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Emergency cash assistance that may be near you.

There are a number of government programs, non-profits and charities that provide emergency cash assistance near you. Most of the funds will be provided the same day the application is processed. There will be money to help pay utility bills to keep the electricity or heat on, emergency cash to fix a car, pay the rent or housing and more. Find how to get emergency cash assistance in your community.

In addition to government or charity programs, there are also organizations that provide loans. Low-income families, people with bad credit, the homeless and those facing an unexpected financial hardship (among others) will be able to get emergency cash today for their bills, transportation, housing, and other basic needs.

Federal government emergency cash assistance programs near you

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF benefits, are available near you. Note the name can be different in each state, as while the program is funded by the federal government each state sets their own terms and conditions.

  • TANF (or your state equivalent) provides emergency, but short term cash assistance to low-income families with children, including single mom or dad run homes. The program aims to help families achieve self-sufficiency by providing them with temporary financial assistance for bills, including groceries, rent, moving costs, utilities and more. There is also help for job training, clothes, and other support services. Find TANF benefit applications near you.

Emergency SNAP (food stamps) are a form of cash assistance / vouchers and available in each state. The state and federal funded benefit helps low-income families, unemployed people as well as the homeless or those with no money purchase nutritious food and groceries. An EBT card can buy food near that includes canned fruits and vegetables, pasta, cereal, and other non-perishable items or even fresh produce.

  • Formerly known as food stamps, emergency SNAP near you provides eligible families with a monthly benefit that can be used to purchase groceries and nutritional supplies at participating retailers. The application can be expedited for an emergency, with an EBT card issues with a few days or so. Locate emergency SNAP EBT cards near you.




Housing Choice Vouchers, commonly known as Section 8, can be provided in an emergency. This will help bypass any waiting list near you, in your community. In general, the expedited or priority Section 8 HCV is only for exceptional circumstances. This may include a person who needs a safe home to live in after leaving an abusive situation, certain elderly situations, or a low-income family in a crisis. Locate applications for emergency housing choice vouchers.

The crisis Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), is a federal government benefit program that helps low-income families pay for their home heating, electric and cooling costs. A focus is on disabled people and senior citizens. The LIHEAP program near you provides grant money to help families pay their utility bills, as well as other support services to help them reduce their energy costs. There will also be emergency cash assistance near you that is available from LIHEAP to fix a heating or cooling system or pay for critical home repairs. Get emergency utility help today from LIHEAP crisis.

Emergency rental assistance near you help low-income tenants, families facing eviction, women facing DV and others. This cash assistance programs will often involve charities near you partnering with government agencies, including HUD or states, to distribute funding. The goal is to give immediate financial help today to help families pay their rent and avoid eviction. Get emergency rent assistance in your community.

Single adults can get cash assistance near them well. Several local government programs and non-profits provide funds. The money can be for a singe adult or senior citizens, pregnant teen, a singe person who lost their job or income due to illness and others. Read how to get cash assistance as a single person.

Emergency cash assistance from local charities

There are many local and national charity organizations, or non-profits, that will try to help people in a crisis. The funds will be limited, and they often have various application processes, but money will often be provided to help in a crisis. Or they will give out free stuff, such as clothes, an emergency box of food, gas or motel voucher and more. Find some of the main charity organization to apply at for emergency cash assistance near you.





Community Action Agencies near you are funded by government grants and donations. The non-profits operate in most counties, including most likely in your area. While each community action agency will vary in what is offered, many have applications to emergency cash assistance programs such as LIHEAP for energy, ESG grants for housing, car repairs or job training and more. Locate cash programs from a community action.

Emergency cash or financial assistance from the Salvation Army near you is often available. However, funding will often be even more limited. In general, people with a utility disconnection notice, or that are facing imminent eviction or hunger will get a voucher or cash to help them get back on track. The homeless and single moms with kids often get cash near them as well. But funds are limited and often requirement case management. Find a list of Salvation Army assistance programs in your area.

Other local charities near you will often have cash assistance. This include St. Vincent de Paul, referrals from a United Way, Catholic Charities, local churches or parishes. there are also countless, local one off non-profit organizations. Get help from local charities near you.

Loan organizations and lenders for emergency cash

While generally not the best option, there are places near you to get a loan for emergency cash. They can help people that are waiting on applications to government benefits or a charity, or some loans will also be issued to those with bad credit.

Always look into the interest rates, fees, repayment terms and other variable before taking on an emergency loan. Or shop around for the best deal. Some of the organizations to borrow emergency cash from today, near you, are below.

Pawn shops often provide emergency cash assistance, and many are open 7 days a week. They will require some form of collateral from the applicant, but if the borrower and pawn lender work out a deal emergency cash will be provided in the form of a loan. Get a pawn shop loan in your community.Emergency cash assistance near you

Emergency money from a lender focus on applicants with bad or no credit will be an option. There are many other types of banks, credit unions, online or payday lenders near you and others that provide emergency cash assistance. They can often provide funds today, same day. But these will also be loan with various terms and conditions. More on legit emergency loans for bad credit.

State programs in your area that provide emergency cash

Most state governments provide emergency cash assistance, medical care, food, daycare vouchers and more to very low-income families. This can be a single mom, person living in poverty, the disabled or people who are unemployed. The emergency cash benefit programs are often part of TANF and combine other state resources. Select your state below for local cash assistance programs.



























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota






West Virginia


Conclusion - Emergency cash assistance is often available today

When applying for emergency cash assistance programs near you, the government, charity or even a lender will typically need documentation to verify your income, household size, citizenship, and other eligibility criteria. This may include pay stubs, tax returns, utility bills, copy of a lease agreement and other financial documents.

Also, it's important to note that some sources of emergency cash have limited funding and may have waiting lists or other restrictions. If you are not approved for an assistance program near you, there will often be other financial resources available in your community for emergency cash, such as local charities or non-profit organizations noted above, that can provide additional help.


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