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Product testing for money opportunities.

Business will pay people to test products, often in the comfort of their own homes. It is possible to get paid money for testing a wide variety of products, including clothes, makeup, video games, makeup and more. Companies need feedback from potential shoppers, and they pay for that insight. Find how to get money for testing products, either at home, stores, focus groups, or off-site locations. A number of websites to apply at are below.

What is product testing?

Ever made a disappointing purchase online or in a store and that you regret? A product that didn't meet your expectation? Well it is possible to test products at home in order to make some extra money. Or some companies will give free items to be tested or offer samples.

With a shift to online shopping- nearly all of us had some bad shopping experience. And, most of our disappointment has to do with the lack of ability to inspect a product before making a purchase. This is why the paid product testing industry has been created – to help make the process more efficient.

While it is possible to make some extra cash as a product tester, maybe another one of the the biggest benefits is the free stuff provided to testers. It may be possible to get clothes, books, games, electronics and countless other products. As many testers can be given dozens or hundreds of free items each year as part of the testing processes. The benefits are very extensive. Or find other places to get free stuff near you.

Why test products for money?

According to a PushOn report, 82% of shoppers reported that they prefer to 'view-and-touch products before committing to making an online purchase. However, a view-and-touch experience can be challenging for people that live in rural areas, busy parents, seniors, and those that are disabled-- leaving them no choice but to shop online.

Some local grocery and wine store may offer free product tasting before making a purchase. And, this concept ensures that you are getting the best value for your money. However, in our digital age, it is quite impossible to test a product from our favorite stores before proceeding to checkout, which can lead to disappointing purchases and return hassles.

To achieve customer satisfaction and to boost sales, many companies are offering product testing job opportunities and they will pay real cash. Or businesses provide free items such as clothing, food, personal care items, cosmetics and more. Product testers are hired by companies to give feedback and to evaluate new products before launching.

Product testing is a great way to make extra money and get free items. No experience is needed and anyone can join. Test out the latest product for free and see if it's worth your hard-earned cash before purchasing. Below, you will find a list of product testing opportunities from many different categories.




Product testing companies A community for moms and caretakers who are interested in learning ways to raise healthy and happy families.  Become a member on Moms Meet, and they will mail free products to your home at no cost. Products are pre-screen before being sent.

Most products are natural, organic and it can range from food, beverages, vitamins, personal and baby care. Some companies will pay out money to the testers. Sign up to "sample an item" and join a community of health-conscious moms and get free stuff.

Observa - If you're looking for apps that pay you money for doing a little work, Observa is the app for you. When you download the app (from google play or the Apple App Store), you'll become an "Observa" (a play on the word 'observer') and you'll be able to start making extra money fast, based on what you see. It involves logging what you see or "discover" at retail stores, restaurants, C -Stores and the like such as 7-Eleven, Target, Wal-Mart and others. you may be asked to test products or their customer service, take or upload pictures, and the like.

You'll get paid an average of $7.50 for about five to ten minutes of your time. Most apps take weeks to pay you, or you need to build up a certain amount before you can withdraw. But Observa usually pays you within an hour for the companies you observe.

To get started, simply download the app to your Google Play compatible or Apple smartphone and create an account using the same email you use for Paypal. Three times per week, Observa will send you emails about opportunities near you, or you can search for an opportunity and go get it. After accepting an offer, you'll have two hours to complete an observation such as visiting the store or testing an item. It could involve traveling to a store, finding a certain product to test, answering a few questions or taking a picture.

Observa will review your observation and validate it, then send you money via Paypal. You can observe as much as you want, anytime, anywhere; your only limitation is whether there are opportunities in your area.





New Balance: One of the world's major sports footwear manufacturers with custom shoes and sneakers, they rely heavily on product testing. New Balance provides high quality, "Made In America" products that offer the highest level of comfort, support, and performance. Their shoes and sneakers are known for being extremely durable, offering customers tremendous value.

The average cost for a new balance sneaker is between $59-250 per pair. However, you can get the latest sneakers by joining the New Balance product testing program. You can sign up as an adult tester or junior testers for infants size 3 and up to grade size 6.

Applicants are required to select shoes from one product category, such as lifestyle, outdoor/adventure, running, basketball sneakers and more. Testing periods usually last for 4-6 weeks and product will be returned to manufacturers to be examined. In other words, you will not be able to keep the product or compensated. However, it is a great opportunity if you are looking to buy shoes and unsure which to buy. You wear the latest New Balance sneakers free for a few weeks to determine if it's your money. A website to discover honest product reviews, thousands of photos and discussions from savvy shoppers. Each month, influencer ships thousands of "Voxboxes" with full-size products. Read more on Influenster samples.

