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How to make a passive income with no initial funds.

Everyone wants to make more money each month, but not everyone has the time for another part-time job or even a side hustle. Learn how to make extra cash from a passive income. The concept in effect means you will get paid each day, week or month with little to no effort or time. While it takes some time and effort to get started, find how to start a passive income for free or learn how to get started with little or no initial funds.

Fortunately, you don't need a lot of time or even a lot of effort to generate a passive income stream. Whether you make $50, $100 or a thousand dollars each month, the fact is every single dollar helps. Low-income families, people with no money or limited up-front funds can generate income as well. The concept can be a great option for single moms, teens, or people who live paycheck to paycheck. You can focus on passive income sources that boost your bank balance each month with no hard work on your part.

What is passive income?

Passive income is defined as a frequent source of source of cash that is earned from work in which you are not actively involved. It is possible for low income families as well as people live paycheck to paycheck to both start and then grow a passive income for either free or with little or no money. Developing this source of funds can significantly reduce work hours per week and the money can help families pay the bills or build a solid financial future. It is a great way to supplement your income.

Find a number of tips, suggestions, and resources below on how to start and build a low cost or free passive income. While each service and opportunity is different, in general the sources of monthly recurring income are generally inexpensive and require limited funds to create and they are low-risk. It does however require work, time and planning at the beginning with very little return.

Yet, it is still one of the most worthwhile investment you can engage in, and the extra monthly cash can help seniors, low income families, or anyone looking for a few extra dollars per month. This source of recurring income has helped everyone from single moms to retirees and countless others improve their finances.

Passive income can be the answer to most of your immediate problems if you are struggling to pay the bills, living paycheck to check or continuously stressed out about not making enough money to cover your household expenses. Everyone from single moms to low to moderate income households and many others may be benefit. Below are some low-cost or free ways to earn a recurring passive income that requires mostly extra time and not up front costs.




Make a monthly passive income from everyday activities

Shopping Through Cash Back Sites: Online shopping brings convenience and it saves time, but it is one of the best free sources of a passive income. The average American spends more money online for clothing, household products, personal hygiene, and even food each and every year. According to new data from the Urban Institute, 40% of Americans are still struggling to pay rent and food. Shopping smartly online using rebate or cashback sites is one way to bring in extra money each year and this is a simple way to each passive income.

Since there is a drastic increase in online purchases, consumers can earn extra funds each month using cash back sites and save money on everyday purchases. Many cash back sites are connected to major retail and department stores, which means you are likely to find products that you are looking for. These websites offer free money that can be deposited to your bank account, while other sites provide retail gift cards that can be used on future purchases.

Nevertheless, cashback sites are definitely worth the few extra minutes, and it is a great way to put some tax-free money in your pockets while earning a passive income from everyday shopping. Find a cashback shopping site guide.

Renting Your Stuff For Monthly Income: Earn a free passive income by putting your stuff to work for you. Today, you can rent almost anything, including an empty room in your home, your backyard, vehicle and even the idle hours in your day. Retirees are often renting out things or time for money. Or lease at a parking space for extra passive income. All this cash can come in handy and it is simple to do and earn from this. Learn more on renting stuff for a passive income and how this can be a another source of ;long term funds.

Research Studies: In addition to free to take paid online surveys, researchers are now using mobile apps to collect consumer data, which may include your fitness and shopping habits. This is a great way to generate a passive source of income. Many of these opportunities can be done by working from your home. They often require no effort, and you will easily be rewarded with cash and free items just for walking and exercising.





Make Money Each Month by Selling Ads On Your Car: According to recent data from the National Household Travel Survey, American drivers spend an average of one hour or more behind the wheel each day, which includes daily commute to work or recreational driving. Earn a passive income from your car and for this precious time. Car ownership can be expensive from filling up gas, insurance, and maintenance.

Turn your driving and commute into a passive income by selling advertising space around your auto. You can make an extra $300-$1000 per month just for driving your car. Below are some legitimate car wrapping companies that will pay you for putting ads on your car.

