial assistance to the low income, minorities and working poor. The non-profit focuses on housing, medical needs, employment and education. Find Urban League assistance programs.

Volunteers of America - This national non-profit organization helps the less fortunate rebuild their lives and get a new start. In addition to long term self-sufficiency, some short term financial aid and resources may be provided (if available) on a limited basis. Housing, emergency support, job training, and many other services are offered. The charity programs from VOA also focus on veterans, the homeless, and seniors. More on Volunteers of America.

The YMCA offers services for the entire family, with a focus on children, single mothers, the unemployed and job seekers. Assistance will help ensure that low income families are able to properly feed their children, including over the summer and holidays.

  • This charity focuses on kids and teens, addressing hunger, and coordinating job training. Some of what may be offered, depending on location and state, includes affordable day care, free meals and snacks for children, job search assistance, and after school programs and care. The YMCA also helps parents gain new skills or find a job, as well as arrange for day care for their children. Get details on the YMCA charity organization.







YWCA - Resources are focused on helping women, their children, single parents, and those that are struggling. The non-profit charity provides services such as affordable day care, job training, transitional housing and more. The goal of the charity is to empower women and help them gain self-sufficiency. Some programs are also available for victims of domestic violence or veterans. More on YWCA services.

Free health care from charities

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation - This non-profit organization provides financial assistance and cash grants to people who need assistance with paying hospital and medical bills. A focus is on helping people that are hit with expenses that result from a cancer diagnosis. Read more on help with cancer bills.

Charity health care services may be provided. Many hospitals, doctors, and medical providers offer some form of free medical or dental care to the very low income or uninsured. There are non-profit clinics, doctors or dentists that volunteer to help the poor, and hospitals with charity care programs.

  • Many local community centers - charities offers free healthcare, including prescription medications, dental care, x-rays and lab tests. There is help for both the uninsured and under insured using volunteer healthcare professionals that operate from a mobile medical clinic. Read more free medical care.

Children’s Health Fund (CHF) - This charity is committed to providing free health care to America’s most medically under served children as well as their families. It will provide health care, help with medical costs, and essential services to children and families in need of aid, regardless of their ability to pay. There is  pediatric primary care, dental, mental health services for kids and other support. Call (212) 535-9400

Community Medical Centers - Almost every major county has charitable clinics. Free medical care is provided for lower income, uninsured families using an all-volunteer healthcare staff and services. They give immunizations, basic check ups, assist the homeless and offer support from free health care centers.

  • There is emergency or preventative healthcare. Adults, kids, and patients with no insurance or Medicaid can use the centers. Federal qualified health care centers as well as rural clinics are also very local too. Many doctors, nurses and professionals donate their time and services. Locate a free charitable clinic near you.

Dental Care from charities - Assistance is coordinated by a national non-profit organization. The free dental programs, including things such as extractions or teeth cleanings, are provided by thousands of dentists as part of the Dental Lifeline Network and other charities. Read more on free dental care.

Eyeglasses and exams - Find a listing of several non-profits and charities that provide either free or low cost eye exams. There are also eye doctors and retailers that offer free prescription glasses as part of charitable giveaway events. Some agencies will even provide contact lenses. More on free glasses and exams.

Free prescription medications from non-profits - There are several programs that offer discounted and free prescription medications. They include Dispensary of Hope, Together RX Access, NeedyMeds, and Patient Advocate Foundation. Vouchers may be provided to people with a low-income or no insurance.

  • Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and clinics offer income qualified patients with so called charity care or other forms of financial aid for paying for their medications. Find free prescription drugs.





HealthWell Foundation - This is a charitable assistance organization that helps people pay for prescription medications. This group provides financial assistance and grants to help patients to pay for various out-of-pocket health care expenses including health insurance premiums, prescription drugs, and a wide variety of other costs. Locate HealthWell Foundation prescription assistance.

Hospital charity care - The affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that hospitals provide (1) charity care to low-income patients as well as (2) not allow families to go into medical debt. State and federal government require that medical providers provide help to low-income families, the uninsured and vulnerable.

