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Bill tracking and budgeting apps.

Find the best apps to help you track your bills and budget your income as well as expenses. Find a summary and review of them below. There are a variety of ways to budget your income and expenses or track your monthly bills on your Apple or Samsung smartphone, which are the foundations of a budget. Get a list of money-saving and budgeting apps that are available on a phone, tablet or computer.

These budgeting tools help low to moderate income families as well as people living paycheck to paycheck. It is important to have a robust, easy to use app on your phone for monitoring your spending and income as well as tracking expenses and monthly bills, which are the foundations of a budget. Financial and free budgeting apps, whether on an Apple or Samsung phone or computer, are designed to improve your relationship with money by changing the way you shop, spend, plan where your money goes and save.

Wouldn't it be better if you budgeting your income and expenses to make it worthwhile? Regardless of your paycheck amount, a budget app (which are easy to use) could be the simple solution to your restless thoughts, spending habits, and it will solve some of those financial mysteries when it comes to tracking where you money goes. Maybe it will help you live within your means and a more “simple” life.

Do you have a costly cable plan? Overspending money on things or bills you do not need? An app that is used for tracking your bills or budging allows you to rethink your spending habits and will help you to prepare for unexpected emergencies, retirement, paying off debt and reaching your financial goals. The apps are critical, yet free and easy to use.

There are many Android and iOS budgeting apps and tools that makes managing money, sticking to a budget and monitoring spending and bills a lot easier. Not all of these apps and free planning tools are worth downloading. Below are the best free apps to track bills and budget money.

Best apps for budgeting

Mint App

A personal finance and money management app with over 20 million users. It is free to use and easy to get started. The Mint Bills app, which is owned by Intuit, lets you see, track and pay your bills all from place as well as providing financial literacy and asset management tools. The app also provides reminders of when each bill is due so you can pay your bills on time and avoid costly late fees.




In addition, the free to download and use Mint application (in iOS and Google store) even warns you when it spots suspicious activities. That early warning system is certainly important in a world of constant data breaches and identity theft.

Mint works by connecting with any US financial institution and the internet. It can be used with major lenders such as Bank of America, Citi, Chase and others. Within seconds you will be able to see where your money is going and your spending habits. This is critical to managing your bills, and find a list of other programs and how to get out of debt.

Some basic financial advice is given too. Users can get ideas on how to make your money stretch farther and recommendations on saving accounts based on your financial goals and lifestyle. Mint has a very easy-to-use interface, and your financial data automatically gets updated.

Best For:

  • Mint enables users to set and track budgets, categorize transactions, receive bill reminders, and observe spending habits over time.
  • Young Adults
  • Budget Beginners
  • Smartphone Users

Special features:

  • Bill Tracking: Stay on top of all your bills payments, save time and say goodbye to late fees. Mint will send reminders to your email or mobile phone, so you can plan ahead and never have a missed payment. This is an excellent feature if you are trying to improve your credit score. You will also be informed on suspicious activities and warnings on low funds- so you can accept those overtime hours and find gigs to make extra money.
  • Easy Budgeting on the app: Mint will analyze and calculate your spending by category. You will be able to see how much you are spending on shopping, groceries, electronics, rent, food, ATM cash withdrawals, medications, and other spending activities. Mint easy budgeting feature will help you to meet financial goals by cutting back on any category in where you are overspending.
  • Free Credit Score: Is your credit score is preventing you from getting a loan, credit card, insurance or renting your dream apartment? Mint offers free credit report summary within minutes to know where you stand, explanation and suggestions on improving your credit score and free monitoring alerts.
  • Weekly personalized alerts and advice: With mint, you will receive weekly summary of your spending habits to understand where your money went. It allows you to have visibility so you can start to save money on bills.
  • Simple Categorization to track bills: Unlike bank statements that list activities as "C0245 GBH  CA" $30.25, Mint uses plain English and will automatically suggest the right category for your spending. There are hundreds of default categories, and you are also able to rename or re-categorize any transaction, which will apply to all future charges.





