Colorado cash assistance programs.

There are four primary cash assistance programs in Colorado. Some of them, such as Old Age Pension, are very focused on certain groups while others help low income families or those living in poverty. Colorado Works is the state’s version of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and it provides funds to families (including single mothers or fathers) with children. The money can help pay for a wide range of bills, living expenses, housing, and more.

There are two places to apply at for cash assistance in Colorado. One of them is the Department of Human Services, or DHS. Another is online using the Program Eligibility and Application Kit system. Both places will provide calculators to let the applicant know how much financial assistance they will get (with the average payment being right over $300 per month) as well as provide answers to questions on the application process. At the same time the Colorado family applies for cash assistance (whether TANF, old age pensions, or disability) they can apply for other welfare benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps, section 8 rent housing, and more.

Details of cash programs in Colorado

The main one for the very low income, poor, and families in poverty is Colorado Works. It provides cash assistance on a monthly basis, and tens of thousands of residents receive this form of financial support each month. The program is for everyone ranging from the elderly to disabled, unemployed, immigrants, and others.
The program, also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF, was the old version of the state’s and federal welfare program. It not only provides up to a few hundred dollars of cash each month to pay for rent, bills, medications, and more, but it also addresses employment and financial matters. As Colorado Works has a component around work or family stabilization, job preparation or training.

To apply, the resident can stop in or call their Department of human services office. Or they can use the PEAK online system. The case manager at the DHS office will go over the process of how to apply for Colorado Works cash assistance, they will calculate the monthly payment, and ensure all application are processed.





As noted, Colorado Works is only for low income families with children. The cash can help with their household expenses including food, housing, cleaning supplies, gasoline, direct housing costs, or anything else while the applicant addresses other long term needs around job retention and employment. It will help the client improve their economic stability over the mid to long term.

There are three other cash assistance programs in Colorado, and each of them is targeted for specific needs. But the applicant to all of these will need to be either low income or moderate income and facing a financial crisis. So, like all government welfare schemes, they serve as a safety net.

People with a disability often are enrolled, or waiting on, SSI or SSDI programs from the social security administration. But Colorado does even more. They operate the Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND), which is a cash option too. Colorado Supplement to SSI. This will give anyone with a physical or mental disability, who otherwise qualifies, additional cash for their bills, medical needs, and transportation. The AND program will only for some an applicant who can’t work. It is also a form of financial assistance while waiting on disability to commence from the federal government.

Another resource provides financial help to senior citizens or anyone in the state over the age of 60. The cash can be used for any expense they have. Many elderly people use it as an additional source of funds to complement their pensions, 401K, or other retirement plans. The cash from the Colorado Old Age Pension is helpful when it comes to pay for co-pay for medications or doctor checkups, food, and other items the elderly need.

The last cash assistance program is Aid to the Blind. The applicant needs to be seeing impaired and/or totally blind. They also can’t be able to work at all and have been on disability for 6 months.

For more information on how to apply for Colorado Works or other cash assistance, stop by a local Department Human Service Office. Or dial 303.866.5700, and the last option is to use PEAK, or the Program Eligibility and Application Kit.



By Jon McNamara

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