  • A marketing company that promotes products by using rear window advertisements. Drivers are paid up to $400 a month.
  • A national advertising company that pays drivers to place removable ads on their cars. To be eligible, you must have a clean driving record, own a 2008 model car or newer and drive at least 30 per miles per day. It is free to join and depending on location, you can make $30 an hour, with additional passive income opportunities to park your car in certain places and time.

Rent Out Your Car - Another one of the easiest sources of passive income is to rent out your car. Whether you have a spare car or only use your vehicle for a few hours a day, you can rent it out while you're not using it with platforms like HyreCar or Turo to earn a nice chunk of extra money.

The great thing about this is that it requires virtually no effort. Just list your car and the times it's available and all you'll have to do is hand over the keys. It also involves minimal costs. Although you should ensure your gas is full, many drivers will end up putting extra gas in your car while they use it.

Make Passive Income From Renting Out Your Bike - Renting a car isn't always the best idea if you need to use it frequently. However, it's not the only kind of vehicle you can rent out. If you have a spare bike in your home that you barely use, this can quickly become another quick and easy source of passive income for you.

ListNRide offers a service similar to car rental sites, only it focuses on bicycles instead. Many people need to rent a bike either for their fitness pursuits, touristic reasons, or even just for a cheap and easy way to travel. Whichever way, all you have to do is list your bike online and hand over the keys to the chain. You can also rent out e-bikes.




Invest Your Money Into Income Producing Investmenst - One of the best ways to generate more passive income is to start investing, in particular into dividend producing investments. Although this is usually more of a long-term route to making money, this can result in huge returns if you make the right investments and the only effort required is doing a little research.

Investing in property is the safest bet, but also the most expensive. Many people opt for more affordable investments such as stocks, bonds, or even cryptocurrencies. You can also start growing your money by putting your money into a pension scheme and keeping all your savings in a high-interest savings account. Learn more on basics of investing.

Passive income from donating plasma - It is possible to earn about $100 an hour for less than an hours of work. This can also be done several times per month, which makes it a form of recurring income. The donation process is very similar to donating blood and it is regulated by the FDA as well as Health and Human Services. There are of course pros and cons to doing this (which are noted), however find how to donate plasma for money.

Passive, recurring income from teaching online

Selling Lesson Plans: If you are a teacher (many of whom unfortunately live check to check in parts of country with higher costs of living) or someone with an educational background, you earn a passive income by selling new or existing lesson plans, worksheets, and curriculum. Or you can tutor each day or month and build up a client base. Below is one of the most trusted teacher's marketplace to sell materials.

  • A marketplace with over 4 million users. Share your expertise and knowledge with students and get paid for posting original poems, book reviews, activities, worksheets, task cards, printables, and other educational materials. This site requires original educational materials. Even parents, tutors, mentors and other educators can sign up and earn a passive income. Some top sellers have earned over $50,000 per year, while other generated over a million in sales. Payments are made on a monthly basis via PayPal.

Creating Online Courses: Technology has transformed education and E-Learning is the future. According to a research study by Global Industry Analysts, the e-learning industry will triple to $325 billion by 2025. If you are a freelancer, author, career professional, you can create an online course and turn your passion into a passive income. You will simply get paid for sharing your expertise and/ or useful and valuable message to others. Below, you will find the best platforms for selling online courses.





  • An online community with over 4 million students with thousands of classes in art, business, technology, health, languages, cooking and more. This platform allows anyone to teach. Share your expertise and earn a passive income by creating a video content between 10- 60 minutes of anything that you are passionate about. On Skillshare, you will be compensated for every minute watched by a student. It is a great place to earn a passive income, exposure for your skills and giving back by helping others. Top teachers on Skillshare make over $100,000 per year. You will be paid, forever on a monthly basis for every student that watches your classes.
  • A leading global marketplace for learning and teaching. Become an instructor and transform lives by sharing your skills and talent to help individuals pursue their dreams. As an instructor on Udemy, you will get to control the price for your course, and you will earn 97% in revenue share for self-promoting your course and 50% revenue share on Udemy marketplace.

