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Free home heating oil programs.

A number of companies, charities, and government programs provide free heating oil. There are state and federal programs including LIHEAP for low-income families and seniors. Oil, gas and energy companies help the poor, elderly and disabled among others. Many charities will also provide either free heating oil directly or financial aid, including grants, to pay for the costs. Find where to get, and how to apply, for low cost or free emergency home heating oil below.

These programs come and go, and depend on funding levels and often donations. Even the federal and state government LIHEAP, or low income energy bill assistance program, will have limited resources when it comes to given out free heating oil as budgets are set yearly. In addition, income limits and other criteria will be in place and set yearly

Find free heating oil in an emergency from government programs

There are a number of emergency resources that are available, both on a regular basis as well as in a crisis situation. LIHEAP grants to pay for heating oil is available in each and every state. Community Action agencies or social services offices process applications. The government grant program can pay for a wide variety of utility bills, including home heating oil, fuel, gas costs and more.

The federal government does provide some forms of free heating oil, free fuel or financial assistance to low-income families who are struggling to stay warm during the winter through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Not it can be called different names in different states, including HEAP. However the free federal governmet grant program reaches only about one in five eligible families. So it only helps a small number of people. There is also limited funds and an early application period. Learn more on Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Emergency, free heating oil will be offered in a crisis by the government as well. This will help low income families in a crisis, say during a winter storm or if their financial situation changes after LIHEAP applications were done. Many senior citizens or people with a disability or no money get emergency help with heating oil from this government program.

The LIHEAP crisis program expedites the application process. This is another option that they can explore for free home heating fuel oil or cash grants. This crisis service helps millions of very low income families during the winter, and free heating oil may be provided in a matter of days. Read more on financial assistance as well as heating oil from this emergency LIHEAP service.




Access to heat during the winter is regulated by most state governments as well. There are laws that protect the disabled, elderly and sick, kids and others, such as people with a medical crisis. In addition to government financial assistance to pay for, or provide free heating oil, utility, gas and electric companies need to follow laws. Read more on can heat be shut off during the winter

Get free emergency heating oil or fuel from charities

If you do not think your qualify for free heating oil from the government program above, or if the government is out of resources as assistance is limited and first-come served,, find other options that may help during the winter. There are local charities, community action agencies, non-profit programs as well as many other options.

There are countless other working poor, disabled and senior families who do not qualify for the LIHEAP federal assistance program, but they still need some form of financial help or free fuel for their home from time to time. Charities or non-profits may also give out free heating oil, including to people in a financial hardship Some of the main organizations including the following.

  • Community Action Agency programs are a source of information and referrals. There is applications to free government grant money to pay for utility bills, or tank of oil. More on community action center programs.
  • Salvation Army free heating oil and financial assistance programs can help the vulnerable stay warm during the winter. There will be free vouchers to pay for fuel, warm winter clothes, electric bill help and other support. More on free fuel vouchers from Salvation Army.

It is also possible to save a significant amount of money on heating oil. Buying networks are available for discounts. Some may also offer free home heating oil in a crisis as well. Low to moderate income families can learn how they can save a substantial amount of money on their annual home heating oil costs from an oil buying network. Click here to learn more on low cost heating oil buying networks.





There are many other charities and churches that offer emergency vouchers to pay for winter heating oil, non-profit organizations and other groups. They range from Catholic Charities to Volunteers of America, Agency on Aging Centers for senior citizens and mote. Find additional charitable or non-profit aid programs for your state. Or use the search bar on this website to search.

Free Oil Heat Programs from companies

Utility and energy companies offer free heating oil payment plans, disconnection prevention, and financial assistance as well. Most of the support goes to senior citizens, people on social security, or low income families with kids, including single moms. Oil, gas, and energy companies offer help before any utilities are shut off. More on heating and utility assistance from electric or gas companies.

The non-profit Dollar Energy Fund is a heating oil and bill assistance program created by a number of utility companies. The program, including free fuel oil, is offered in a number of states, including WV, NY, PA, VA, AR, OK, TN, MD, MA and others. Call 1-888-282-6816, or read more on Dollar Energy Fund assistance program.

From time to time, oil companies, corporations and other organizations may giveaway free heating oil as part of charitable programs. This is generally offered during the cold winter months. It is possible to get dozens of gallons of free heating oil from corporate Oil Heat program. In partnership with gas company Shell, Chevron, CITGO, Marathon or Exxon, charitable foundations also works closely with thousands of heating oil and fuel dealers across the nation to help low income families or those in a crisis.

Corporations also partner with a number of local fuel assistance agencies, including social service organizations, in over 20 states. All of these corporations and foundations organizations work closely in an effort to provide either free or low priced deliveries of home heating oil to those who need, ranging from low income families to senior citizens and others.

While limited in scope and resources, the program can help those that are struggling with paying their winter heating or fuel bills. It is not a solution in itself; however it is one more resource to use to stay warm during the winter. Each year the amount of assistance will change. There have been some periods in which the Oil Heat Program provided families that needed help a one-time delivery of 100 gallons of home heating oil, however the size of it will change.

  • Most of the aid is for residents of the Northeast, Midwest, and Northwestern part of the country. The Oil Heat Program is currently being offered in many states across the nation. It is yet one more resource that people can turn to for assistance.  Apply for the free heating oil from an energy company, call 211 to learn more on the resource or apply.





  • The states that are eligible for assistance in this program include Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, Wisconsin. However it can change based on available resources. So there may be coverage in other states as well.


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