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Free clothes, work attire and free clothing closets.

Low income families will get free clothes, including shoes, winter jackets, school supplies, work uniforms, and more from clothing closets near them. Churches and charities operate them in most communities. While the exact types of assistance provided by each distribution center will vary, in general a clothing bank or closet near you is a free store that gives clothes or vouchers to adults, kids, low-income families, and the unemployed among others.

The sites will allow qualified customers can both browse and shop for free new or gently used clothes or vouchers to buy the stuff they need . There will be free clothing for infants, infants, seniors on social security or single mothers. Or get work uniforms, school items, baby clothes or items for kids and other assistance programs. Many also give free vouchers for client choice shopping. Find where to get free clothes near you below.

Items provided at free clothing banks and closets near you

The free clothing banks, or “stores”, will try to provide basic needs free of charge to those who qualify. They often assist children, the elderly, babies, single moms, the homeless and the working poor. However some locations may have minimal fees or costs that are due in order to get free used (or new) clothes depending on donation levels.

Examples of what may be distributed include high quality clothing, accessories, shoes, bedding, linens, work attire, winter attire, boots, personal supplies, school backpacks blankets for the homeless and even books. There will be clothes for women, babies, men, and all body sizes. Some may pass out gift certificates as well for more specific clothes that also help a low income family pay for the stuff they need. Many locations, which are listed below, often work closely with local thrift stores.

The organizations, including charities as well as churches, generally rely heavily on donations and contribution from the community as these are not government run organizations. Many of the free clothing banks also rely on volunteers to help staff the centers. There is usually a range of volunteer opportunities available for groups and individuals in your local Clothes Closet. Also, the vast majority of the programs are supported by the contributions received daily from the local communities.




Only high quality items are offered for resale to the general public, whether clothing for work or general wear. Clothing closets usually serve as a perfect option for low income and struggling individuals, or even the unemployed or parents searching for free clothes for a girl or boy. The charities provide consumers with ample opportunities to bargain shop.

The clothing banks that may be near you tend to serve as an outreach program. They generally offer household items, vouchers and clothing to residents of the community. Items will usually be free of charge to those who have an immediate need or who are faced with an emergency. Some of the clients have needs that resulted from the loss of a home from a disaster (such as a fire) or financial challenges from the loss of income, such as unemployment. Some cities also have centers that provide work clothing to people looking for a job or holiday and Christmas assistance.

Free clothing closets can also be run by national charity or non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, or St. Vincent de Paul near you. These charitable organizations often combine the location with a low cost thrift store.

Free second hand clothes at clothing closets

As mentioned, donations are needed and all second hand or used clothes are given for free to struggling families. Generous contributions of second hand, gently used clothes and household goods, provided they are in fairly good condition, can help low income families, seniors, children, adults and those with no money. This will be the case though you may consider your clothes as being out of fashion or old. Donated goods may come from personal gifts, corporate retail donations, and maybe even government programs.

The charities and centers are always accepting new as well as gently used clothing, and clothes for young woman/girls and the homeless are always needed. Items are needed for all ages, including infants, babies and seniors. There is always a need for winter jackets, hats, boots, and the like. The closets are always in need of other goods and can provide some or all of the following.





Types of free clothes offered from a distribution center

What is available to the general public and clients will change, often daily. As everything offered will depend on donations and current demand. Some examples of what can be provided by a free clothing assistance program near you are below.

  • Seasonal clothing including winter attire such as coats, hats, mittens, boots, and snow pants.
  • School supplies may be offered such as new backpacks, calculators, uniforms, and notebooks.
  • New and pregnant mothers may be able to get help too, including diapers, formula, cereals, baby wipes, maternity clothing and related items.
  • Other basic goods such as new underwear and socks, shoes, belts, jackets, and more.
  • Work items, such as professional attire including suits, dresses, and pants.
  • Most charitable run clothing banks have free clothes for girls and try to meet that need.
  • A number of items are offered for children, including free baby clothes, shoes, and other needed items. Or look here for free baby clothes samples.
  • Both women and men can get the clothes or personal items they need for themselves or their families.

