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Online Juror jobs.

Find how to make money as an Online Juror. These jobs provide people the ability to earn a few extra dollars working from home while also expressing their opinions. Several companies operate in this industry and they often have a limited number of positions available. Find how to become an online juror and to get paid for doing so.

A number of qualifications will need to be met by applicants. The online juror positions allow people the ability to work from home, but like any job, the applicant needs to apply for a position and to meet all of the requirements in place. Applicants need to be able to bring value to the company that hires them. More information is below, including information on potential employers, the best online juror companies as well as some of the more common questions that people typically have on the industry.

What is an online juror?

An online juror is a person who participates in a legal review or mock trial that takes place over the internet. They are paid positions that people can do from the comfort of their home, often at flxibile hours. This concept has evolved with the advancement of technology, and it's particularly useful for lawyers who are preparing for a case.

The insights gained from online jurors can be valuable for legal professionals as they prepare for a real trial, whether it is a criminal or civil trial. It allows the lawyer / attorney to gauge how real jurors might react to their case and to refine their strategies accordingly. It's worth noting that online jurors are not involved in actual legal decision-making for real cases; rather, a online juror’s is more akin to that of a focus group participant in the legal context.

Companies such as OnlineVerdict are only looking for truthful, honest answers and reaction. The lawyers as well as local courts that work with these online jury companies need thorough, truthful, objective answers to the questions. There will be a significant amount of information on the court cases presented to you.

  • Note that there are never any wrong, or for that matter right, answers. You just need to be honest in your feedback and replies. In addition, the exact number of online court cases you may be asked to review from home will depend on the exact number of attorneys in your local county or area who are using this online court review service.




How to become an online juror?

The first step is to sign up, or apply, at one or more of the online platforms that offer such services. Some of the best, more well known, highest paying online jury companies include or, however others are listed below.

The application process will vary based on the online juror company. Usually online jurors working from home who have completed their profile and who have also established a login username and a password will receive an email invitation from the legal professional or attorney after they have posted a court case in their venue. Once you get this email, you can decide to join the case just by clicking on a link within the email that will take you to the court case on the website.

Legal professionals or lawyers will post a case summary and verdict questions to the site. These cases will then be available for online jurors and participants to answer. If you participate in the service, match the demographics of the selected venue, if the court case is filed in your local county or federal district, and if you are found to be jury eligible you will then be emailed an invitation to review the case as an online juror. These are just some of the qualifications that are in place, but each lawyer and company will often have others.

You can review the court case at your convenience, from the comfort of your home. Once enough responses are received, the court case will closed and no additional online jurors will be needed. However you can go back into queue and may be found eligible in the future for another case.

While you should always review the fine print of an service, there are almost never any obligations that you will have. Registered jurors will not have any obligations to review court cases or they do not even need to finish reviewing a case once they start. That being said, if you do not review a case, you will not receive payment if you do not complete the study. A few other points to note on this work from home opportunity.





  • There are no long term commitments.
  • It is free to sign up as an online juror.
  • The sign up process is both fast and secure.
  • Taxes will not be taking out of your payments, but you will need to declare your income at the end of the year.
  • Many online juror companies will ask for demographic information from the applicant, as this will help the lawyer when they are going through the “official” jury selection process when the trial begins.


The salary varies widely based on the complexity of the case, the online company used, and other factors, but it is usually $20-$60 for each case. Each court case reviewed will typically take anywhere from 20-120 minutes to complete. Of course the exact timeframe as well as the payout depends on the type of case, number of questions, and other factors. In general, the longer the case, the more you will get paid.

There are no other benefits provided, only the salary. However the job allows people to work from home and usually at different times of the day. The amount of money paid for each online case will be noted upfront. While the terms will vary by each employer and position, in general you will get paid and receive the check within one month.

Sign up to be an online juror

While these online jury companies do present a true opportunity to make money and express your opinion, there are a number of conditions that need to be met by applicants. This includes where you reside, your background, gender, your profession, and many other factors. For example, it doesn't benefit lawyers or the court system to use the opinions of jurors who don't live in the town or county where the case is being held.Online juror job

In fact, most courts will require the juror to be local, so the attorney will only want their opinion. Always read the fine print of any company you deal with, especially if they are asking for your bank account information or significant upfront fees.

Some of the best work from home online jury organizations to sign up with in this industry can include as well as There may be others as well, such as another company that operates in the industry is A higher paying company is, which is another service. Payments from this company may tend to be a little higher than competitors.

Another company known as is more of a mock online juror service. While there may be an online component to it, this will almost always require local travel to review a court case. However the amount paid out to individuals and the possibility to earn more money will be greater.




As noted, before using an online jury company, read the contract that they may have in place. These job opportunities will require the applicant to be able to have strong communication skills, including the ability to read and write clearly. Lawyers that work with these companies need to have confidence that the juror is objective and can meet the requirements of the court case. There may also be other organizations that operate in the online juror marketplace, and the list above is just a sampling.


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By Jon McNamara

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