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Free stuff for low income families.

Struggling families can apply for free stuff for their family. Note that any items are not just handed out to anyone that seeks them, but rather there will normally be an application required. Find free stuff near you from charities, churches, or government agencies. A focus is on helping low to moderate income families, households on public assistance, disabled people and others in a crisis.

Get stuff from the government or charities such as free household items, personal toiletries, hygiene supplies, electronics and more. There are also grants, food, financial advice and other services. The agencies that provide free goods will also screen the applicant to ensure there is a true need and that they meet income qualifications. There are hundreds of items as well as monetary programs that may be provided for free to the low income, seniors, disabled and struggling people, all of which are as noted below.

A focus is on helping very low income families or the vulnerable who struggle to pay the bills. This can include the disabled, single moms, poor or senior citizens. There are government programs, churches or charities that give away stuff. Free items near you are also more commonly available for children or maybe a single mother or father who is looking to support their family. While the goal is always to provide the goods at no cost to the client, in some cases a minimal fee is required.

Find a list of the free assistance programs as well as how to get stuff below. It can be clothing, household goods, meals, hygiene or cleaning supplies, or food. When it comes to financial aid, that form of assistance is even more restricted though. But the government may provide grants to pay for energy bills or free AC units to the sick or elderly. Other examples of free items may be for health care needs, school supplies, medications, and much more.

Programs that offer grants, stuff or cash near you

There are very few, if any programs, that provide cash. What will usually happen is that the family is given a credit on an account or maybe a grant for paying certain bills. But like any charities or government agencies that offer free stuff, the application process is strict and any financial aid is discretionary. Not one is entitled to receive any form of assistance at all. As far as items from charities that may help those in need, look for free items near you that may be offered.

Individuals that need a car or truck for work or educational/job training, and when it breaks down, can get help fixing it. Often only free labor is provided, with maybe discounted parts and other stuff sold if needed. The assistance is generally from churches and charities, as they provide free car repairs.




Or what can also be offered are free gasoline vouchers. These will often be provided for employment, job training and/or educational transportation needs. Charities may only fill up a small portion of the tank, or offer a card to pay for it.

Anyone that needs transportation, or a low coast loan to pay for a car or truck, may be assisted from an agency that offers free cars. The are charities located in most states that participate in these services. They may also provide stuff for the automobile, such as mats or tires for them.

When not qualified for a car or free tank of gasoline, there are other transportation programs. Local travel is often satisfied by bus tokens. Charities offer them to the homeless, a low income family when their car is in the shop for repairs, the working poor, or maybe a voucher is given out for a job interview. Find free bus pass assistance programs.

A number of government and non-profit grants may be issued. These are the hardest to get, but when possible, they can help pay bills, cover housing needs, and similar expenses. Find information on grants.

Free transportation programs or ride services are offered provided to the disabled. Volunteers near you (or dedicated van services) can drive them to a store or doctor appointment. Or maybe even rides are given to a clinic from the transportation programs for the disabled.

Free stuff can be provided to help cool a home or an apartment during the summer. Most of this will be part of the US Department of Energy grant programs, as it pays for air conditioners or fans. Or some charities may provide assistance as well. Find free air conditioners.

Low income seniors and the disabled often need help in modifying of fixing their home. Or they need assistance in repairing it or providing stuff to keep them health and safety. Everything from roofs to plumbing, lights, porches, windows, and more can be fixed. Volunteers and charities can also assist. Find details on how to get free home repairs.

During the winter, free heating oil and equipment may be passed out. Other stuff to keep a working poor family warm may be offered too. Most of this will be for seniors citizens and homes with young children. Find how to get help from heating oil programs.

Most utility and gas companies help customers save money, for free, from home energy audits. Professional contractors will review the home or apartment and either recommend, or perform, energy efficiency enhancement. Find how to get free home energy audits.

Families seeking money to pay for stuff may be able to get help. There are many coupon as well as cash rebates sites that offer assistance that can be used to pay bills. Also, credit cards may also run cash back programs. All of these can be considered to be free money for paying bills, though maybe not in the traditional sense of what people may think.





Some grants may in fact offer cash. This will generally be for an emergency though. There will also be restrictions on what types of household expenses can be covered. But it is possible to get free grants that pay bills.