Free passive income from creative skills

Selling License Photos: Sales for digital cameras have declined throughout the years, and smartphones are shaping the future. According to research analysis from Gigaom, an average person has over 630 photos on their phone. People take pictures to capture special and memorable moments. If you have shared those beautiful pictures on social media for likes but believe they deserve more, you can license your photos for free and build a passive income.

If you already take random photos and videos for fun, you might want to use them to make a little passive income. There are many routes to selling the pictures and videos you take and, if you take a particularly good one, you could stand to make a lot of money.

Some people make a little extra money on the side by listing their photos on Stock Photo markets like Alamy, Shutterstock, or even Shopify. It is free to list and the online platform just takes a “cut” (commission) for what is sold. You can also sell stock footage via platforms like Pond5 and BlackBox. Some people even make a nice windfall by selling newsworthy photos or videos to news sites. Get more information on selling pictures.

Publishing an Ebook: Writing an e-book is a perfect opportunity to share valuable information and knowledge with a target audience. An ebook is a great way to earn a lifelong stream of passive income while getting your message out to the world. The average length for an ebook should be between 50,000- 200,000 words. Unlike traditional books that can take years to write, an ebook is much shorter and can be completed within a couple of days or weeks. You can also earn a passive income from reviewing books if you are not interested in writing one







Ebooks are comfortable to write if you are passionate about a topic or a skill that others might like. It should provide value to readers. Amazon Kindle Publishing is the largest source for consumers and authors. Publishing on Amazon takes 5 minutes, and your book will appear in the Kindle store worldwide within 24-48 hours. It is free to publish your ebook on Amazon, and you will earn up to 70% on sales. Learn about and compare E-Book companies for income.

Selling Digital Art Products: If you are a graphic designer or digital artist, you can build a passive income by monetizing your artistic talents. You can sell visual products like logos, social media graphics, illustrations, banners, icons, website templates, and other digital files. You can also maximize your opportunities by adding commercial use, extended license, custom designs, and affordable bundles. Digital products can be sold to clients on freelance websites to generate a passive income.How to earn passive income

Design T-Shirts And Accessories - If you have a cool idea for a t-shirt design, you could start making money from it with minimal investment. Websites like CafePress and Printify allow you to upload your t-shirt designs and start selling them online. They'll handle all the printing and shipping for you, you just need to spend a little time marketing your goods. You shirts can sell month after month, thereby brining you in a stream of passive income.

Plus, t-shirts aren't the only products you can make via these platforms. You can also make mugs, bags, and all kinds of other cool accessories. This can work especially well if you make merchandise based on a popular design, slogan, or even target your designs at people with a certain interest or trait such as star signs or pets. Find a list of online marketplaces to see items.

Free recurring monthly - passive income from starting a side business

Affiliate Marketing to Generate Monthly Passive Income: If you looking for a cost-effective way to earn a passive income that requires no resources or initial funds, affiliate marketing is a great option to consider. This concepts works by promoting a merchant's services and products and earning a recurring passive income from sales. You can launch a profitable affiliate marketing business by promoting products and services on your blog/website, email or on social media platforms. Below are some marketing platforms to consider.

  • An affiliate marketing program with over 200 million customers.  On Clickbank, you will earn up to 75%  commission and get paid weekly. Many products on Clickbank are sold on a recurring subscription basis, which means you will earn a passive income month after month and years after the original purchase. There are over tens of thousands of digital products to choose from, including languages, arts, lifestyle, software, and many others. Clickbank pays anything from $25 to over $150 per sale and it one of the most inexpensive way to generate a passive income.
  • Amazon Associates: Amazon has over 300 registered shoppers, and there are millions of products for everyone. Join Amazon Associates Program if you are a frequent Amazon shopper or if you would like to build a successful affiliate marketing business with the #1 internet retailer. Getting started is free and simple, just add links to desired products on any page, forum, and social networks by writing a quality review and recommending products to others. You can earn up to 10% on qualifying products. Amazon Associates program is a great way to monetize your blog/website and social media platforms to build a passive income with little to no cost.




