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Make money now by writing online articles for these freelance websites.

You can make extra money and increase your income by writing online articles for freelance websites such as ehow, associated content, examiner, textbroker and others. This is also considered passive/residual income, which means once you write an article, you may get a one-time payment, but then you may also continue to get paid days, week, or months in the future as people continue to view your article.

This is why residual income from writing articles is a great way to earn extra money. It can not only address short term needs but also it sets up ongoing income, and why it is a great money making idea. In addition, these sites and services are pretty flexible, and you can decide where you want to work and whenever you want as part of the freelancer concept.

Unfortunately for businesses today (but good news for you and me!) as more and more entrepreneurs and companies have turned their attention to developing websites on the Internet, the competition for finding fresh, original content has become more difficult than ever before for these companies. This means that it has also become more lucrative for people who can write some content.

The need for online articles (whether for blogs or other portals) and content is an effective way to earn money from a freelance type job. The demand for this type of service continues to increase as well. The money earned at these types of jobs can help with paying everyday bills. Some content producers earn hundreds of dollars per month online. Find a list of tips for making money as a freelance writer or locate websites to seel it on below.

This situation has created a tremendous need for freelance writers who can help create content for various websites all over the Internet, and the types of websites and content is very diverse. It doesn’t need have to be great content either. If you are just being able to write “average” reviews, articles, and blog entries you could make a lot of money and get paid online just from the internet!

Write articles for these companies or freelance services

If you are good at writing, you can become a freelance writer on the following job sites below to earn extra income and for more experience and exposure.




Our organization, needhelppayingbills, is trying to find contributors for our site. It is a great opportunity to make some money, and at the same time an opportunity to also provide information to individuals who need help. Please email us at [email protected]. We will need to see a sample article up front.

At the site, you will earn income of $2.50 for every thousand page views where on Associated Content it is $1.50 for every thousand page views. Associated Content is one site where you have the chance to try to get upfront money as well. and are other sites that you can get paid for writing online articles.  is a site that allow you to sell your articles at the price you set on them. There are lists of topics in Constant Content that business owner and people are looking for content for, so check them out before you start writing online articles. You will also want to make sure that what you write is what people are looking for and what business will pay you for. You will get paid when the article is sold. pays you upfront for the article, and also you will get paid from online advertising. Helium delivers advice from every day people like me and you. All the online articles you will find are grouped by topics. Your articles will be ranked by the reader. This website hires freelance writers with strong writing skills to create website content for local as well as national brands and companies. You can choose to write from a variety of fields that include science, travel, education, and health. Become a freelance writer by completing their online application, submitting writing samples, a completed W9 tax form and a copy of valid government ID as U.S proof and residency. This website pays weekly and is currently accepting writers to write for a variety of industries across the globe. - Apply to be a freelance writer on Textbroker and make money from writing articles. You can get started on textbroker by registering and verifying U.S citizenship and submitting writing samples. Upon approval, you can start writing for cash. As a freelance writer on Textbroker, you can set your rate per word, which starts at 0.7 to 50. cents/word. Payments are made once per week if your balance is over $10. also offers free writing resources and helpful feedback from editors, along with tutorials, downloads, and free support to help expand your knowledge.

 may be the largest provider of online articles and how to sites. They have millions of articles, and tens of thousands of writers and contributors. The site is wide ranging, and topics covered include finances, technology, health, and money related articles. Ehow also allows contributors the ability to get paid on articles that are viewed.

Other possibilities include freelance companies, such or These are a little different in that individuals will need to bid on the writing assignments or jobs. Or try an E-Book publisher to make money. However, if you have some skills and are dedicated to pursuing this path, the freelance online writing business is growing rapidly. These are global companies in which tens of thousands of employers are looking for writers and other skilled individuals.

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