  • If you plan on receiving care from this charitable program that is part of ACA, patients need to get approval in advance of your scheduled medical treatment or surgery. A discount program also enables lower bills and costs for the both the underinsured and uninsured. Read more on Affordable Care Act charity care programs.

Family Reach - This non-profit foundation will help cancer patients with paying for their everyday living expenses. Grants and financial assistance is available for expenses including mortgage, monthly rent payments, food, car payments, and utility bills for cancer patients who are in active treatment or that are recovering. Click here to learn more on Family Reach.

Medical organizations, that are non-profits, operate in both local communities as well as nationally. Many help pay for certain types of conditions, such as charity care for people with cancer or that are terminal, transportation to a national hospital, or they help in others ways. Locate medical non profit organizations.

Modest Needs - A charitable organization that helps with securing a variety of grants, including funds for medical bill assistance. Cash grants and funds provided can be used to support qualifying individuals. Some of what can be provided includes self-sufficiency grants, back to work funding, independent living grants and more. Learn more here.

Patient Access Network - This non-profit organization may be able to help the uninsured pay for medical and hospital bills. The funds will pay for costs that insurance companies do not pay or the money will pay for transportation to the doctor and similar needs. Find how the Patient Access Network operates.

Patient Advocate Foundation - This is a national non-profit charity organization that seeks to help safeguard and protect patients through effective mediation and assuring access to health care. Receive referrals to resources that can help with medical debts, preservation of patient financial stability, and maintenance of employment in regards to their diagnosis of debilitating or life threatening diseases. More on the Patient Advocate Foundation.

Patient Services Inc. - May be able to provide assistance for paying medical bills, insurance premiums, and other financial aid for the chronically ill, low income and uninsured patients. The non-profit can provide financial assistance for medical bills, insurance payments, prescription medications, and other forms of aid. Click here for more information on Patient Services.

Housing from charities

Financial assistance for parents - Several charities and non-profit agencies offer help with housing. There is temporary or long term rent assistance, with a focus on single moms. The groups don’t want the child to be homeless, so the parents are supported. However others can also benefit. Find rental assistance for single mothers.




Homesharing - This is an exchange type program. A homeowner will offer accommodations in exchange for sharing a portion of the monthly rent. Or the homeowner or apartment owner may charge no rent if the person looking for a home offers support services such as shopping, caring for pets, or household tasks. Locate local Homesharing services.

  • CoAbode is another homesharing non-profit organization. The charity will put single mothers in contact with other moms so that they can share on housing expenses. This allows both parties to share on paying the monthly rent and/or mortgage payments, utilities, and other basic needs. Learn more.

Habitat for Humanity helps low-income families get a home (by building one) or even fix one. The non-profit also has thrift stores and consignment shops. The volunteer run groups will help build a home, fix roofs or porches for seniors, and offer other housing programs. Call (800) 422-4828.

Interfaith Hospitality Network, or Family Promise - This charity is made up of churches, volunteers and local congregations. They offer temporary housing facilities, food, clothing, job placement, and other services to the homeless. The nationwide, charity organization is focused on both preventing and reversing homelessness. More on Family Promise and Interfaith Hospitality.

Mercy Housing - The charity operates housing in most states. The apartments and units are for low income families , seniors on a fixed income or individuals. There are also a number of homes dedicated to senior citizens, the disabled, veterans, or single moms and parents. This is one of the nation’s leading faith based charities when it comes to providing affordable housing and case management services. Find more details on Mercy Housing.

National Church Residences - The charity operates in most states. What they provide is either supportive or permanent housing to individuals and families. They do focus on senior citizens and the elderly, but low income apartments may also be available for any formerly homeless individuals, single parents or moms, and the disabled. Clients of National Church charity organization also gain self-sufficiency, job placement, financial management and other support. Learn how the National Churches Residences..

National Coalition for the Homeless (NHC) - The non-profit is made up on charities and other groups that offer information on housing assistance. Individuals facing eviction as well as the homeless can learn about shelter, short term housing, and emergency grant programs. NHC and its partners work to keep people safely housing. More on National Coalition for the Homeless.