Start a Blog for free or a low cost: In our digital age, blogging is extremely popular today. Many of these are free to start. People start blogs to share their knowledge, to express their thoughts and opinions and to promote services and products. Single moms and families that live check to check often write blogs at night for extra monthly income. There are minimal start up costs for this passive income opportunity, so it is great for anyone to do with limited savings.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will rank your content based on originality and usefulness, which will bring readers to your website. Blogs can generate a passive income from free ad networks, affiliate links and by selling your own services and digital products. Find more details on monetizing a blog for income.

Write for other websites: This source of passive income is similar too, bot not exactly the same as blogging. Instead you will write content for other sites, including news publications, content aggregators, blogs, companies, and others. Some of the content may be “re-used” or get hits/bring in revenue over months or years, and this is how it becomes a free source of passive income. More on writing articles.

Flip Domains: The domain industry is very similar to the real estate industry. There is in some ways a limited quantity of valuable assets. The domain flipping business works by finding a low-cost domain name and resell for a higher value. Domain names should be short, memorable and contains popular keywords with a .com extension. Domains can be sold on and for high prices and it possible to turn $15 into several thousand dollars. A profitable domain typically contains a single word or short letter phrases.

Youtube Channel: Starting a Youtube channel is very similar to blogging, both involves sharing information, experiences and giving advice. Many younger people, including millennials and college students often start this type of passive income. You can earn money based on views and advertising, and the funds are paid out on a monthly recurring basis.

A Youtube channel does require professional writing skills and videos are produced in a conversational manner. Starting a passive income video or business does require being comfortable on camera, video equipment (in some cases) and the ability to discuss interesting and engaging topics. Read more about making money from Youtube.

As you will see from the list above, there are many platforms and concepts for earning a passive income. Many of them have a very low or no start up costs, with many of the opportunities free of charge. The cash from one of these recurring income type businesses can be used for everything from paying bills to building up a saving or investment account. Some people also use various forms of passive income type businesses as their primary source of income.

Create A Dropshipping Store - Another quick and easy way to make some extra income is to start a dropshipping store. Dropshipping involves selling products online but, instead of handling the postage and packaging yourself, the products are shipped from another location. Although you only get a cut of each sale, it requires very little effort on your part.

Many people start dropshipping products with services like Oberlo and CJDropshipping. You just need to create an online store via eBay, Shopify, or a personal website and handle marketing and customer service. If you sell a particularly popular type of product, this can quickly turn into a huge source of passive income.

Monthly income from your home

There are many easy, free routes to starting or making a passive income, and many of them don't even require you to leave the house. With minimal effort, you can set up a few streams of passive income from the comfort of your home then sit back and watch as the money rolls in.





Rent Out A Room For Recurring Income - Got a spare room in your house or even space in your basement or a furnished attic? It could be the source of a few extra hundred dollars every month for you. Many people now search sites like Airbnb and Vrbo to find affordable places to stay wherever they're visiting. Some people need a room for work travel, some are tourists, whichever way, they'll pay you simply to stay at your home for a few nights.

How much you can rent out a room for depends on numerous factors. If you live in a highly touristic area or a major business hub, you could end up earning $1000 or more every month. Even if you don't live in such a desirable location, offering a comfortable and well-designed room with all the amenities can still net you a significant chunk of money.

Rent Out Storage Space For Passive Income - One of the easiest ways to make passive income is to rent out storage space in your home. Even if you just have a basic apartment, turning your spare room or closet into rentable storage space can quickly net you some extra money each month.

Sites like Neighbor and Store At My House allow you to list your storage space online. You can offer storage space in your spare room or even offer self-storage via your garden shed, basement, or even a shipping container. Many people will pay good money for secure and discreet storage space and this requires practically zero effort on your part. This rent money you will make from renting out space is a form of monthly, recurring passive income.


You don't need to invest hours of extra time to boost your wealth. You don’t need  alot of funds to create a passive income either, and in fact is it possible to get started with no-money. These passive income sources are quick, easy, free to start (or have very minimal intital costs) and can result in huge gains. The best way to set yourself up for the future is to set up multiple streams of passive income then simply watch as your bank balance grows each month without any hassle.


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