Families in poverty, seniors, and the disabled have many government programs that focus on giving them free stuff. One of the primary ones is around communication devices. There are home phones and cell units provided as well as minutes on their account. A few different programs can assist.

  • One focuses on providing free telephones for senior citizens, and this can help the elderly too.
    senior phones.
  • Lifeline offers government telephones to other families as well. They can be provided other communication stuff for their home too, such as electronics.
  • Internet service can be provided as well, but this normally has a low cost. Learn more about free internet access.

The homeless, and tenants on the verge of it, can be given stuff for free. Many of the programs that pass out basic needs or food (which are listed below) will help. Another option when the local shelters are full it to seek a free voucher for a motel from a local non-profit or social service agency.

Dozens of legitimate website offer free items to the general population. They can provide cash rebates, hygiene supplies, make up, household items, and much more. In addition, many of them also provide income opportunities by taking surveys. Find a list of legitimate websites for free stuff and many other items.

Apps on a smartphone, computer, or tablet may also provide free money or other stuff. There are even ways to get paid playing games, watching videos, using Venmo or cash app as well as other online websites.Companies pay real money and/or provide gift cards or offer free stuff on these platforms. More on free games that pay real money.

Free computers may be provided. There is often priority given to students, the unemployed who are seeking a job, or seniors that need one for medical reasons. However other families that are in or near poverty can also apply for a laptop or desktop computer program. Even if a unit is not available, then a charity may loan one out or sell a refurnished one at a much lower price. Find free computers and learn how to receive one.

Parents that are working, in school, or in a job training program can apply for free daycare. This service is provided by the federal government and the goal is to make child care more for affordable for families that are trying to stabilize their financial situation. The child may also be given other stuff by the provider, such as food, clothing, or even transportation to the center. Locate more information on free daycare services.

Monetize technology and make cash using your smartphone or computer. There are free Android and iPhone apps as well as websites that allow you to make or save money, win gift certificates or other stuff, find free rebates, and much more. Find a list of iPhone and Android apps for making and saving money.

Free housing is available. The federal government operates a voucher system for the working poor. The focus is on supporting households that do not have any income or money for paying their rent. This program, when combined with other stuff for furnishing a home from the charities listed here, can truly benefit the low income. Find details on rent free apartments and the agencies that offer them.

Similar to a grant will be a free loan. They are often in fact one and the same. There may be funds issued by groups ranging from a religious organization (church) to community action agencies which also have information on various assistance programs. Generally this means the person borrowing money will not have to pay interest, have competitive repayment plans, and other benefits. Read more on how to find free loans.

During the fall, spring, and winter months free heating system repairs (or even a replacement) may be made using government grants. The programs helps seniors, the disabled, single mothers, and low income households among others. The repairs to a heating unit or furnace can also address energy efficiency. Read more on free heating system repairs or replacement.





Free food items or meals

The first place to try is a food pantry. These will offer free stuff including groceries, hygiene items, soap, paper goods, and much more. The amount of goods passed out will be limited though, but find local emergency food pantries.

Infant and free baby formula is provided too. This is provided for parents with newborns that have no other resources available to them. A focus of the churches as well as charities that run them is to help single parents, and that can be given baby and infant formula.

Coupons can be used to buy a wide range of stuff. They are free to print up on the internet and can be redeemed almost anywhere. Or print them up online. Find a listing of programs to save on grocery bills.

In addition to that, there are sources of free coupons as well as tips that shoppers can use to save even more money. The fact is this process is simple to do, and families can save money on food, shopping, and really everything. Find more details on places to get coupons for free, as well as advice on redeeming them.

The homebound can get free stuff (mostly food and meals) from a home delivery service. Volunteers will bring items directly to their home, including seasonal or holiday food. A small donation is often requested from the client. Read more about Meals on Wheels.

Their pets can also be cared for by this service. If a senior or homebound person either can't afford to buy, or is unable to make it to a store, free pet food can be given as part of Meals on Wheels.

Free hot or cold meals from soup kitchens can be served near you. The low income, homeless, poor, elderly, students and others can get a daily or weekly meal from a charity at no cost to them. Find free soup kitchens near you.

Many restaurants, whether casual or fast food, provide free meals, coupons, and items to their customers. The sign up process is usually quick and easy, and the savings can add up quickly. There are thousands of options out there, and find how to get free food from restaurants.

