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Free money.

Find where and how to get free money. It is possible to get extra cash today using apps, online sites, or earn from legit jobs that will pay you right now. Or get free money from the government or charities that provide funds to people or families who are facing a financial hardship so they can pay the bills. Whether low-income or not, there are legitimate ways to get money for free from a wide range of places and programs.

While extra money sounds like a nice concept, the reality is nothing in life is “free”. That being said, there are sources of extra cash that are easy to apply too. As noted, government and charities provide low-income families, the homeless, seniors, disabled or veterans with free money. Or many apps pay out the funds quickly, often immediately to an account or they send a check in the mail. It is possible for anyone, of any age or educational level, to either earn cash or get money today.

Get free money for low-income families

Receiving free money from government, public or private grants is possible but is more challenging. While the programs do exist, they are harder to find and there are typically strict criteria for applicants. Most of the free money from the government is for seniors, low-income families, the disabled, veterans or homeless people.

  • The application process for free government funds is more thorough as well, with a check or debit card normally sent in the mail or direct deposit to people that qualify. The federal government doesn’t technically just hand out a grant or free money to anyone, but there are assistance programs to explore as noted below. Or look here for other programs for free government money.
  • Single people can get free money as well. There is cash for low-income adults, with a focus on a single person with kids or those going through a unexpected hardship. Whether a state GA program, local city monthly income program, or something else, free money is available. Learn more on cash assistance for single person.

There is free cash or grant money to pay for utilities, housing, medical and more. This is legitimate money that will help everyone from the disabled to single mothers, low-income parents or the elderly. Most of the grants are not available for everyone. So while they are not common and will have conditions and a formal application process in place, you should take the time to review grants that are available.




Government agencies or a department of social services will distribute free legit money as part of welfare, TANF or other temporary cash assistance programs. Much of this is focused on the vulnerable, including the disabled, homeless, veterans, unemployed or seniors. They may be able to provide grants that can be used for free prescription drugs, security or utility deposits, and emergency money for making monthly rent payments now. More on public aid and assistance.

Senior citizens will often be able to get free instant money from the government when they hit certain ages. There is some cash available for older adults age 55, some at 60, and money also paid out to 65 year old seniors. Any financial assistance is very targeted to solving a certain issue, with options for direct deposit payments or getting funds in the mail. Look here for free government money for seniors.

Free government money is offered for people with a disability, with online applications offered. There are several different grant programs for those who are too physically or mentally impaired to hold a job. As the funds will help them get housing, medical needs addressed and pay other bills.

  • Disabled adults can also get free hardship funds today, including online. States, social security, and disability advocates provide referrals to programs that pay out money, often in combination with social security. Learn more on how to get free money for disabled persons.

Homeless people can get free emergency money from the government, either federal or state. The programs, amounts and process differs, but assistance is available. In general, any funds will only be disbursed to pay certain bills or living expenses. Locate free money for homeless.

Veterans will get free money from a number of government programs. There is financial help for job training from VRAP, health care benefits from the VA, Automobile Allowances and more. Federal grant money is also for veterans with a disability (or their families and caregivers) as part of the Homebound Pension Benefit as well as emergency approvals from the Social Security Administration. A number of resources are offered, and find free money for veterans.





Search for free money that is in your name but the funds are unclaimed or “lost”. These funds can come from many places, such as a deposit (on utilities or rent) you never collected, an old bank account, a life insurance policy that maybe a family member left in your name, products you bought in the past that had class action lawsuits, pensions, social security and so much more. All of the websites to use are free to use, and find how to search for free unclaimed money in your name.

Money for free from charities

Non-profit organizations give out free emergency money to qualified low income families, people with no funds, the unemployed and others. A local community action agency may offer funds from such government assistance programs as LIHEAP, CSBG block grants, weatherization, money to fix a home or furnace, and the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). These non-profits that give out free money operate in all states, and get details on a community action agency.

  • Non-profits help people fix a car or truck, and provide free money to do so. The funds, which can be issued online or over the phone, will help low-income families get the transportation they need for their job. Get details on free money for car repairs.

Single moms can get financial help as well, including free money from charity organizations or the government. The main goal is to help the mother pay for the stuff that their kid(s) needs. This can include material items or the free cash from the government or charities help pay the bills. Find free money for single mothers to help pay bills.

Ex-felons will get free money today to help them re-enter the workforce, housing market, and “society”. There are charities that provide financial help, guidance, and housing. Ex felons or former inmates will also be able to apply for free government grant money for their basic needs, with a focus on employment and educational support. Both national and local agencies assist. Find free money for ex felons.

Foundations give out money to help people in need. There are national and local organizations that help people start a business, save money from programs such as IDA, assist people with a medical need or employment costs and more. Free money is provided to qualified people and find a list of foundations to try for help.

The Jewish Association, which is a national charity, provides money as an interest free loan. In some cases the funds are issued immediately to people of any religion, but some of the affiliates do have more restrictions. The funds will be available in a checking or banking account or online. More on interest free loans from Jewish Association.