Free Coats for Kids is available in many cold weather states, include the northeast and Midwest. Non-profit clothing centers as well as partner organizations collect goods from the community. The Salvation Army and Operation Warm are major participants.

They then provide the warm coats, gloves, hats and other items to children and students, free of charge as part of Coats for Kids. These individuals tend to be most at risk from the cold winter weather and need the coats. Many even use them just to stay warm and help them get to school. The locations have pressing needs for donations of men's, children's and women's winter coats in sizes large and small. Read more on free winter clothes.

While not as common, some clothing centers will also have household goods. This can include small furniture items, household items such as curtains and dishes, cleaning items, small appliances, beds, and cribs for newborns. However those particular items tend to be sold more at thrift stores to the general public and consumers will need to pay a minimal price for them. If you have an emergency or were impacted by a disaster such as a fire, then some people may qualify for free furniture. Get details on free furniture near you.

The sick, disabled, senior citizens and their caregivers can borrow basic medical equipment from a loan closet. They are located at both charities as well as churches. There are items passed out, often at no cost, to the low income family. While the client needs to eventually return the equipment, the centers can help fill a certain need. Locate a free medical loan closet.

Free clothesThere are also charities that offer low income families baby stuff. There may be an age cut-off in place, but struggling parents or single mothers may get help with clothing as well as any other needs they may have. There may also be items given for expectant moms. Maternity clothes, diapers, furniture, and more is provided. Find free baby stuff.

Locations of free clothing closet banks near you

Select a state, county or county below for information on clothing assistance programs near you. All the centers reley on donations. But they giveaway from clothes to anyone in need, whether they are kids, adults, seniors or disabled. There are clothing items for people of all genders, people shapes and sizes too.



































New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota









Washington DC

West Virginia



Free supplies and clothes from the Salvation Army, non-profits or Catholic Charities

Beds or cribs for babies and infants can be provided for free by a nationwide charity organization. The non-profits also provide information on other resources, including clothing, maternity items and blankets or education on how to keep children safe and warm. More on free cribs for babies.

There are almost 4000 churches and parishes (some of which may be near you) across the nation that are part of the Catholic Charities organization. They will accept donations of personal hygiene items, clothing, and small household items. Items for children, students, and babies is always needed as well. The donated goods will be cleaned, folded, and prepared for distribution. Most communities have Catholic Charity supported clothing closets in their region and the centers will pass out the items to low income families and others who are faced with an emergency. Continue with Catholic Charities assistance programs.




Free or low cost stuff is also available from other organizations, not just clothing closets. There are government agencies that provide items, churches, countless charities, and even stores such as Wal-Mart or Target. Families living in poverty, especially those with children, as well as the elderly can often receive clothing, household supplies, personal hygiene items and more. In some cases, gift cards as well as grants can be used to help pay for clothes or other goods. read more programs that offer free stuff.

Love in the Name of Christ is another national charity that provides basic needs to families that are facing a crisis. Churches across the nation coordinate their resources as part of Love, Inc. Then, when someone needs help, such as free clothing or school supplies, they contact the clearinghouse in their town for referrals. The ministries may have winter coats, uniforms for students, furniture, Christmas toys, and other items. Locations also tend to operate a thrift store. Find details on local Love Inc. near you.

Salvation Army Family Stores will often have items available as well. The non-profit will have free work and school clothing, winter coats in cold weather states, shoes, baby supplies, children’s clothes and maybe even goods such as diapers for new moms. There may also be clothing for young girls, women or boys.

While some of the locations will have on site clothing closets that pass out the goods at no cost to clients, other Salvation Army centers will operate thrift stores for the general public. This will allow people of all income levels and background the ability to shop for and purchase items at a low cost. Find details on programs from Salvation Army.

Thrift stores also save households money. In fact, many people that shop at these locations may be able to buy goods, such as clothes or furniture, at over 80% off normal retail prices. There are thousands of these second hand stores around the country, and they are located in most towns and counties. Most are also run by charities or local churches. In fact, many consignment type shops are located near, or are run in partnership, with clothing closets. Find how to get savings at thrift stores.


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