Students can receive lunches or breakfasts during the school year. The USDA provides this service to children from very low income families. Millions are enrolled into this national federal government sponsored benefit program.

Medical and health care stuff near you

A number of government sponsored programs provide free care and non-profit clinics also can provide help. They not only offer services such as a check up, but they will also offer stuff to patients (at no cost to them) for their medical needs. This may be equipment, medications, free health insurance plans, and more.

Free breathing machines, including CPAP, masks, or APAPs are available. Households with no health insurance plan or Medicaid, and who are also in dire financial straits, may be able to get the equipment they need at no cost to them. Both the government and charities may offer these free items when there are supplies available, and find more details on CPAP machines.

Dental care is one common request. Many insurance policies, even those from Obamacare / Affordable Care Act, only cover a small portion of the bill. So low income families often need help. But they can find free dental care.

In some cases, a person needs emergency oral surgery or dental care. There are programs, clinics and charities that provide free root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, surgery, and other treatment. Find how to get free emergency dental care or surgery.

Patients with diabetes can get a number of items for free. Both non-profits as well as the government will provide assistance. Depending on the applicant’s income, age, and other factors, there may be medications, insulin, supplies for testing, and other stuff available. There will an application that needs to be completed. Locate medications and supplies for diabetics.

General health care needs can be met by free community clinics. Volunteer doctors and nurses offer check ups, provide testing, and address other needs. Many children as well as immigrants that lack insurance get help from these centers. Or they may be give free stuff for to handle the condition they have.







Free items for eye-wear, such as glasses or exams, are available. Non-profits focus much of this aid on children, but others can apply. Programs provide stuff to ensure their vision is strong and any issues are addressed. Locate free prescription glasses or exams.

There are other forms of health as well as medical care given to families in poverty or the uninsured. They can even help patients with insurance if their policy does not pay the entire bill. Many government benefits as well as national charities provide free health care. There is also a simple way to save money and get free stuff, and that is from a prescription drug discount card. Anyone can use them, whether insured or not and no matter the income. Read more on free discount cards for prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs, medications, and other stuff for treating a condition can be provided. The free prescription drug programs are offered by pharmaceutical companies. In general, vouchers are given to pay for medications or discounts are given.

Free mental health counseling is available. There is help for first responders, veterans, as well as low-income or uninsured families. Therapy can be provided by clinics, volunteer or pro-bono counselors, charities, corporations through employee wellness plans and other organizations. Read more on free therapy for uninsured patients.

Health care as well as dental equipment may be provided for free by medical loan closets. One downside of using these programs is the stuff is only provided to the patient for a short period of time. But the charities that offer this equipment will help low income families locate, as well as pay for what they need. The free items can also help pay for what is not covered by Medicare, a health insurance plan, or Medicaid. They may even have hearing aids, or refer seniors or the disabled for sources of that.

It is possible to get free drug, alcohol, and substance abuse treatment from charities, non-profits, or government programs like Medicaid. There are rehab clinics, in-patient programs and outpatient services that can help low-income households or people without insurance. Learn more on free rehab and substance abuse treatment.

Other medical equipment may be offered for free to low-income seniors and/or the disabled. There is also stuff for those without health insurance, or that are on Medicaid or Medicare. Government agencies and charities offer free items, and find more details on free medical equipment for the elderly or disabled near you.

Basic needs for free for the family and stuff for children

Most of these services are focused on seasonal needs. But some also operate year round. Charities mostly focus on helping children from low income families get the stuff they need, but another priority is for senior citizens too.

Thousands of charities, churches, and volunteer groups operate across the nation during the Christmas season. They provide kids presents as well as meals so they can experience holiday joy. Millions of children benefit each year, and find how to get help at Christmas.

Anyone seeking holiday assistance can also apply for money for Christmas. This will generally come in the form of a voucher or gift card. Applications are required early.

The seasonal school supply programs help students too. Charities, the Salvation Army, and other groups can give them shoes, backpacks, uniforms, computers, and more. Having the proper items or uniforms can make a big difference in the growth and development of the student, and get information on how to apply for free school supplies.

Free stuff, clothing, and more can be provided by clothing closets. They are located at charities or operate as part of regional thrift stores. More details on clothing banks.

During the cold fall, winter, and spring months free coats and winter clothing may be given out. Children as well as very low income adults/seniors are the focus when it comes to receiving this stuff. The items given out tend to be new, but some gently used hats, boots, jackets, and other items may be offered too. Find winter clothes for free.

