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Find how and where to sell pictures for extra cash.

Almost every person has a smartphone these days, and there are ways you can make some extra money from the pictures you take on your phone or even digital camera. You can sell photos to websites, bloggers, TV stations, or many other places. It is possible to make as little as a few dollars up to $100 or more per photo, and the cash can help pay bills, be used for savings, or really anything.

You do not need to be a professional photographer, or even have the latest and greatest iPhone, Samsung, or other cell phone in order to get started. Find some tips and suggestions on how you can make some extra cash from selling pictures that you may take on a daily or monthly basis.

Some people love to write, and create blogs for extra cash for their bills or living expenses. However if you are not into blogging for a side gig for making money, stock photo is an alternative method to earn cash from something that you may already be doing everyday. Instead of hiring photographers, agencies and publishers are always looking for pictures that will market their product.

Use your smartphone to take pictures of everyday life, such as concerts, food, sunrises, parties, flowers, landscape, nature, emotions from your friends, a business meeting, your work desk, outfit, or any interesting object or place that would be great for a newspaper, article or magazine story. But if possible try to find something slightly unique or different for your best opportunity to make some extra cash from photos.

Note there are different ways to be compensated for photos. You can license them to websites (exclusive or non-exclusive), sell one-time rights, give different types of uses (editorial or commercial) and much more. Review the terms and conditions of each website that buys photos. If needed, contact a free lawyer for legal assistance to protect your rights.

As a stock photographer, you can monetize your hobby or photography skills. Or even if you are a novice, you can still make some money selling your pictures, regardless of whether you used a camera or smart-phone While the amount of money people earn will vary, it is possible to earn a few dollars and as much as up to $100 or more per image on the following websites. This money can go a long way towards building a financial future and paying the bills, whether you take photos on a part or full time basis.




Websites that buy or license photographs

There are a few different places you can outright sell your pictures to for some extra money, or you can license the rights to your photos They are all free to use and market on as well, and they will pay out the cash in a matter of days. You can be a beginner, part-time or experienced photographer. Or someone who was just in the right place at the right time and captured a great photo. That money can then be used for paying rent, buying presents, taking vacations, or really anything!

Professional and/or very high quality photos can be licensed to Getty Images. An exclusive or non-exclusive license is usually used by Getty, and means that every time your image is sold/used by a publisher, you will be compensated for it. Another option here is Stocksy, and they only sell exclusive licenses but pay up to 75% commission. Note most of these sites cater more towards experienced photographers with higher quality cameras or smartphones.

Shutterstock: If you have travel photos, pictures of your favorite meal in your phone and social media, you can upload them into the marketplace. Depending on the commercial value, keywords, and the quality of your images, you can generate a decent amount of earnings. You can expect to earn up to 40% of sale per image. Shutterstock contributors have earned hundreds of millions of dollars from downloads, and it is one of the best highly visited website to sell stock photos.

You can set your own price for photos as well on sites including GL Stock Images, 500px as well as Image Vortex. So if you think you have a great shot, price it accordingly. Or if you are a novice, set your price a little lower to until you improve. Anyone can set their own prices for the photographs and decide how much money they think a picture is worth.

iStock: If you are just starting out or a looking to learn more about photography, iStock provides resources to contributors about popular trends that will sell. They offer 15%- 45 royalty for every image that gets licensed by a customer.







Adobe Stock and Fotolia: These two are partner organizations and high volume places for selling pictures. You can upload a large volume of photso, all of which may be sold for some extra money. The quality tends to be a little lower (so for beginner photographer), and commission rates are up to 33%. If you list your phots on one site they will automatically be listed on the other as well.

Pond5: This website allows you to upload audio clips, photos, video footage, and others for extra money. You can upload funny videos, audio clips of silly voices, pranks, Facebook or Instagram videos and get paid for it. Who knows, some may go viral in which you can really cash out! Pond5 also allows you to set your own price range and they offer a commission of 50%.

You can also earn free referral commissions from some websites. This will put even more money in your pocket if you refer friends and families to one of these websites. As you will get cash each time someone else lists their photos for sale, and the websites include PhotoDune as well as Dreamstime. This service allows you to make even more money in less time.

Alamy: This is another great website to sell pictures. Photographers keep 60% of all sales, and exclusive rights are not required. This allows you to make even more money as you can list your images on other stock sites to maximize earnings.

Those are some of the leading companies as well as websites that will pay for photos, or you can license them. As long as you have a smartphone, DSLR, or digital camera, you can sell photographs for extra cash. You can be an expert or novice photographer; anyone can do this. Then use that money for anything you want, whether it is paying the bills or doing something fun with the extra cash.

By Jon McNamara











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