Charity organizations for free food, meals, household stuff and groceries

American Red Cross - Local branches of the American Red Cross provide emergency disaster relief to families impacted by fires, floods, hurricanes, or natural disasters. The support can include homeless shelters, free vouchers for clothing or motel rooms, hot meals, and free food. The national charity may also provide other forms of assistance, such as financial aid to military families, health or safety classes, disaster assistance, grants and other community services. Find details on Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Charities for free clothes - Qualified lower income consumers can turn to a number of groups and organizations for their basic needs. Distribution centers may have items including personal hygiene items, clothes for everyday use, furniture, holiday assistance, and necessary professional work or school clothing. Vouchers and gift certificates may also be available so people can obtain stuff for free. Locate local, charitable and free clothing closets.

  • Charity thrift stores are another option. Places such as Goodwill, Salvation Army Family Stores, churches, consignment shops and many other places operate as non-profits. The sell stuff at bargains and some give out free goods for people in a financial hardship. Locate charity thrift stores near you.

Christmas and other holiday focused charities operate nationally. They do their best to help low income families, children, the lonely and vulnerable by giving free items and support. A number of services may be available, and learn how to get Christmas toys and gifts for free.





Feeding America - The nation’s leading hunger-relief charity is Feeding America. Every year, the Feeding America assistance network helps provide free food, groceries or meals to tens of millions of people. There is also help in acquiring long term relief, such as food stamps, surplus commodities and other resources.

  • They have a network of hundreds of food banks serving people in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and also Puerto Rico. Feeding America is the main location that coordinates charities as well as non-profits. Phone number is 800.771.2303, or find locations of the charities food distribution centers. Find details on Feeding America food banks.

Free or cheap groceries from charities - A number of non-profits non-denominational charity organizations help feed people with no money, the homeless and low-income throughout the United States. They help and serve hundreds of thousands of families every month in the country. There are no applications, qualifications, income restrictions, or minimums. Find cheap groceries.

Food from non-profits and government programs operated by charities - Get information on government programs such as WIC, SNAP food stamps, the Nutrition Services Incentive Program and more. Many non-profits help people apply for these benefits.

  • In addition, a number of regional non-profits agencies provide free or reduced priced meals and food boxes to people of all background and incomes. Find a listing of organizations and programs to contact for free or low cost, yet high quality, groceries, food, and meals. Get a list of all the food assistance programs.

Local food banks, soup kitchens and charity run free pantries - Millions of Americans receive free or reduced priced food from pantries and food banks every year. The non-profit centers, soup kitchens and charity organizations are located in every state, and are committed to helping to end hunger. More on food banks and pantries.

Furniture banks and a non-profit network of distribution centers provide low-income families or people with no money help. They give out free household stuff, vouchers and items such as kitchen appliances, bedroom or family room furniture, items for a job including a desk and more. Find furniture vouchers.

School supplies - Parents can obtain free items for their child and teachers may also be given classroom goods. Many charities use donations from the public in an effort to ensure children have clothing, binders, pens, pencils, backpacks, and even winter attire. Locate free school supplies.

Free transportation programs from charities

Automobiles for employment - A national organization collects donated cars and provides them to the less fortunate. The charity will focus its resources on people that need a car for work or job training reasons, however others may be able to qualify in certain cases. Read free donated cars.

Churches and charities - From time to time churches, especially those that are part of Saint Vincent De Paul, may have a small amount of funds to help pay for car repairs or gasoline. Assistance is usually offered regardless of someone’s religion. More on gasoline and car repairs from churches.

Donated cars and financing from non-profits - Charities, churches and organizations donate vehicles to the low income. Most of the cars need to be used for work or job training. Other non-profits may offer low interest auto loans or matching funds to qualified individuals.

  • Agencies provide donated or new vehicles to struggling families in need of transportation, provided they are willing to work and become self-sufficient, tax-paying members of the community. The Charity Cars assistance program will provide a vehicle to insure both reliability and safety of the car or free truck,, and they may also provide at times a license plate, the down-payment to pay for insurance bills, a service warranty to help with future repairs. More details on free car assistance programs.





Free car repairs - Several national and regional charities, churches, and non-profits can provide individuals with low cost or free automobile repairs. People or low-income households will need to apply, and the services are usually targeted at people who need their car for work . Get free car repairs and learn about programs.

