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How to save money on a low income.

Find a list of tips and steps to take to save money fast for all of your bills. The list below is divided into categories. It is possible for low income families and people who live paycheck to paycheck to save money each month. Regardless of how much money you make and what your salary is, it is possible to budget to quickly and easily cut back. Find how to save money on groceries, electric or utility bills, food, housing shopping and other bills.

There are many free things a low-income family, single mom or dad, unemployed person, senior or really anyone can do today to cut back on their monthly bills and save money fast. The monthly savings can be invested or put away for a rainy day fund.  The bottom line is that every single dollar saved during your regular life can make a difference. As the fact is, a dollar saved is equal to even more than a dollar “earned” when factoring in taxes.

As noted, the free money saving tips below are broken up into categories. This will make it easier to find what you need. Just locate the expense below you are trying to reduce and there will be many suggestions on saving money fast when on a low income.

Parents, teens and kids can all save money quickly in an emergency as well. There are online resources, monthly programs that can be followed to save money on your bills, and many other steps to take; all of which can be be dome immediately. There is also information on free budgeting below, which is another critical step to saving money and living within your means.

Easily save money on food, groceries and meals

Millions of Americans struggle to feed their family each month, and tens of millions are on SNAP food stamps. Whether you are low income or just want to save some of your hard earned income, it is possible to easily save money on your monthly grocery bill. There are coupons, ways to cut back on costs such as bringing your lunch to work, healthy yet affordable food alternatives and more. Read how to save money on food and groceries.




Save money each month on electric or utility bills

It is possible to save money on every single type of utility bill; cable, phone, electric, light, gas, heat, and more. There are many things a household can do on their own, or they can get some help from government funded programs. There are also emergency utility bill saving programs that a family can start doing today - in other words they are fast. Find how to save money on utility and energy bills.

Shopping - how to save money online or shopping in physical stores

There are so many ways to save money on all the monthly shopping you do, whether it is online or in a store. Find how to save money on items you need for your family (food, clothes, etc.) as well as save on your wants, which may be electronics, toys, and more. Low-income families need to closely watch their income and expenses, and saving money on all your monthly shopping is a huge benefit.

Right or wrong, America tends to be a society of consumerism. Saving money is critical, especially for low income families as well as single parents. There are free cash back programs, discounts for Amazon and other websites, rebate codes and so much more. Find free money saving resources for shopping.

Many people also use streaming services, both for watching TV and/or listening to music or the like. It is possible to get free service or consolidate them. Learn on how to save money on monthly recurring subscription services.

Save money on transportation, including gas, car repairs or work travel

There are many ways to save money on your transportation needs, with some of the easiest ones to conserve gas. Whether it is to make your commute more affordable, or save a few dollars in your personal life, there are options. Or find how some charities can offer some financial aid to help fill some of your gas tank, or maybe offer money for repairing a car. Find steps to take for saving money saving on transportation expenses.





Free stuff may be available

Of course the best way to save money is to supplement your income or lifestyle with free items, activities and maybe even grant “money”. There are a number of things to do for free, grants, family activities, and more available. You can find free coupons, discount codes, learn how to go on activities or sightseeing adventures, apply for government assistance, get free legal advice, and other support. There are even volunteer services, such as learn about a pro bono lawyer.

Low income families, the disabled, seniors or people living in poverty can apply for these free items, ranging from clothes to computers to even grants. Using one of these services will obviously help an individual save a significant amount of money on their monthly bills as they will not need to purchase the stuff they need. Find a comprehensive list of free stuff.

Or some free stuff may be available in your everyday life. This can be effective for saving money on entertainment (such as free library cards) and similar needs. Save money on everyday events and bills.

Cell phone apps allow shoppers to save money too. They can be installed on a smartphone in a matter of seconds and be used for both offline and online shopping. The services can help save money on everything, including food, shopping, clothes, medications, and more. Find Android and iPhone apps for making/saving money.

