Find free or low cost cribs.

Free or discounted cribs are available for infants or babies if their parents are from low income households. A non-profit organization and its partners provide this assistance from hundreds of locations across the country. Those seeking a crib at no cost to them will need to have a very low income, however a discount is available for other families that do not qualify.

The organization is known as Cribs for Kids, and the reason this program was created was to ensure that parents have the equipment they need to keep their child safe at night. This service will ideally end infant deaths caused by challenges such as asphyxiation or accidental suffocation. The goal is to prevent early deaths or babies and infants. Assistance is focused on those individuals that are unable to afford a safe place for their new baby to sleep.

Assistance provided to parents

After applying for help from one of the local affiliates, the client will be provided with some form of assistance. If a parents income is low enough, then they will be provided a free Pack ‘n Play crib. Anyone can apply for this program, including single moms, a child's caregivers, or even a relative that may be taking care of the child, such as a grandparent or Aunt or uncle.

New parents, in particular singles, often struggle with the additional expenses at that time. It can often be difficult to come up with the money for a crib or some other type of child safe bed. This program can go a long way towards helping those families obtain everything they need to keep their new baby or infant safe.

The non-profit will also provide the family with education or other support. This will touch on the proper way to care for the newborn to ensure they stay safe as they grow. Information is available on how to properly use a crib, car seat, or other type of household good that an infant may encounter.





The cribs provided are portable. Sometimes the applicant will also be provided clothes for their child, or referrals to resources for them. This even means that a parent could move the unit to a relatives house or take it on a trip out of town. Or if there is a caregiver for the child, then the Pack ‘n Play crib could be moved to that location if and when needed.

Some hospitals have information on the Cribs for Kids non-profit as well as the resources provide by them. Parents can also ask their medical provider or doctor for details on it. Or they can call the primary phone number below for a referral. Even if the hospitals does not have details on the program, they will provide other information to moms and fathers on how to ensure their baby has a safe place to sleep per the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

While there are hundreds of distribution points across the country, unfortunately not every household is near one. Or there are also instances in which the household's income is a little too high in order to qualify for a free crib from the charity organization. These individuals still have options available to them.

Cribs for Kids will provide these parents with a discount. The process will involve the organization passing a lower rate on to those households so that they can purchase what they need. The savings can be substantial Or there may be referrals to wholesale providers or other possible solutions.





For more information, call 1-888-721-2742. Or a website to use that can help is As noted, there are hundreds of providers, and they are located in many states. Most of them will provide either a free or low cost crib or maybe clothing. However some of the agencies only offer referrals or education. So the exact services available will change, often throughout the course of the year as well.

By Jon McNamara

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