Many charities, churches and non-profit agencies offer additional support, including money, around the holidays. A focus is on supporting children from low income families and they may receive free toys, money in the form of gift certificates, vouchers, clothing, and more. Receive assistance and free Christmas money and gifts.




If all these programs do not help a low-income family or person, there are other way to get through a hardship. In the meantime, there is assistance offered, and if you have had no luck then find help for people with no money.

Free instant money from apps or online sites

There are a number of smart phone apps (with online websites also available) that provide free money to consumers. The companies, banks, and other tech companies that offer these services get paid commissions from corporations, retailers, marketing companies, websites and other organizations. That cash is then passed through to users of the apps to encourage their use or maybe the sale of a product.

Get paid real, immediate cash for everything from shopping to exercising that you do on a daily basis, trying products, and more. Everyone from low income families to millennials and people who are “pressed for time” can make some extra free money. These can a great way for single moms to make cash for free as well. Find free money making apps for both iPhone and Android.

Ways to get free moneyCrowdfunding is another way to get free money, with no money down or up-front costs. There are many websites and smartphone apps that can be used, including the biggest GoFundMe. The funds can be used to pay bills, start a business, cover emergency travel, pay for school or job skills, and so much more. Many low income or struggling families use them for emergency cash, and read more on free money from Crowdfunding.

Low-income families, veterans and struggling households can use apps for their needs. There are several such as SaverLife that offer free money from matched savings as well as government programs. These sites and smart phone apps are aimed at helping people get extra financial support. Find apps for low-income families.

Simple at home or free online jobs to make extra cash

Other ways to make money today or daily from home include you can write articles from home to make some cash, do mystery shopping, online juror jobs and more. But once again, nothing in life is free. You do need to put in some effort, including time to research the best opportunities and to of course time to do the work itself. Find several work from home opportunities.

Donate plasma to earn extra money. There are hundreds of plasma donations centers, many of which are open today. They all pay out free money, vouchers or gift cards to donors - all you need to do is donate some blood. Many pay up to $100 an hour or so. Find how to donate plasma for money.

Free money can be made on a recurring basis too. There are services, jobs, and different things that people can do on a monthly basis that sets them up for a regular source of income. Often times the work is done up front and the money flows in month after month. Find a list of free passive income opportunities.







Make legit money today from your car or truck. There are of course the typical gig and side hustle ride share jobs that pay out cash the same day, but there are other ways to earn from a vehicle. It is possible to put advertising on your car using companies such as Wrapify and other providers which pays you free money just for the driving you do daily. Learn how to make money from your car.

Test products to get paid weekly, or sometimes daily. There are a number of companies, retailers, online stores and apps that pay people to test or sample products. In general, the money is paid out to Venmo, Cash App or Payday instantly, the same day. Learn more on product testing for free money.

Rent your stuff (or even time) for extra free cash. These will be things in your everyday life. For example, lease out your car on an hourly or daily basis. Rent your home out for free money or your parking or driveway in a city or even suburb. There are many ways to take advantage of the possessions in your life. Find how to your personal rent stuff for free money.

Some free, emergency extra cash can be made with little effort, but you still need to put in some time. For example, online market research and surveys are a very easy way to start making money. There are no sign up costs or applications to complete. While of course there are no guarantees, many people can make $50 to $100 per month with a very limited amount of effort. Read more on Online market research.

A dollar saved is free money earned

Save money and get free matching funds from Individual development accounts (IDA). These are savings account that help low-income families build long term wealth and/or hit short term financial goals. Government agencies, non-profits and charities offer IDA matched savings accounts. For every dollar a low-income family saves they can be given anywhere from $2-4 dollars in free money - which means it is possible to double to quadruple savings. More on the Individual development account program.

Always remember that a dollar saved is in effect free money “earned”. Actually, it is worth more than just one dollar “earned” as you need to take into account taxes paid to the government. Saving money is a very effective and simple approach for households that have a more limited income. Some examples are as follows.

  • For example, using coupons or cash back apps that pay out on a monthly basis will help a family free up their income. Average coupons users save anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 per year. It is simple, quick and easy to do to use a coupon or a cash back app to in effect earn free money. Discounts, cash back rebates, and other free cash may be provided by coupon sites.
  • Or if you receive gift cards or certificates for Christmas or a birthday, and would rather get cash for them vs. spending money, this is another way of savings. More on selling gift cards for cash.





Regardless, saving money is really equivalent to free money. In fact, due to how income taxes work, saving $20 is really like $25 or $30 in free money as a dollar saved is really more than a dollar earned.

Anyone who takes advantage of coupons, online rebates, smart phone applications, sales, discounts, price comparisons, and more is in effect earning free cash, which can then be used to help pay the bills or really anything. Find how to save money.

Free legit money does exist

Those are just a few of ways available to get free quick and easy money. Whether low income or not, there is help out there. Even just monetize activities that you do everyday. Families can also explore many other resources that may offer financial help.

All throughout this site is information on grants, free money from government programs, charities, non-profits, public resources and more. This can be used to show you how to apply for free cash programs or to locate sources of money today (if you need it) as well as other support for your family. Search the Needhelppayingbills website for programs by area, need and other factor.


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