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Cheap groceries and low cost food.

Buy low cost food from organizations such as Angel Food Ministries, Gaballi Food Boxes, or Mid America Foods, all of which are listed below. Or shoppers can save money from free print at home coupons. The organizations that offer these services are non-profit agencies that operates across the United States and their primary mission is to provide reduced price food and cheap groceries to anyone who needs it. There are no income restrictions, predefined qualifications, minimums, or applications that need to be complete.

Each month hundreds of thousands of people across the country turn to organizations such as Gaballi or Angel Food Ministries for reduced cost food and groceries. The number of families that use these and other related services are extensive. For example, since the companies have been founded, founded, the various non-profits combined have provided cheap groceries and low priced food to almost 40 million Americans.

The food provided is high quality and is really the same type of items that you can purchase at a grocery store. It is just discounted and offered at a significantly cheaper price. There are no damaged groceries or products, no expired or outdated items, no too ripe produce, and no second hand items. While each consumer and family is different, in general the amount of reduced priced food provided can feed a family of four for about one week or it can feed a single person, say a senior citizen, for about a month.

Save on food

It is very simple to save money by using a print at home coupon service. There is no cost to sign up with these companies and no fees that will ever be due. It is estimated that almost 17 million shoppers use the programs every single month when shopping for groceries. We have hundreds of coupons and other savings available for families, and a website to use is

There are other free coupon websites out there are well. they will help families save money on groceries, find cheap or value based products, and help low to moderate income families make ends meet. In fact there are dozens of sites out there for savings on all sorts of grocery items. Find free coupons for saving money.




One of the most effective way to save on groceries is to follow the unit pricing principle. This can help ensure you buy the cheapest item(s) with the most value, when factoring size and volume of the options out there. As everyone knows, the number of grocery and food options out there are enormous with all sorts of sizing and unit counts on them. This approach is very effective. Learn how to save money on groceries using unit pricing.

Put together a budget, shop smarter, looks for sales, and use other techniques to find the cheapest, yet high quality, grocery items out there. There are many things to do to save money using both technology (such as smart phone apps) and really common sense. Families can find ways to save money on all bills, including their monthly groceries.

The other option to obtain high quality yet cheaper food is to use one of the discounted services from Gaballi or other organizations. The savings can range from 50% or more on your typical monthly grocery bill. What the program does is it distributes enough food and perishable items that can fit into a medium sized box. While the prices will vary by a bit, the food and box can be purchased for around $30.

The exact type of food will vary each month and will vary by location, but it is high quality and restaurant grade. Individuals and families can receive both frozen and fresh items in their monthly box. The savings are possible as these different groups use the purchasing power of their nationwide networks to acquire the food cheaply. They then sell the groceries to families at that lower rate.

Many private and third party groups have sampled and shopped the items that non-profits such as OneHarvest Ministries or Angel Food may typically provide, and this comparison shopping has indicated that families can save 50% or more on their grocery bills, which is definitely considered cheap. This comparison shopping has been done across the country from various groups and individuals.





When they do their sampling, these third party groups use a wide variety of retail grocery stores and box stores and they continue to show that the same food items can cost anywhere from $48 to $72. Angel Food themselves estimates that the average retail price of the food provided is about $60 per box. So what this means is that an individual or family can spend $30 to buy food that would otherwise retail from anywhere to $48 to $72.

Types of reduced priced groceries provided

It is high quality, and is equivalent to what someone can buy at their local grocery store or farmers market. It is considered to be restaurant grade, which means it is the type of high quality food you can buy at any local restaurant. The reduced priced food boxes will contain fresh fruits, meats, frozen vegetables, dairy products, etc. Also offered as part of the program are specialty boxes such as pork, steaks, and chicken, also for a lower cost and cheaper that you can buy somewhere else.

The food and groceries are obtained by Gaballi or Angel Tree through their involvement with only the best vendors and producers of high quality, name brand foods. The non-profit organizations do not provide day old or second hand type food. This helps ensure the quality of the service. The items are purchased at a cheap price directly from some of the top food vendors and suppliers in the country, and those savings are then passed on to customers.

Those families and individuals who participate in the program with Angel Food receive brand name, low cost food at a cheap price without worry about it being fresh. Everything provided to those who purchase the boxes will be considered high quality. The type of food will also vary by month, so individuals will get a wide variety of choices and different groceries.

How to get cheap groceries and low cost food

All families and individuals can pick up low cost groceries and food. There are no applications needed, no income restrictions, and there are no terms that need to be followed or adhered too. The main reason these various programs were created is to provide families affordable groceries, with no restrictions at all.





People can also pick up as many boxes of cheap food as they would like, and there are no limits put into place as far as quantity goes. However do note that some programs will only send out a box once per month. Most of the food boxes are distributed by churches and other non-profits in your town or county, and it is distributed nationwide as well.

Gaballi is one of the nation’s leading faith based charities that will provide low cost food boxes to individuals, regardless of their income, religion, race, or age. The items provided will be anywhere from 30 to 70% off of regular retail prices. They even operate a program that can provide free groceries to customers under certain conditions. More details on Gaballi food boxes.

Inexpensive groceries are also provided by Mid America Foods. They have multiple types of boxes that consumers can purchase, and each will provide restaurant quality perishable or canned items. The organization uses its vast purchasing power to acquire the items on the cheap from national suppliers and they pass those savings on to consumers. Click for more details on Mid America food program.

Located in Ohio and serving mostly the central and eastern part of the country, Smart Choice is a non-profit that works with local churches and charities. The distribution sites sell inexpensive boxes of restaurant quality food at savings of over 40%. The boxes may contain meat, dairy items, or fresh fruits. So the boxes are cheap but still high quality. Lean more about Smart Choice Discount food boxes.

OneHarvest Ministries provides reduced priced, cheap, yet high qualify food and groceries to customers. Some families will save up to 50% on a typical monthly grocery bill by using their service. The non-profit operates in the southern, eastern, and southeastern part of the country. There are no restrictions in place and anyone can sign up for this charity program. Continue more with cheap groceries from One Harvest.

If you are interested in receiving high quality, yet cheap groceries from Angel Food Ministries, you should contact a community action agency, church, or non-profit organization in your local community as they will often administer the program. Or the agency will more than likely have other suggestions for income qualified families. Find a listing of free community action organizations to turn to for help.

The Bread of Hope is another organization. They operate in the central and southern part of the county, such as Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and other nearby states. Customers who want to buy cheap but high quality food from the company do not have to pay an membership or other fees. Anyone can use this service. More information on assistance from Bread of Hope.





These cheap groceries are not the only option that people have. Many federal and state government food assistance programs are also offered to qualified individuals. They are often paid for using USDA funds or government grants. Read more food assistance programs. These government programs usually have more conditions than the Angel Food program that need to be met, however many people do get low cost groceries and maybe even free food from them.

By Jon McNamara

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