Gasoline vouchers for free - While only offered for a small number of reasons, such as for a job interview or doctor appointment, the Salvation Army may have limited funding to provide free gasoline vouchers. Other non-profits may assist as well as with free fuel cards for a crisis. Learn more on how to get free gas.

Opportunity Cars - Dozens of nonprofit organizations around the nation are part of this program. They are all dedicated to increasing private automobile ownership for low income working families or single moms or dads who can’t obtain their own transportation. The automobiles are to be used to help people find and keep their jobs. They may give away used cars for free, providing matching grants, or offer low interest loans. Get details on the Opportunity Cars..

Ways to Work is an non-profit organization that provides people with low interest rate auto loans. They mostly help families and individuals who can't secure loan funding or cash grants at traditional lending institutions or banks. The loans can be used to help a family or individual purchase a new or used car, pay for car repairs and maintenance. The funds can assist with other transportation expenses. Learn more about Ways to Work auto loans.

Working Cars for Working Families can help families that need a car for employment and/or job training issues. The non-profit has a few different programs available to qualified applications. They include providing automobiles that are provided as a result of donations, low interest loans and financing, and so called matched saving programs. The group partners with local churches, charities, and other organizations in an effort to reach as many people as possible. Find Working Cars for Working Families.

Credit card or medical debt - free consultations from non-profits

Free Credit Counseling - Several non-profit agencies can help individuals with a number of financial assistance programs, budgeting, and credit services. Non-profit credit counselors can help individuals get out of debt, repair credit scores, provide bankruptcy advice, and even offer free foreclosure counseling.

  • The charitable non-profit credit counseling agencies operate in many cities and counties as well as offer remote or free phone consultations. These organizations will usually charge clients a small fee for their services. However, if your income is low enough, then the debt reduction and other financial services may be offered for free, as a charity type service. Find more on credit counseling agencies.

Mortgage relief and financial help is also offered by various agencies, charities, and government programs. This will usually include free counseling, referrals, and assistance in applying for state or federal government resources. There is both foreclosure advice as well as government sponsored mortgage assistance programs. More on Mortgage help.




Mortgage help and free non-profit housing counseling

Non-profit organizations that are approved by HUD help low income families who are behind on their mortgage or even property taxes. It is free to request info and support from these locations. Homeowners will be put in touch with HUD certified housing counselors. People in need will explore programs such as loan modifications, mediation, refinancing, and other foreclosure prevention solutions. Read more HUD foreclosure counseling..

Free Home Repairs - In addition to receiving mortgage or financial assistance from non-profit organizations per above, there are also numerous programs for fixing or updating a house. There are repairs offered by charities, churches and other non-profit agencies that will either provide direct cash grants or very low interest loans that will pay for home repairs. Click here to learn more on these free home repair.

  • Volunteer free home repairs from charities - Many local charities have volunteers that help do yard work, fix a home, or make minor repairs. There are free plumbers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, painters, people that do yard work, movers work and other repair type services. Find volunteer for free plumbing, movers, handyman and charities.

Education and employment services from non-profits near you

Dress for Success - The goal of the Dress for Success non-profit organization is to promote the economic independence of struggling or disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, career development tools, and a network of support to help women be successful in both work and in life. They are located in more than 90 cities in the US. Call 212.532.1922 or look here for Dress for Success free clothing.

Free job training from non-profit - The United State Department of Labor created the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Services are provided by local non-profits and are available for the unemployed, low income, seniors, and youths. Organizations can provide them with job training and skills that are needed in the workforce. More on Workforce Investment Act.

Goodwill Industries - This national organization provides career counseling, job placement and training programs, and resources that can help people find both temporary and permanent jobs. Increase your skills, and get assistance in finding a job. The agency will help single parents stay in school by offering them low cost childcare, tutoring, career planning, counseling, and also informal parenting classes. Find national and regional Goodwill training programs.

Conclusion - Charities and non-profits help low-income families

As you can see, charity as well as non-profit organizations offer numerous assistance programs and financial resources that can be used to provide you with short term help. If you need assistance, you should take advantage of these programs and the financial help, social services and other stuff that charity organizations offer.


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