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How to get help with no money

It is possible to do things, find help or get stuff if you have no money. For example, there are ways to get food, household or personal stuff, or even a car when you have no funds available. Or learn how to file for bankruptcy, start a business or get a loan, or start to earn a living when you have no money. Lack of funds can make things challenging but learn what you can do or get with no money.

In some cases, free stuff is given out by charities, churches or the government to people with no money. This includes groceries, a car or truck for work, clothes, furniture, housing and financial help. In addition to that, it is possible for people to improve their financial situation even if they have no money, and that is maybe buying a property or starting a business. Find different ways to get help if you have zero savings and no income or money available.

How to get stuff with no money

There are many places that help people with no income or money. Most of this support is from the government, a charity or church, or some other social service organization. Whether it is a free box of food or hot meal, or clothes for adults or kids or help with the bills, some of the best resources for people with no money are below.

Free food is available to people with no money or income. Almost all towns and cities have charities or churches that have a food bank or soup kitchen. The locations, including Feeding America partners. provide boxes of groceries, serve hot meals and in general feed the poor, the homeless and people with no money or ability to feed themselves. Find a food bank for free food.

  • While not as common, there are even some places that serve hot meals to people with no funds, with some restaurants or grocery stores doing that. In general, they give out the food or meal vs. throwing it away. Or they will serve a free hot meal to a family with no money – if they have proof of lack of icome and funds. Locate free fast food with no money.

Lawyers help low-income families that have no money to pay the fees or retainer. There are pro-bono lawyers, free legal clinics and phone consultations. The goal of these lawyers is to help elderly or poor people that have no ability, or money, to get the legal aid that they are entitled too. Get a lawyer for clients with zero money.




Free rides to work are for people with zero income or no money. There may also be transportation for a job interview or rides for seniors or the disabled for medical reasons. The goals of the organizations that offer a ride, such as Aging on Aging, community action, Paratransit or some other service is to address employment or health needs of those with a low-income or no money to pay for their own transportation. Find rides for free.

Free funeral and burial help is for indigent people, including those with no insurance, financial assets or money. Social service, local churches, and government organizations all help cremate or buy those people with no funds available. Learn how to get help to bury someone for free.

Household or free personal stuff is offered from a number of places, ranging from diaper banks, clothing closets or furniture banks too. They focus on helping the low-income, unemployed, people with no money or income and others with their basic needs. Whether clothes, a bed, diapers, school supplies or something else, look for free stuff.

  • Get furniture with no money needed for a down payment, including for borrowers with either bad or a limited credit history. There are many companies, furniture rental places such as Rent-A-Center or LeaseVille and even no profits that will offer new or used furniture to low-income families that lack the money to pay a deposit. There are many ways to get no money down furniture.

Health, dental care or vets that help people with no insurance or money

Many doctors, dentists, nurses, veterinarians and other medical professions volunteer their time to help people with no money. There are also clinics, charities, animal shelters or foundations such as the AVMA and other organizations that provide assistance. Whether it is dental work, health check ups, or care for a pet, it is possible to get free care if you do not have any money or medical insurance.





Pet care is offered by vets or shelters. Many vets volunteer their time to help care for dogs, cats and animals that are owned by homeless people or seniors or the disabled, if they have no ability to pay for the care. There are non-profits such as the The Pet Fund, Animal Hospital Association and others. Find free emergency vet care no money.

Dental or free medical care is available to patients with no money or insurance. Most communities have some type of free clinic or community health center. Some operate year-round and others are mobile centers. Regardless there will be health care, dental exams, free teeth cleanings, vaccinations and more for the uninsured with no money or assets. Dentists will fix teeth, provide care to kids or adults and more. Find how to get dental work done with zero funds.Get help or resources with no money

Help with housing for people or families with no money

Low-income families with no money for their rent or utility bills, as well as homeless people, can get some form of emergency housing. While of course resources are limited, in general the government as well as non-profits try to reduce or prevent homelessness. This includes those families (or people) with no money, income or funds available.

Homeless people, or those on the verge of it with no money for the rent, can get a place to stay, either in a homeless shelter or sometimes a short term motel.  Charities such as the Salvation Army, Rapid Rehousing programs and other government profits or government agencies offer support, including motel or hotel rooms. Locate free vouchers for a temporary motel room.

Rent free apartments, while not as common, are available in some communities as part of Section 8 or HUD programs. They can help renters or tenants with no money for a deposit or provide a place to live for veterans, single moms or people facing abuse. Locate apartments for people with no money.

Utility service can be connected with no deposit money needed. There are government grants (including LIHEAP or EGS), payment options for light and gas companies and other options for families or individuals with no savings or funds to turn on their service. Find details on turning on power with no deposit required.

Start a business with no cash

It is very difficult to start a business with no savings, money, or access to capital. There are often grants available, programs from the federal government such as USDA or Minority Business Development Agency, small business development workshops and more. While resources are limited, it is possible to start a small or sole-proietorship business with no money needed up front.

Start a passive income with little or no money down. It is possible, though activities such as referral or affiliate programs, blogging, taking surveys that pay on a recurring basis and more. Most of these opportunities do not require the participant to pay any cash up front – so they can be started with no money down. Find how to make passive income with no money.

  • Similar to the concept above, it is possible to start to invest with zero up-front costs or no money. There are low-cost or free online brokerages (Robin Hood, etc.), investment companies that pay you to open an account and to start to invest, and other resources. More on starting to invest with little or no cash.




Entrepreneurs with no money, or those looking to start a business (whether a freelance job, small business, etc.) can get funds. There are government or corporate grants to apply for that can help applicants with no money, crowdfunding platforms, and other options available. SCORE is a free SBA (Small Business Administration) service that can help people find the money they need. Find details on SCORE business advice.

Loans are offered to borrowers with no bank account or money. Lenders such as Avant, LendUp and others provide funds. Not the interest rate may be higher, but it is still possible to get out a loan to start a business or for some other defined reason – even if you have no funds. Learn about loans for people with no bank account.

Conclusion - Assistance is offered to families with no income or cash

It is possible to get help or items you need for yourself or your family, even if you have no money available. As noted above, charities, government benefit programs, pantries and many other places help the poor, homeless and families or individuals with zero income or money available to them.


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