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Sell your hair for money.

The thought of selling your hair for extra income for paying your bills might be terrifying. But hair grows back, so in that way it is different from any items that you can sell for cash as it will not be a permanent loss. It is a quick and easy way to potentially make hundreds of extra dollars per year. Not only that, you may be able to turn selling your hair into a recurring stream of income, as you can sell it year after year for extra money..

Find steps to take and how you can sell your hair online for extra cash using websites or phone applications, many of which are free to sign up for. Not only is it another way to make money, but of course selling your hair can be done from the comfort of your own home.

People experiment and cut their hair very often. Whether you cut it often or not, you can be rewarded with some extra cash for the hair you have grown for the past months. This money can be used to help pay the bills or make ends meet, and in addition by doing this you will be making a difference in the lives of cancer patients or for those that cannot grow their own hair.

Wigs and the hair extension industry in the US have generated $346 million in 2017. People are always looking for ways to improve their self-esteem and confidence. It also benefits the sick and ill, including people or even children with cancer. So, if you are facing financial difficulties and looking for a quick way to make ends meet, you can sell your hair and earn $100- $4000 depending on length, color, volume, healthy texture and so forth. It is quick and easy to do, and read more on how to do this below. Listed below are some online marketplaces that will buy your hair:

Online marketplaces and apps for selling hair

Find some of the resources that can be used for selling hair for a few extra dollars. Many of them are available for free or they have minimal sign up fees. Create a listing, and you will be matched with a buyer. There is no commission taken from sales, and you get to keep all of your earnings. However, there is a fee of $14.50 to use the site, which lasts up to 3 months.




Craigslist, eBay and Facebook Marketplace:  These online marketplaces allow you to sell just about anything, including hair. The cash will be transferred right into your account. Create your own price and transaction rules. You can even meet locally with buyers. - This website only allows you to sell hair that is six inches or longer, and their online calculator will give an estimate as to how much money you can earn. Some sellers on this site have sold their hair and made up to $4,000. There is a listing fee that ranges between $15- $50, depending on the length of your listing. There is no commission taken from final sales and your earnings get transferred to PayPal.

Locks of Love: If you would rather give your hair away for free to a sick child, including those with cancer, this charity can make that happen. Ponytails can be provided to the non-profit, and while you will not give money for using this service, it is a great way to give back.

Online Hair Affair : This site allows you to sell hair of any length. Including gray hair.

In addition to websites, there are mobile phone and tablet apps that come with a wide range of categories to sell just about anything, including jewelry, books, collectibles, video games, electronic devices or any high-demand items. And yes, you can sell your hair using these applications too. These applications can be used on iOS devices, a tablet and Android.

VarageSale: This is a local application that can also be used for selling hair. It focuses on marketplaces in your town or community, so the buyers may be more limited but it is one more option to use for raising money from the sale of your hair.

OfferUp: Just snap a picture, including of your hair, and start selling. OfferUp comes with a built-in secure messaging system that allows you to communicate with buyers.

Carousell: Any items you are selling, whether clothes, hair, electronics, or something else can be listed in under 30 seconds. There is also a chat service on the app.





LetGo - This is a free app to use on both iPhone and android, and it allows up to ten photos including of your hair per listing. You can securely message a buyer to discuss payment and meeting information.

All off the websites and apps above can be used to help you sell your hair for some extra money for you or your household. Those funds can then be used to pay bills, save for a vacation, pay the rent, or really anything you and your family may need. Selling your hair is just one more way to make some extra cash for you and/or your family. And maybe the best thing is hair grows back, so you may be able to sell it month after month.


By Jon McNamara

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