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Donate plasma for money.

Learn how to get paid by donating plasma or blood, which will not only provide you with extra cash but will also help you give back to society. There are hundreds of regulated locations centers located across the country. The plasma donation centers, which may be near you, allow individuals of all backgrounds, races, and ages to make a few extra dollars giving (selling blood or plasma) while at the same time giving back to the community. Find tips on how to donate blood as well as plasma along with some of the challenges to be aware of and how much you will make.

Learn more about the process below and how much money you can make by donating your plasma. There are limits to using these centers and also issues that any potential donor needs to be aware of. Also find a plasma or blood donation center to donate at below.

Compensation - get cash as well as gift cards

You should never be asked to pay any upfront fees to donate plasma. Be wary of any company that asks you for funds. You are the person who should be getting paid. Although people who donate whole blood are prohibited by federal regulations from receiving financial compensation, that prohibition does not apply to blood plasma donors.

Payment amounts for plasma donations vary by company. Some companies aggressively recruit new donors and pay a premium to replace plasma supplies. Other companies may not have much of a need so their payment is lower. People with AB-type blood are also in demand, as type AB plasma can be transfused to patients of any blood type.

In addition, the prices can (and normally change) based on supply and demand; when plasma or blood supplies are lower, donors will be paid more cash. The industry "ebbs and flows" based on supply. Plasma donation centers near you can also pay more or less based on the region of the country.

Companies generally pay $50-100 per donation, although the compensation is generally considered as payment for your time rather than your plasma. With a typical donation requiring two hours or less, that's not a bad hourly wage, especially for a lower income household that needs the cash to pay for their basic needs.




Centers that pay cash to plasma donors

There are several companies that operate in this industry. There is bound to be a blood or plasma donation center near you. , These major providers do follow all government rules and regulations, so it is legal to donate to one of them. They include BioLife, Biomat, BPL Plasmas, ImmunoTek BioCenters, Interstate Blood Bank, KEDPlasma, CSL Plasma and Talecris among others. All of these center pay out in effect free money to donors. While the income generated by donating will vary, it may be possible to earn between $50 - $100 for a couple hours worth of work.

FDA regulations allow people to donate plasma twice per week with at least 48 hours between donations. This is why donating plasma can be a type of passive income - as donors can get paid monthly. Plasma donations are allowed more frequently than blood donations because a portion of your blood is returned during the plasma separation process, and in healthy adults, the body replaces donated blood plasma within 48 hours.

It is important to note though that not every single provider will offer cash to donors. Some will offer gift cards, provide other individuals with certificates for buying food or meals at a restaurants, and other items. So the compensation available will change. No matter what the plasma center may provide to the “employee”, it will always be for their time spent on site, and this is done to encourage additional donations. They do not pay out money for selling the blood itself, as that is not allowed per government regulation.

People able to handle a full plasma donation schedule can obtain a substantial amount of money - even passive income. For example, CSL Plasma, one of the largest plasma collectors worldwide and more than likely has donating center near you, this company claims that new donors can earn up to $1000 in a month, although the amount varies by location and the donor's weight.





BioLife, an FDA-certified company, currently advertises that donors can earn up to $900 for eight plasma donations as long as they are completed within 30 days. Octapharma Plasma operates a few hundred donation centers in the U.S. and also advertises that donors can earn up to $900 a month plus more from special promotions, bonuses, and referrals.

Note that following the first donation, most companies provide payment in the form of a debit card that can be used anywhere. The debit card is reloaded following subsequent sessions. Many centers also pay the donor for gasoline to the location.

The donation as well as application process is very simple. First of all, each person should know to never pay any upfront free, and any company that asks for that would not be legitimate. There should never be a cost to do business with one of these centers. In addition, the hours are flexible, so while it is not a true work from home job, it does provide individuals an extensive amount of flexibility when setting their schedule.Donate plasma near you for money

When stopping by one of these plasma donation centers, always be sure to bring adequate documentation if you want to get paid. This needs to be brought even if it not your first time using the facility. The application process will always require supporting documentation from every single person. It is a good idea to bring identification (such as a driver's license) as well as proof of residency. Donors usually need to come from a local town or community due to local government regulations on who can be paid cash for donating.

In addition, anyone that is seeking to be paid to donate plasma will need to bring their social security card or Border Crossing ID. This is needed for additional proof, and maybe even income tax reasons. In order to get paid, always bring more information and not less. It is better to be prepared, and this is how to get more money in less time. Each plasma center may also require other supporting document for anyone seeking money for their plasma.

The donation centers need to have fairly extensive information on the client's medical condition. There will also be a physical given to the applicant. If the person has any high risk behavior they will not be able to donate their blood, and therefore will not be given any money during this process.




How to give plasma

The exact medical process is very straightforward. Donating plasma is really the same as giving blood to the American Red Cross or any other non-profit. There are no major differences between the two. After all, plasma is really the fluid that is in blood. The key difference is when it comes to payment, as  Red Cross will generally not provide any money to sellers but rather they give other items to the donor, such as maybe a gift certificate.

The process is streamlined too. Each company has a dedicated donation area with seating, beds, and medical personnel on site. There may be registered nurses, LPNs, and some of the larger locations may even have a doctor on site, though that is rare. The donor will be taken to this dedicated part of the center. Learn more on the plasma donation process.

Payment process from plasma centers

The exact amount of money paid out will vary by company. In general, an individual may be able to receive anywhere from $50 to $100 per visit. This tends to be much more money than can be earned from other work at home type jobs. The plasma centers are not paying for the blood that is donated, but rather they are compensating the individual for their time spent on site. So this can in effect be thought of as a job as the person is being paid for their time.

The money for donating is usually paid out to the individual on a debit type card. It is very rare to get cash. The big downside to this is there may be a transaction fee charged to the donor each and every time they use the card. So if a bill is paid, or if the individual uses the card to pay for food at the grocery store, there will often be an additional fee used on the card. It is generally around 25-50 cents per transitional (so it is minimal) but this is one challenge to be aware of when donating plasma.

Find centers for donating plasma near you

To find a certified plasma donation center near you, you can ask your doctor for a referral or go to on the internet to locate centers certified by the International Quality Plasma Program (IQPP). All of those centers will pay money (or free gift cards) to donors. They all follow FDA guidelines as well. Choosing a certified donation center ensures you will be treated by highly-trained medical personnel in a sterile environment.

Donating plasma is often referred to as giving "the gift of life" since plasma contains ingredients essential to manufacture drugs and medicines needed to treat persons with rare or chronic diseases. By spending just a few hours per week to donate, you'll earn much-needed extra income. More importantly, your effort will help to improve the health of others and may even save someone's life.





The leading sites to call for information are listed above. As noted, the terms and conditions put into place by each plasma donation center will vary. It is always recommended to go over the details, or talk to your doctor or a medical professional, before proceeding.


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