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Free coupons.

Find a list of places to get free coupons from. They can be printed at home, sent to your house in the mail, or used on your phone or tablet. Learn where to get free coupons for food, make-up, household or cleaning supplies, restaurant meals and other products. Find details below on how get find free coupons, including printable, digital, and coupons sent in the mail.

All of the sites and appls below are legitimate. The savings provided will help people save a significant amount of money on groceries, restaurant meals, personal hygiene supplies, Amazon shopping, and other stuff. There are also free coupon deals to be had on service work, including oil changes, household repairs, and much more.

How to save money using coupons

There are literally hundreds of websites as well as apps for free coupons (including digital or printable ones) as well as bloggers that discuss the best approaches to use. Or get deals mailed to you at home. There are rebate codes and deals to have at Amazon, free coupons for grocery shopping, Etsy or Wal-Mart and other retailers. Below find tips on how to save money as well as who to find digital, physical or e-coupons for all sorts of needs.

It can often be difficult to navigate all of the resources and programs out there. Coupon deals can be used for saving money on any number of goods as well as food products. A sampling of what the coupons will help you save money on include the following.

  • Groceries and coupons for food of all kids, including perishable, meats and canned.
  • Household supplies, such as cleaning items, soap, detergent, and more.
  • Coupons can help parents save money on diapers, infant formula, and baby supplies. Or find additional sources of free baby supplies.
  • Redeem free coupons at restaurants, both fast food and sit-down places.
  • Electronic devices, car cleaning supplies, vacations, school supplies, garden items, and countless other products can or will have free coupon programs associated with them.




  • Some service providers may have free coupon programs, such as oil change shops, plumbers, electricians, tire or car repair shops, and many other companies.
  • Medications, including prescription drugs, also allow savings. this is not commonly known, bur families can find free prescription drug coupons to save money.

There are in fact probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of products that can be bought using coupons. They can be retail, physical type goods or services as noted. It is always a good idea to search for a free coupon before buying anything. While the amount of savings can vary, some consumers can save hundreds of dollars per year as well as a large percentage of their household expenses. In some cases, uses approaches such as doubling coupons, with existing sales, can allow people to get free goods.

Not only that, they are simple to use and find. A low income family can use the savings as an opportunity to save for retirement , or maybe pay for job training. Or the money can be for paying for their everyday bills, housing, and more. Or moderate or even high wage households can also use these coupons and other free items/deals to save money.

Sources of free coupons

There are literally dozens of places to turn to for free printable or e-coupons. There are websites, phone apps, Sunday paper inserts, books, flyers, bloggers, manufacturers, and many more. Many coupons can now be pulled up right on your Androird or iPhone. We have some of the main, trusted sources of free coupons below.

  • Websites for free coupons – There are several leading ones including,, Tada / ShopatHome, Slickdeals,net, as well as Those are just some of the options out there, and find a list of the best free coupon websites.
  • All-inclusive sites – One of the main uses is They combine savings with free discount codes, and the money families can make or save is extensive. Or try Groupon and similar daily deal sites.
  • Newspapers and magazines – Yes, the traditional Sunday paper insert, which is free, is still available. Also consider neighborhood newsletters or local magazines, many of which have discounts for service providers.
  • Manufacturers – They often also offer their own coupons, often on their websites. Companies such as Proctor and Gamble, unilever, Colgate, and others may be deals. Or try their Facebook pages for deals.
  • Email lists – Some companies allow customers to sign up for email type deals, but be cautious in not signing up for too many.
  • Coupons can be on phone apps – Some, including PayPal deals, checkout51, Honey, or Gasbuddy provide substantial savings to shoppers. People with Android Phones or iPhone can get the applications, and everyone one of them is free. Find the best free coupon apps.
  • Free gift card and coupon sites or apps - Some companies, including Swagbucks or Rakuten, provide cash back shopping as well as free coupons, survey opportunities and more. Learn how Swagbucks works.







Using online tools allows families to print up coupons. They can do this from home, a library, or anywhere. This allows people to place much more effectively as well. As if they know they will be going to a grocery store, they can print something up right before they leave. Or if planning some type of service work (e.g. oil change) then look for a deal before going to the store.

Most effective ways to save money using coupons

There are tons of tips out there. Many of them can be found by reading some of the leading bloggers, including,, pennyhoarder, and many others. But of course, the concepts around saving are not that difficult. Much of it is common sense.

We have listed some of the more common ways to save money using the free coupon sites, which offer free deals, per below. Each and every shopper needs to find their own process though, and follow it.

  1. Plan in advance what coupons you need - Have a list of what you need. Only buy needs and not wants
  2. Do research to determine where to shop, and look at company or grocery store websites for deals. Look for stores that may double manufacturers’ coupons
  3. Based on what you need, look for the free coupons using the sources we indicated above, such as websites, newspapers, etc.
  4. One of the most effective ways to save money on groceries is look for unit prices.
  5. While deals may not be as common on generic goods, they do exist.
  6. Combine the free coupons with other deals or discounts

It really comes done to being organized. This skill ranges from finding places to shop to printing coupons from internet sites, using phone applications, and more. Print the deals at home so you do not forget to bring them along. The more organized, and prepared, a shopper is the more money they will save.Free printable or digital coupons

Anyone who wants a quick and easy way to save money should use any one of these approaches, whether free smartphone or printable coupons to shopping. It just takes a little thought and preparation time, but the savings add up quickly. The money saved from using a coupon can help a household pay other bills or be used for savings.



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