YNAB (You Need A Budget)

A personal budgeting software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. YNAB was created by two married college couples with a meager income. They used the tool to help them pay off debt, saved their marriage, eliminated stress and rediscovered peaceful sleep. YNAB is available for a free 34-day trial then a small fee per month.

If you need to control your spending but do not have a head for numbers, the YNAB app is for you. The  app lets you enter some basic details about your income and living expenses, then tells you how much you can spend each day and it gives you free budgeting tips.

If you come in under your daily expenditure, you can roll the money over to the next day. If you go over budget, the app warns you and provides options for lowering your spending going forward. It is just like having a budget in your pocket.

Best For:

  • Paying off debts
  • Achieving long-term financial goals
  • Budgeting-only

Special Features:

  • Bank Syncing: Connect all of your accounts and cards to increase awareness of your monthly spending and expenses.
  • On the Go: It is simple and easy to access real-time info from any devices, and you can also share finances with a partner.
  • Debt Paydown: Sure, life can become uncomfortable with limited food, electricity, and shelter, However being debt-free without financial obligations such as loan payments is fantastically freeing. After all paying down debt is the first step to financial freedom. This means better credit score for loans, credit cards, low car insurance rates and for potential landlords. Your savings will also increase from not paying interest fees and debt payments. YNAB offers tools and will help teach financial literacy. In addition, find other car title loan help.
  • Free Goal Tracking: Whether if your goal is to repair your home, go back to school, or a dream trip to Hawaii, budgeting becomes irresistible and motivating with goals. YNAB offers five different goal-tracking features, three for spending categories and two for Credit Card Payments.
  • Personal Support: YNAB offers unlimited support with help from the community, weekly newsletter, podcasts, weekly videos and help-docs for technical questions.





PocketGuard App

A free money, bill planner and budgeting app that sync all of your accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings and investments in one place. The free app lets you know where you stand and how much money you can safely spend once your bills and expenses are paid. Pocketguard is free to all users, with a minimal monthly and yearly cost for the paid version. In addition, there are other investment apps for low income families.

Best For:

  • The app's ability to track how much money is available for discretionary spending on “wants” is a key feature that sets it apart.
  • Those looking to lower their bills
  • Net worth tracking
  • Planning future expenses
  • Automatic spending limits (which is great for low income families)
  • Bill tracking and recurring subscriptions
  • Income tracking

Special Features:

  • Recurring Income: Pocketguard will automatically calculate your regular income. For most people, this may include paycheck, pension, self-employment earnings, side gig jobs, rental income and/or alimony.
  • Bills Tracking: Setting up recurring bills on PocketGuard will carve out funds from your income every month to ensure your bills are covered before spending money on non-essentials purchases. Bill payments may include, utility bills, cell phone bills, mortgage/rent, credit card & loan payments, insurance and membership/subscription fees (gym, Netflix, etc.).
  • Set Spending Limits: Pocketguard allows you to set a spending limit if you would like to cut back on a specific kind of expense such as shopping and eating out.
  • Savings Goal: Creating a savings goal on PocketGuard is simple and it starts every month.
  • PocketGuard Plus (paid version feature) Adding customized categories: Pocketguard paid version allows members to add additional and customized categories such as charity donations, parking, gas, pets and hobbies expenses. Emojis are also available with icons to match your category.
  • Cash transactions: With Pocketguard plus, you can manually add and adjust cash spending, ATM withdrawals and the ability to edit and delete transactions.
  • Cash Bills:  This feature is useful if you pay your bills and rent in cash.Bill pay and budgeting apps

Albert App

A financial service with a team of human experts that provides guidance and answers questions. The app, on Apple iPhone and Samsung as well as computers, is technology based company tries to resolve the most complex financial questions. As a result of this, the Albert app offers a more human touch to budgeting and financial advice.

This app works by using algorithms to analyze your income, expenses and it automatically set aside money for savings or investments, including for a retirement account. The first month of using Albert is free then a few dollars per month for operational costs. Its Genius feature offers text-based financial advice from experts.

