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Get paid to read books or write reviews.

It is possible to get paid to read books and to either review or discuss them. There are several websites that offer this service, and they will pay out cash or gift cards. Some give participants new books to review for free. Learn more below on how to make money and get paid to read a book.

The concept is similar to product testing. Publishers and authors will people to read and/or review a book as they need feedback. So yes, in effect it is possible to make some extra money from the comfort of your own home, and all you need to do is read and give a review of some books.

Each website will offer their own form of compensation. Some book review companies will pay you cash for your opinion, which you can use for paying the bills, building up your savings account, and really doing anything. Some of the book review sites will provide other forms of compensation though, ranging from free gift certificates to use at companies such as Amazon to other store gift cards.

The amount of money earned from reading books will vary as will the payment terms. Find more information below. But it may be possible to earn $50 dollars or more per book, and that money can add up over time. However it is not just about the cash either, as reading has so many other benefits to it. However the money is great for those who need a few extra dollars for paying their rent, taking a trip, or paying some other unexpected bill they may have.

Websites that will pay for reading or book reviews

If you enjoy reading and writing book reviews, and want to earn some money for doing so, the following websites will pay you for your analytical literary skills, feedback or reviews. Use the money for whatever you want, either paying off the bills or splurging on fun stuff for you and your family. Or some companies will give you a free gift card or certificate as a form of payment. - This website that will provide you with free books to read, and new independent authors will pay you to discuss their books. You can expect to earn $5-$60 per review. For every 30 reviews, participants will receive a $30 Amazon gift card, which can be used to pay for anything that the retailer sells…even including groceries for a family. also offers giveaways and will reward two participants a $20 Amazon gift card each day.

The fact is some books you may like more than others. This is where New Pages comes into play. They will pay out cash, with a focus on paying out for a book that you actually enjoy. If the novel was not that great, then New Pages may not want the review.





If you can’t afford to buy a novel to review, the Chicago Book Review will send you free books. In order to work with this company you will need to send in a resume as well as examples of other reviews that you have done.

The U.S. Review of Books will pay reads as well. However there are restrictions and they need samples of your previous reviews. Note when you work with this company professional resumes are required. Once accepted, you can start getting paid to write reviews, which should be around 250-300 words and be completed within three weeks. You can expect to be paid on the 5th of each month. The consistent payment date allows a family to budget more effectively for their bills.

Kirkus Media: This company is only looking for experienced applicants to write reviews in English and Spanish. Books are typically from new self-published authors with a wide variety of genres. Book reviews should be around 350 words and are due two weeks after the assigned date. If lucky, your hard work might get featured in the company's magazine, “Kirkus Reviews." Look here for details for how to get paid to read a book.

Booklist was founded by the American Library Association. The online site is heavily used by librarians across the US. It is a book review magazine that pays per review, and they are mainly used to advise readers to help librarians with book selections. There are approximately 8,000 professional book reviews each year, and the company hires freelancer's to produce them. The pay rate is $15 per review and $5 for rejected reviews. This is a somewhat unique service, as you are still getting cash if your review isn't good enough and a chance to read the latest book for free. Find details here.

There are freelance type jobs for reviewing books as well. You can sign up for services including UpWork or and search for book review jobs. There may be blogs, newspapers, magazines, or other countless companies that are paying out some money for quality book reviews. They will also often provide the books to the reader as well, at no cost to them.

Women’s Review of Books was created by Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College. This is a limited option, and the company only publish reviews that are written by and about women. The pay rate for publish review is $100, which can go a long way towards helping with the bills. You can get started by sending pitches to their contact email address.How to get paid to read books

If you own a blog, you can also get some extra money for publishing book reviews on your website. Companies such as Book Look Bloggers, Civitas Press as well Tyndale Blog Network provide both free copies of the books as well as some cash for reviews to be done. The amount paid out will vary based on blog traffic, but it can be another source of compensation.

Those are some of the leading websites as well as blogs that will pay cash or gift cards for book reviews. You can also sign up at more than one site and submit multiple reviews. That will allow you to make even more money for assisting with your bills, and you can read and review books on a recurring, monthly basis.


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