Voxboxes are delivered for testing purposes and products come directly from big beauty brands like L'Oréal, Maybelline and food companies like Hershey's, Sour Patch and Pure Leaf. These companies rely on members to provide honest feedback and to share their experience on social media.

Not all members are qualified to receive a VoxBox. To be eligible, you must download the influenster app, sign up for a profile on, filling out snaps and connecting on social media. A website to try products from leading brands. Get started by creating a member's profile and answering a series of questions about your household and shopping habits. Then, select products from pet care, personal care, food & drink, home & family and more.

Once every month, PinchMe will deliver free stuff to your home for testing and feedback. You cannot earn money on PinchMe, but you get to keep free products from well-known brands. The most popular items are facial cream, dishwasher soap, shampoo, Purina pet food and among other free stuff. The company covers shipping cost and no credit card information is required. A growing community to help women elevate and amplify their voices. Become a member on SheSpeaks to test and review products, joining discussions, attending VIP events and even get featured in SheSpeaksTV videos. Both extra cash or free goods are given to members. A consumer panel owned by Johnson & Johnson that offer product testing opportunities. Register to become a member and receive new fragrances from their body wash line, mascara, dental floss and more. Members in New Jersey can participate in their on-site sensory panel for skin-care products.





Occasionally, members are emailed surveys and quick polls. In addition to free products, you may receive an honorarium, such as Prepaid Visa Card as a token of appreciation which is as good as having extra money in your pocket. An international community where people share their opinions and experience on a variety of products from leading brands around the world. BzzAgent requires you to be an active social media user on either Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Sign up for free and get started by answering a few quick surveys to get matched with free products. As a member, you can start collecting "bzz," which will be added to your BuzzScore. Then, you will be invited into a campaign based on your interest, and a Bzzkit will soon be mailed to your home.

Bzzkit will include a few full-size products to review, smaller samples, coupons, and product information. All products are free for your personal use. To be active on BzzAgent, you will have to carry on with activities such as writing product reviews and uploading photos and videos on social media platforms. You will not be paid for testing products on BzzAgent; however, you do get to keep free products from well-known brands like Nestle, L’Oréal, Purina, and others. Join Microsoft User Research program to share your feedback on the latest tech gadgets. Microsoft research is conducted year-round, and you can participate in paid panel studies, surveys, focus groups, lab studies, and site visits. In exchange for your time and feedback, Microsoft will offer a "gratuity," which will be sent via email, typically two weeks of your participation date. A marketing company that works with brands to get valuable consumer insights. CrowTap members are rewarded for sharing their opinions, product testing, creating content for brands and by spreading the word on social media.

With CrowTap, you can earn redeemable points for gift cards and free products through sampling. You will receive free products based on demographic information and interest. In addition to free products, you can also earn cash from completing missions and cashing out points.Product testing for money A reader panel from Glamour Magazine that allows you to share opinions and a chance to try luxurious makeup products before it hits the shelves. Join the glambassador panel for free and you will be prompted to fill out a short survey based on your beauty, health, and other habits. Then, keep an eye on your inbox for invites to try new products. A company that designs high-performance running shoes, as well as clothing and accessories. Join the Brooks testing program and receive free products for sharing your feedback.

To be eligible, you must be 18 years and older, US address for product delivery, a valid email address and internet access to write helpful and timely feedback. Members of Washington State are eligible to become Brooks "Lab Rats" and treadmill performance will be observed on site. An online community of influential consumers who try products for free and sharing feedbacks with others. Smiley360 offer products in different categories such as household items, beauty, pet, fitness and more.

To receive free products or some extra money, you will have qualified for a mission and based on your demographics, and you will receive free products in the mail to review. Meeting the requirements is pretty simple, and missions are designed to match your interest and lifestyle — for instance, a dog food mission for pet owners.

As a Smiley member, you will receive free full-size products to review and keep. You will also earn points and badges for more frequent product testing opportunities.



 A leading influencer marketing platform that connects brands with their biggest fans. Ripple Street offers free products or monetary payments from brands that you will enjoy in a party setting in your home. Sign up to become a member and receive free party goodies for your guests.

Ripple Street will deliver free products such as beer, wine, snacks, household items and more to host the perfect house party. Everything is free of charge, and there is no selling. However, you and your guests will be required to post pictures, videos and provide feedback on the free party goodies. Since 1949, Minute Rice has helped families to find time to enjoy good meal times. Minute Rice is pre-cooked with long grain that does not require lengthy cooking. In just 5 minutes, you have delicious, fluffy rice that is healthy and easy to prepare. Join now and become a member at Minute Rice to enjoy benefits such as online coupons, special offers, product research and free products to test.

Legitimate product testing jobs

As stated above, there are many legitimate companies and sites that pay consumers and have product testing opportunities.  Unlike online surveys, product testing does not require much personal time. Free items or a few extra dollars earned from product testing can save low-income families an enormous amount of money.


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