List of tips for saving money when shopping.

Everyone needs to shop, whether it is for food, clothes, furniture, personal hygiene items, or anything. There are ways to save money on both shopping for your (1) needs as well as (2) wants. Of course, anyone that is struggling to make ends meet should really only be focused on buying “needs” for their family.

There are really so many ways to save money. There are discount codes, coupons, ways to compare prices between stores, and countless other things to do. But it also comes down to time and “return”. For example, if you are only going to save maybe a few dollars, it is not worth too much of your time chasing a deal.

We tried to offer easy, quick suggestions for saving money when you shop. As those will be the most valuable for families to use.

Resources that can help you and your family save money

While there are countless stores to shop at, both online and “physical” locations, one of the largest is Amazon. It may not be widely known but Amazon does offer consumers significant savings through a variety of programs, ranging from Lighting to Daily Deals, the possibly to buy clearance items, used goods and more. Find free money saving tips for Amazon.

Families living on government assistance can also get a discounted Amazon Prime Service. The retailer offers this plan, with free shipping, videos, music, and more at a lower price to families on benefits such as food stamps.

Dozens of free cell phone apps, website extensions, and other technology tools (such as browser plug-ins) are available and each of them will help you save money on all of your shopping. They give discounts, sign up bonuses, rebates, cash back, compare prices and more. More on apps and technology for saving money.





Veterans and members of the military can also now save a significant amount of money from the ShopMyExchange online portal. This government program use to be only available for active members of the military, but now veterans can use the service to shop. There are discounts, tax savings, and a number of other benefits of shopping with it. More on veteran discounts from ShopMyExchange.

There are other resources for former military members as well. Another great money saving website is the Veteran's Advantage Discount Program. This one has a small fee to sign up for, but thousands of companies provide discounts, coupons, and even free stuff to veterans.

When shopping online, there are countless discount codes, free cash back programs such as Swagbucks, comparison tools, cash back credit cards, and other possible savings out there. The services are available when shopping at most major retailers and anyone can use them. Find more details on saving money with free online rebates for shopping.

Free cash back rebate sites are always effective as well. There are phone applications, website browsers, and portals to use, all of them are free. In addition, there are sign up bonuses. Using one of these services when shopping can save you up to 15% on your bills. Learn how to use free cash back shopping rebate sites.

Unwanted Gift cards can be sold for money too. With the industry getting bigger and bigger over time, and more people receiving cards, they can be a source of cash for low income families. Any cards you have that are not being used (or saved for future use) you can sell. Find several ways to sell gift cards for cash.

By Jon McNamara

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