How to save money on bills.

There are many ways for families of all income levels to save money. Every dollar saved allows a household to free up cash so they can pay for all of the core, basic living expenses they have, such as food, shelter, and health care needs. Most of these methods are easy to implement, and the end result is significant reduction in a families monthly bills.

Steps to take to save money

  • One of the first steps, and maybe the most important, is you need to review your spending and set priorities. Every family needs to understand where their money is going. More.
  • Communication can help people save money each month. Be sure to talk to your creditors, and also consolidate bills.
  • Once people understand where their income is going, and have been in touch with various creditors, the next step is to cut back. You need to reduce expenses.

The best money saving tips from numerous sources

1) Find the top energy saving tips from Consumer Reports, which will help you save on the amount you are paying on electric bills. There are free conversation tips and other actions to take. Consumer Reports also has the best ways to cut your spending by $500 per month. Find them here.

2) The 6 best ways to consolidate your debt and bills from Bankrate. Consolidating your debt will lower your interest expense and the less money spent on interest can help you pay your other critical bills on time. Continue.

3) You can easily save $100 with each one of these money saving tips from Readers Digest. The money you save can go towards paying other living expenses. These Readers digest money saving tips have been shown to be both practical and easy to implement.

4) Save $200 per year on your heating and utility bills with a programmable thermostat. They are simple to install and can be bought for about $50. This means the thermostat will “pay for itself” in a matter of weeks. Learn how a low cost and simple to install programmable thermostat can help you save hundreds of dollars.





5) Learn how to negotiate anything to cut save money on your monthly bills. Negotiate for discounts on everything from legal advice, medical bills, to jewelry and much more. There are several simple tricks to take that can lead to an increased chance of success.

6) Find 20 ways to save from Real Simple. This publication is always looking out for families of all income levels. These tips are easy and “Real Simple” to implement and can help you save up to $3,000 on your bills each year. Continue.

7) Learn how to make free money. There are ways to do this. There are many companies and programs to use. They do not provide cash, but rather the free money programs are really more about saving money. There are tools to use such as rebates, coupons, online shopping, and other sources.

8) Find help from debt collectors. While those tips can’t necessarily help you save money, they can in effect help you make it through a difficult period if you did fall behind on your expenses.

9) Needhelppayingbills has a blog available that publishes free tips to families. All of the suggestions have to do with saving money, budgeting, and cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Find details on saving money from the blog.




10) There is way to save money on housing needs. The federal government is providing billions of dollars to local communities throughout the country to provide assistance to those who need it to deal with today’s challenging economy. One of the primary benefactors of the government money is your local housing assistance programs. More.

11) Very low income families or people living in poverty can apply for free items, ranging from clothes to computers to even grants. Using one of these services will obviously help an individual save a significant amount of money on their monthly bills as they will not need to purchase the stuff they need. The savings can add up over time and there are many agencies that may assist. Read more on finding free stuff.

By Jon McNamara

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