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Find How To Make Money Blogging.

Many people take up blogging purely as a hobby, and others do it to make a few extra dollars for either paying their bills or to add to their savings. Not only can a few dollars be brought in, but it's also something that can be incredibly profitable if you do it right.

Some bloggers make thousands of dollars per year. That is decent money, and it can often be done right from the comfort of your home! And a few hard working, smart, and lucky ones can even make hundreds of thousands a year through various streams of revenue. If you know how to write and are willing to put some time in, you can easily make money blogging.

You can choose from various niches to write about, whether it's something you're interested in or something with the potential to get a lot of hits/traffic. Or you can also decide to write for other blogs, which can also be profitable and bring in a few extra bucks. Not only are there different ways to approach this activity, but it's also easy to make a blog, with various free and affordable CMS (content management systems) like WordPress hosts out there.

Here's how to make money blogging in a few different ways. Then, after you make some money, do whatever you want with it! Pay some bills; take a trip; pay down debt or whatever. Use the money as you see fit.

1. Find A Topic to Blog About

Ideally it is something that you enjoy writing about. But the fact is, it needs to be something useful too, ideally that is filling a niche and/or unmet need. As if you blog about a topic that already has hundreds or thousands of other blogs out there on it, it will be very difficult to stand out and get traffic to your site. So try to find a topic that you enjoy, is a niche, is as unique as possible, and not widely covered already. We know, easier said than done!

2. Sell Ad Space

One of the most common ways bloggers make money is by selling ad space. This is often an automated process. If you have a blog that gets a large number of hits each day and covers a topic that is important to readers, companies will pay you handsomely for you to advertise them on your page.




You could also use Google Pay-Per-Click ads from Adsense. Once your blog has been developed, and starts to get traffic, anyone can easily sign up to post these on a site and start making money. You may not make much at first, but there is some potential if your blog grows.

3. Get A Sponsorship To Bring in Money

If you're able to show your potential to companies, you could bag some profitable sponsorship or affiliate deals. Say you're a high-ranking blog in your niche- companies in that industry will be happy to pay for you to post about their products or services. Or also use social media too to grow traffic and your income. There are additional ways to make money on social media.

The bigger your following the better. If you use your blog to build up a following on social media and vice-versa, companies will see the potential in paying you to mention them. However, be cautious with sponsors. Visitors don't like to feel like they're being conned. Try to be as transparent and objective as possible when advertising.

4. Outsource Your Blog

Develop a website and then allow others to write for it. If your blog builds up a following, so blog owners will then charge minimal fees to other writers so they can get their content published. Of course it needs to be relevant to your website.

How this would work is say you have a niche fitness blog. You could charge a fitness expert XXX dollars to publish an article on your site. It is a form of sponsored content, and the same concept applies to different types of blogs.





5. Advertise Your Professional Services

Many writers use blogging as a way to advertise their services. Or they advertise their own business, whether it is a work at home or office based, on it as well.

The most obvious example here is in freelance writing. If you're looking to get paid for writing, then having a blog can act as a handy portfolio. This can bring in some extra cash as well. Not only can you show it to potential employers, you can also sell your services directly from your blog.

But blogging can also work for other services. Whether you're a remote accountant, graphics designer or an online store, starting a blog and getting into content marketing can raise your profits fast.

6. Sell Ebooks On Your Blog

One of the major ways bloggers make money is by selling ebooks to their readers. If you use your blog as a way to position yourself as an expert in a certain field, your followers will be happy to pay for your valuable insight and knowledge.

For instance, if you manage to build up a large following with a fitness blog, there are all kinds of ebooks you could sell. Whether it's a workout plan or a healthy recipe book, you could make big sales. Plus, it's easy to self-publish ebooks on Amazon or even just sell them directly to readers. In theory you can write a book at home and then market it on your blog.

These principles can be applied no matter what you're blogging about. If you've built up a loyal following, start selling ebooks and see how it goes.

7. Offer Paid Courses

Another benefit of being an expert blogger is people will pay you to teach them a certain skill. For instance, SEO blogs often offer paid courses to teach people the ins and outs of their craft.

You could also get paid for seminars, attending events, and other similar opportunities. You could offer a crash course full of resources to send directly to people's emails. You could also offer one-to-one guidance on whatever your readers need for a cost.


If you're able to make high-quality content on a blog that appeals to a wide readership, the monetization opportunities are endless. Whether you make hundreds of dollars or tens of thousands, the money can often go a long way for most Americans in helping them keep up with their bills. It can be a lucrative work from home type job. Blogging can turn into an incredible investment with a staggering return rate if you're dedicated enough.





Some people even build up blogs simply to sell them- businesses will pay good money to acquire a successful website. Start blogging today and who knows how much you could be making in a year's time.


By Jon McNamara














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