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How to make money on YouTube - Use these profitable niches.

YouTube gives everyone a voice, and it also allows you to make money, especially from niche content.  It is one of the largest search engines in the world. YouTube provides us with freedom of expression, information, belonging and opportunity. It also provide millions of people across the country and word a source of income. Find how to make money from YouTube content that is focused, targeted and niche in nature.

The fact is anyone can launch a channel and start to make money, whether you are a senior citizen, single mom or dad, immigrant, or someone just interested in doing it for a hobby. But the key is to focus content, and find a niche to provide videos or commentary too. People of all ages, races, religions, ethnicities and education levels have found success on YouTube.

People love watching videos. Or creators also benefit from the platform. As others love creating videos, also known as vlogging, which pretty much serve the same purpose as blogging, except in a more storytelling medium. Or people love love creating niche content om sometimes they have a true interest or focus on, or niche content.

YouTube is one of the many ways of making money on the internet. People make videos as a hobby and with commitment- some can turn their Vlogging hobby into a primary source of income. Or some people turn YouTube into a passive income stream.

YouTube a powerful platform. Creating videos will allow you to reach a global audience. It adds to confidence building if you are an introvert or shy in real life and countless opportunities- including making money, travel, press events, brand sponsorship, free products, meeting celebrities and walking the red carpet. YouTube is a free platform, and anyone can upload videos to express themselves and make their voice heard by real people.

The Google owed platform only continue to grow. According to YouTube statistics, people spend an average YouTube session last more than one hour per day and over 5 billion videos watched each day.

Starting a YouTube channel is fairly cheap. That means most of the money you make will be “profits” as overhead is fairly low. Any vast range of devices can be used to make YouTube videos. Some affordable options can be a laptop with a built-in webcam or a smartphone. A YouTube channel can be another source of income, it can build a community by establishing personal connections, and it pushes you outside of your comfort zone- while solving your audience's problems and making a difference in their lives.

Below are ways to make money on YouTube, including profitable niches and ideas. Some of these can be long term sources of income as well, also known as a passive or recurring income.




Finding a YouTube Niche & Create Great Video Content

When starting out, many assume that it is best to make videos that appeal to the broadest audience. However, many Vloggers and the highest- paid stars on YouTube find success by focusing on small, passionate niches, which often range in size from huge communities that are into games to a smaller audience that are into antique collections.

Videos that are seldom showed in traditional media, which is intended for one specific purpose have resulted in more views, engagement and watch time. In our digital age, personal connection is rare to find and tailored- interest videos can make viewers feel like they have found a show that is made specifically for them.

Take some time to think about topics that you love and are knowledgeable about. Perhaps it's pets? Being a mom? Sports? Your videos should come off as genuine and authentic in a relatable manner to make your viewers feel connected.

Below are some suggestions on channel ideas which can be monetized. Do some soul-searching to find your passion and what niche you would enjoy making videos. These suggestions should be narrowed down.

•Vlogs: Vlog+ blog= vlog, or in other words, video blogging. Vlogs are personality driven. This category does not come with a specific niche and topics can range from discussing current events, information about your personal life,  family, weight loss journey, storytime (sharing a recent event or a story from your past), giving advice, and other related lifestyle videos.

Money Making Ideas: While the niche is hyper-competivie, (like many in YouTube and on the internet), you can make videos that show people how to save money, find deals, or make cash. Maybe the channel can be around coupons or working from home. Or a Youtube video can be around tuning a hobby into a source of income, the fact is that so many Americans like check to check and they are always seeking ways to save or make a few bucks. This is even more true for lower income households.





•Makeup & Beauty: Everyone wants to look their best, and this is a popular and competitive niche on YouTube, with over 700 million views each month. You can stand out from the crowd by sharing unique beauty hacks, makeup routine, top-10 favorites or different makeup tutorials. You can also make money by selling makeup services, course, or self-esteem coaching.

•Travel: Traveling is almost everyone's dream. A great travel video should bring a range of emotions ranging from excitement, curiosity, wanderlust etc. It should be engaging and tell a story about the sceneries, people, location and food. If you are on a budget, you can simply narrow it down to city-tours or interesting places in your neighborhood or town.

•Teaching/Education: If you are an expert and knowledgeable about a specific subject (s), you can establish yourself as a trusted person and teach others. You make money from your viewers through affiliate marketing- by recommending products and services, paid coaching, renting stuff for money or selling e-courses.

Other YouTube Ideas

  • Tech & Gadget Reviews
  • Health and Fitness
  • Local News
  • Celeb Gossip
  • Food/Cooking
  • How-to-do's
  • Creative Arts (Music, Drawing, Singing, Dancing)
  • Senior citizen content - With aging population, anything with the elderly can be a source of income.

Branding Your YouTube Channel

Youtube gives you the opportunity to broadcast your interests, passion, personality and more. A username/brand for your channel should contain a unique set of characters that will help your audience to recognize your channel. Good brand names are typically a combination of short, original and easy to remember. Here are some suggestions for branding:

•Keep it simple: A username with tons of words will make your channel difficult to find and remember. Think of your favorite products or brands, (Starbucks, Apple). They contain a single image that sticks in your brain.

