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Free divorce lawyer.

There are free lawyers and attorneys that help people file for divorce. Assistance is for low to moderate income families, people with little or no money and women in abuse situations. There are resources available – from pro-bono attorneys near you and legal aid to clinics or online divorce filing systems Find how to get a free divorce lawyer near you, consultations, or help with the filings and paperwork.

An attorney will offer assistance with many aspects of a divorce. There will help with local court filings, settlement agreements, assistance with child custody or monthly child support, and more. A free divorce lawyer will also often represent a client in court if needed, and this is even more likely for a low-income women or someone who needs a divorce due to a abusive situation. The prospect of affording a divorce attorney or getting a consultation is challenging, but there are free as well as volunteer attorneys that assist.

Free legal aid services for divorce

Low-income families will get divorce help from free Legal Aid services near them. Each state has a number of non-profit or pro-bono lawyers as well as those that are paid for by the government. Legal Aid are among the most available providers of free or affordable legal assistance to people with a low or modest income.

These non-profit organizations, which are located in all states and most local communities, offer professional services as well as divorce consultations to those unable to afford a private attorney. They are equipped with experienced lawyers who understand the intricacies of divorce procedures, helping their clients navigate the often-confusing legal system. They help with other civil matters too, such as restraining orders, child protection, and more.

Each state has its own chapter or free legal aid society, and the services provided vary based on location. To qualify for a free in person or online divorce program, applicants will typically need to provide proof of income and demonstrate a financial need. They prioritize people in high-risk or unsafe situations, such as victims of domestic abuse. Look here for legal free consultation.

Pro-Bono attorneys help with divorces

Pro-bono, or volunteer lawyers, will also help people who are seeking a divorce. The attorneys provide free divorce services to low-income, the poor, and women or men who are facing a hardship.  These professional lawyers volunteer their time to help those who cannot afford the high cost of legal representation, whether for a divorce or some other case.




The American Bar Association (ABA) helps with divorce filings, as the non-profit encourages lawyers to dedicate at least 50 hours per year to pro-bono services. This means there's a network of free volunteer attorneys ready to help.

They will have a list of recognized pro-bono programs in your state that handle separations, divorces, child support payment issues and similar legal cases. In addition to the list of law firms that have pro-bono divorce attorneys, many law schools have legal clinics where law students, supervised by their professors, offer free legal services, including help with divorce proceedings. Find free pro-bono divorce lawyers.

Free divorce programs for women in abuse situations

Women, including single moms, that are in an abusive situation often need free legal help.. Filing for divorce in abusive situations is incredibly complex, sometimes unsafe for women and emotionally challenging. Various organizations focus on providing free divorce lawyers as well as other legal help to women who are victims of domestic abuse. For instance, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Hotline (NCADV) offers resources for legal assistance in divorce cases involving abuse.

Similarly, local domestic violence organizations, Catholic Charities, and women’s shelters often partner with pro-bono legal services to help victims of abuse. Women can access these services for assistance in filing for divorce, obtaining protective orders, and navigating the legal process safely and securely. More on Catholic Charities legal services.

Free or cheap online divorce filing

For those people who feel comfortable handling their divorce without an attorney, online divorce filing might be a low cost option. Websites like and offer inexpensive online divorce preparations with some free services in certain cases. These sites guide users through the process of preparing their legal documents for a flat fee significantly lower than the cost of a divorce attorney.





However, be aware that this route requires a basic understanding of the legalities of divorce. It is most suitable for uncontested divorces, where both parties agree on the terms of the split. When the situation involves children, substantial assets, or contested issues, it's usually advisable to consult with a legal professional.

Local court and government divorce assistance programs

Local city and county courts often provide free divorce help. A local court system, often in partnership with social service offices, local government offices or legal aid, also have resources to assist low to moderate income individuals with divorce proceedings.

Many jurisdictions offer self-help centers or free legal clinics to provide guidance on how to complete and file divorce paperwork. This will be either government sponsored or often use local, free lawyers that help low-income families or those with no money start and/or complete the divorce process.

Free divorce lawyerMoreover, some courts provide fee waivers for a divorce or “pauper’s affidavits” to those who can’t afford court filing fees. Requirements for these waivers differ from state to state. Therefore, it's important to check your local court's website or call the clerk's office for information on available assistance.

Conclusion – Free divorce filing and attorneys exist

Divorce, although challenging and sometimes expensive, should never be inaccessible due to financial constraints. There are numerous resources available to assist individuals from low to moderate-income households as well as women in unsafe relationships in navigating the divorce process. Free attorneys to help with process a divorce are available a legal aid societies, local law firms with pro-bono lawyers, special programs for women in abuse situations, online divorce filing, and local court assistance programs.


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