Firewood can be provided for free to low income or struggling families. State and federal governments provide it (or help pay for it) if the family needs it to heat their home. Charities may also give out free wood, pellets, or even scraps so that the recipient can stay warm during the fall through spring. Read more on free firewood.

Low income families often also want free activities or stuff to do as well. This can include everything from where to visit in a city or town or free ways to make a home more energy efficient, ideas for personal lifestyle or care, and much more. Find a list of ways to do various things, and locate activities to do for free.

Free household furnishings, including everything from beds to couches, tables, mattresses and appliances, may be provided from several national charity organizations that may be near you. The programs help the homeless get established or can be used by low income families that can’t afford to buy stuff for their home or apartment on their own. Vouchers may also be provided for shopping at a thrift store, and locate free furniture assistance programs.

Some programs focus on giving away free appliances. There are charities, websites or smart phone apps (such as buy, sell, trade), as well as government agencies. Most are used items, but some new, free appliances may be provided as well to the low-income, disabled or formerly homeless. Get dishwashers, AC units, freezers or refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines or dryers and so much more. Locate free appliances.

Free supplies can be given when there is a new baby in the home. Newborns often can greatly increase a households expenses, both on a one time basis and recurring as well. So many parents need free or low cost baby stuff, and charities can help them during the transition. There may be pacifiers, food, maternity clothes, and more.

Adults, kids, and anyone can get free stuff at their birthday. Charities, restaurants, companies, online stores and dozens of places give free items out. There may be gift cards, meals, free birthday toys for kids, discount cards, groceries for the entire family and dozens of other items. Find free birthday stuff.

Other assistance is available for a baby as well. There may be samples or boxes of diapers provided. Charities as well as manufactures provide them. Find applications to free diaper assistance programs.

Free furniture or cribs for a newborn (or their parents) are offered. Thrift stores and other locations provide car seats and more when the family can't afford them. Find agencies that offer this type of stuff either at no or a low cost, and click here free crib programs.

Infant, newborn, and baby car seats are given out for free too. This type of stuff is critical to the safety of the child. Not only may the item be provided to the family, but workshops and classes will also help the parent install the seat in their automobile. Or another professional may do that as well. Find infant car seats for free.







Free counseling and financial services

Seniors, immigrants, and low to moderate income families can get free help in filing income taxes. Counselors as well as volunteers will go over the process with the client. They ensure that all of the credits for state and government taxes are received and that other stuff is covered. Learn how to file taxes for free.

Families that are in debt, or struggling with budgeting or that do not know how to pay their bills on their own can turn to a free, non-profit credit counseling agency. They will review how the family spends their money of stuff and give tips, suggestions, and even direct aid in paying down debts.

Low income individuals dealing with civil legal issues can be given support. Lawyers can complete documents and provide them stuff for attending court. There is also counseling as well as advice given, and other help is arranged. Find free legal programs.

Get free advice, guidance or consultations for filing bankruptcy. The exact process, paperwork and forms vary by state. It can be complicated to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Or many people do not really want to attempt the process on their own, or they need some assistance. There are lawyers, credit counselors, attorneys, and legal professionals that can help. Find free bankruptcy consultations from attorneys.

There are charities and government agencies that provide free job training programs as well as placement services. They are not normally income based - anyone in need, whether poor, undereducated, or someone with a GED can use these services. Find a new job new you or gain new in demand skills. Read more on free job training programs.

We also have information on how to save money, which includes a number of free resources such as cash rebates, discount codes, government programs, financial resources and more. The fact is that every single dollar saved is in effect “free money” which can then be saved, applied to paying other bills, or something else. Find a list of resources and tips for saving money.

Cooking Matters is a free, weekly training workshop offered nationwide. Professionals and volunteers teach attendees how to shop on a budget so they can buy healthy food. The training programs also teaches cooking classes (for making healthy meals) and provides free food, some kitchen supplies, and other material support. Find how to apply for free Cooking Matters program.

Medicaid Planning is a legal financial approach used to get the federal government to pay for long term care, nursing homes, assisted living, and even just medical bills. There are counselors that offer free advice and help with applying, regardless of an applicant's income. Find free Medicaid Planning assistance.

By Jon McNamara

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