Best For:

  • People with financial questions.
  • Albert evaluates your income, tracks your monthly bills and spending habits to suggest a personalized budget.
  • Motivation to save
  • Auto-saving
  • Bill Lowering
  • Overview & Budgeting
  • Text Messages

Special Features:

  • Genius Team:  Albert has a team of financial experts that can help with all of your financial needs, such as paying off debt, improving score, building wealth, setting up insurance and/ or investment accounts.
  • Intelligent spending alerts: You will receive text messages if you are over your budget or overpaying for a service. In addition to that, you will also receive suggestions on lowering your bills.
  • Smart Savings: Create a savings goal on Albert then earn 1.00% annual bonus of free money.
  • Automated bill tracking: Using AI, the app helps people plan and track their monthly income, expenses, and bills while highlighting potential savings.

TPG To Go - Wallaby App

If you have a wallet full of reward and cash-back credit cards, this is the free app for you. Wallaby keeps track of all your cards and lets you know which one will give you the most bang for your spending buck, including cash back rewards. For example, it will help you determine which credit card gives the most cash back on a purchase or reward points for say traveling. It helps with tracking travel expenses, budgeting as well as cash back payment management.

As another example, if you need to fill up your tank, Wallaby can tell you which credit card or payment app (such as Paypal, Venmo, etc.) provides the highest percentage of cash back. When you eat out, Wallaby lets you know which card provides the biggest bonus and the highest cash reward. This free app is a must for savvy credit card users who want to use their cards most efficiently and budgeting their money.







GoodBudget App

A free home budget tracker app that is available on the web, iOS (apple) and Android app. GoodBudget is a software based on 'enveloping method', which means you can digitally set aside money for groceries, rent, eating out, date nights etc.  Goodbudget free version comes with 10 regular envelops on two devices and the paid version is $6 per month or $50 per year for unlimited envelops, accounts, up to five accounts and email support.

Best For:

  • Growing Family
  • Sharing household expense
  • Couples
  • Single moms or dads

Special Features:

  • Budget planner to track bills: Plan and save in advance for big expenses such as family vacations, a new car or home. The GoodBudget planner makes it easy and organize to save money and keeping track of expenses, which is critical for families living check to check..
  • Budget Sharing: Sync your expense sheet your spouse and/or other family members to split household expenses.
  • Envelop Budgeting System: This feature makes it easy for families/couples to compartmentalize daily, monthly and yearly expenses and allows you to spend money within your budget.

Debt Payoff Tracker

Debt Tracker is one of the top-rated personal finance apps for iOS and Android and it has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. It offers a free, easy way to track your bills or debt and get ahead of it before it gets out of hand. Track car payment loans, credit cards, medical bills, even personal loans and/or debts with this free applications.

The app connects to your bank account and desktop or laptop computer to show you how much you have paid, what categories of debt you have, when payments are due, where the money is going, and what interest rates are on your various loans. Debt Tracker automates the process.

Every push notification from Debt Tracker Pro tells you how much time until your next payment is due so that you know when to make a big purchase or save up for a big trip. It also offers budgeting tools so that you can figure out how much money you'll need in retirement, as well as financial wellness checklists with tips.

Saved Plus App

Saving is hard, but the free Saved Plus app makes saving money each month automatic. When you use your checking account to make a purchase, the Saved Plus app automatically moves a percentage of that purchase to your savings account. You do not have to do anything extra - the app takes care of everything for you. How about the form of assistance for budgeting your money!

You can set the percentage to save  from 5-20%, and you can change it whenever you want. In no time at all, you will have boosted your savings account and put your money on automatic.





The bottom line on budgeting and bill paying apps

Saving money, tracking bills and budgeting is not always easy, but modern technology can certainly make it less painful. From finding free coupon codes and boosting credit card rewards to beefing up your emergency funds and helping you budget, these free smartphone apps can make shopping, spending, budgeting and saving a lot easier.


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