•A Name That You Proud Of: Your Channel is like a storefront and it is an extension of yourself.

•Clear & Relevant: Names should be clear and representative- so that people will understand what your videos are about.





Engaging and Keeping Your Audience

According to YouTube survey, 20% of users will leave your video within the first 10 seconds. Here is how to the hearts of unsubscribed viewers and keeping them engaged. More engagement generally translates to more money.

Create Captivating Trailer: A YouTube trailer is a short video that promotes and attract new viewers. This feature is similar to a movie trailer, in which you are giving potential viewers a sneak peek of your channel. A trailer video should include your personality, the unique qualities of your channel and why they should subscribe. You should be able to pitch the great things about your channel.

Being Authentic: Your online presence should reflect who you are in the real world and what you want to be known for, on and off YouTube. This is the best way to foster a community that will bring long term success and more money to your pocketbook! For instance, don't 'pretend' to suffer depression and another video in which you completely recovered.

Develop Rituals: Rituals are activities that your viewers can expect to look forward to over time- such as weekly uploads or special format in your videos. Using a unique language or an invented code word like (Moosh, anyone?) can make your community feel like an insider, just like having a secret handshake with your friends. Code word or sign language is used at the beginning and end of successful YouTubers videos, like Lilly Singh and others.YouTube niche content money making opportunities

Connecting With your Community: You can interact with your viewers on YouTube by responding to their comments. giving hearts to their comments, or by highlighting their username. This will allow viewers to see that you are present and care and are not just doing it for the cash. You can encourage communication and reward your viewers by asking your audience for topics and create content around those topics, dedicating videos to fans (Thank You video, celebrating, milestones or featuring their questions in your video), and by hosting live streams.

Reaching Beyond YouTube: Websites and blogs are always looking for great videos to highlight. Create a list of influential sites, blogs, niche communities and influencers that would consider sharing your videos. Videos containing topical or trending content will be most appealing to websites and blogs.

Aside from YouTube, you can use the power of social media platforms to reach a large audience. According to the video marketing statistics, over 700 million people watch videos on Facebook every day and that activity is multiplied by groups of friends, which is connected to 100 people or more on social networks.

Be shareable and tailor your video posts on each social media platform and include prompts or questions to encourage interactions like reposts, comments, and shares. Experimenting with eye-catching thumbnails and titles will also encourage shares (e.g., people shouldn't be socially conscious of sharing your video). Thumbnails should look hip, smart or informed but don't mislead people, always deliver as promised.

Promote a Positive Community: There will always be internet trolls. You can remove inappropriate comments, report/flag the comment, hide the user from your channel or create a list of blocked words to follow YouTube community guidelines.

Making Money On Niche YouTube Content

After building an engaged audience, you can join the YouTube Partner Program and make money from ads. According to Forbes, YouTuber stars like Ryan Toys Review have made $22 million per year as a 4-year-old kid. To earn money from advertising, you will have to create advertiser-friendly content and avoid profanity, sensitive social issues, and sexual content. In addition to ads, there are many ways to maximize revenue from your channel, as listed below.







  • Merchandise: You can sell merchandise that is relevant to your channels such as fans t-shirts, mugs or other items. Or people that have niche YouTube content can get free items or samples from companies such as Influenster and others. Find more information on Influenster VoxBoxes samples.
  • Brands: Develop an additional source of income by partnering with brands and introduce their products and services to your audience. You will receive free products, plus it can spark new video ideas.
  • Super Chat: A live chat feature that allows you to interact with fans. This will enable you to build a stronger connection with your audience by saying thanks, giving credit and you can get personal. Fans can purchase super chat to highlight their messages during a premiere or live stream, and you will receive revenue with this feature.
  • YouTube Premiere: A paid YouTube membership that allows viewers to enjoy videos without ads. However, revenue from YouTube Premium membership fee gets distributed back to YouTubers based on how many members watch your videos.
  • Channel Memberships: You can seek support from fans by setting up a crowdfunding campaign on third-party crowdfunding sites. There are great for low income families and those that need financial help. Crowdfunding can help to drive awareness to support your channel, to fulfill a creative cause or to funds to new projects.

Create a separate announcement video, explaining the reason for your crowdfunding campaign. In exchange, you can use your community tab to deliver perks, such as call-outs, giving access to exclusive live streams, early access to videos, or you can create an awesome badge next to viewers username and an emoji to help them express their emotions or inside jokes. Be creative with your 'thank you'" and offer perks to make your viewers feel special for their contributions to your crowdfunding campaign. Find more information on how to pay bills with crowdfunding.

Have Fun – As you make money on YouTube

YouTube is a place for verbal expression and creativity. It is not 'easy' to make money as a traditional job, and it involves working round the clock. But it can be a hobby or more fun to some people.

 Since YouTube is a visual platform, maintaining a private life and balancing your public life is crucial for safety and success. YouTube is not just a money making opportunity, but it is also a great place to express yourself, making lifelong friends or even meeting your significant other. Passion fuels success and it is important to find your own groove and being your authentic self.


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By Jon McNamara

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