There may also be free money, cash, gift cards and more. Learn how to make free money, which is the same as (if not better than) saving a dollar or two.. There are ways to do this. There are many companies and programs to use. The free money programs are really more about saving money in addition to receiving financial benefits. There are tools to use such as rebates, coupons, online shopping, and other sources. Get details on free money.

Financial literacy advice and assistance

Less than 30% of schools teach financial literacy. Most colleges, middle school and high schools do not have courses. Financial literacy, budgeting, and “understanding” money are very important skills to have as you learn how to save money. Teens, and their parents, can improve their financial knowledge to learn how to save on their bills, and the money can be used to save for a college eduction or maybe a house in the future. Or invest into a stocks, bonds, or investment account.




Most adults as well as children can’t answer basic financial questions. Those skills are so critical to saving money, budgeting, investing, and living within means. Our website provides free advice, tips, forums and support. Find help improving financial literacy skills.

Health and dental care money saving tips

An increasing number of families are struggling to keep up with their medical costs. We do have suggestions on how to save money on everything health care related. Save on insurance plans, prescription drugs, dental care, monthly premiums, and everything else that is becoming more expensive.

It is possible to save money on medical bills. There are prescription drug discount cards, healthcare apps, insurance marketplaces for affordable plans, tele-health and other programs. There are also free resources out there. Find how to save on medical and dental costs.

Home repairs

Repairing parts or all of a home can be expensive. This is even more true for low income families, the elderly, disabled, widows, and others. There are ways to both save money on any work that needs to be done as well as to apply for assistance, including low cost loans or government grant money. Other options are DIY projects, volunteer groups, charities, and non-profits which all can help with home repairs by maybe donating time or material. Find tips to save money on home repairs.

Seasonal events including Christmas, Thanksgiving, school shopping season and others

Low to moderate income families often struggle during so called seasonal events. Households expenses normally increase during that time frame. It is possible to cut back and save money during the holidays. This may be gifts needed for Christmas or holiday food. Or it can be a challenge during Easter, fourth of July, or back to school shopping season. Find how to save money on seasonal events.







Updates and remodels to your home or a room

Whether you own a house, or rent a home/apartment, there may be times when you want to remodel parts of it or maybe “freshen” up a room. There are ways to remodel a home or a room on a budget. Or also find home to save money on more :major” updates to your property. Find tips and suggestions, as well as information on government assistance, that may be available for updating a home or room on a budget.How to save money fast

Vacations saving tips and programs

It can be expensive to take a vacation. Whether it is a day trip or multiple day vacation, money can be saved. Airfare, hotels or lodging, car rentals, meals, and all those other costs add up quickly. There are some things you can do to save money or maybe get cash back or reward points on a vacation. We have a list of tips for saving money while on vacation.

Free budgeting tips to reduce expenses

Find how critical budgeting is to saving money and getting ahead in life. What good is saving some cash if you just blow the funds on something else? A budget, along with understanding and analyzing income, expenses, and general financial education is also very important for a low income family or anyone living paycheck to paycheck. Learn more about budgeting.

Companies that negotiate monthly bills for free

There are professionals who will help you as well save money each month. Bill negotiation services will work with companies ranging from cable service providers to cell phone companies, internet providers and others in an effort to help you save money by cutting your bills. Everything they provide is free of charge and can help the under employed and low income in an emergency. More on bill negotiation services.

The best money saving tips from numerous sources

As anyone who is looking for information on saving money knows, there are literally thousands of websites, blogs, publications, and people who are willing to give their advice. The amount of free information out there on how to save a little money each month is overwhelming. We have tried to compile some of these tips into our site.




  • Communication can help people save money each month. Be sure to talk to your creditors to ask for relief. As if you can lower a payment on say a cable bill, this can help you save money and improve your monthly budget.
  • There is way to save money on housing needs. The federal government, and some state or local municipalities, have income based homes, subsidies, vouchers and other resources. One of the primary benefactors of the government money are local non-profits and charities, which help lower income families save money on the cost of rent. More on housing assistance programs.

Needhelppayingbills also has a blog available that publishes free tips to families. All of the suggestions have to do with saving money, budgeting, and cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Find details on saving money from the blog.


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