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Public assistance in Colorado.

Families can get help from public assistance in Colorado. Several state organizations and programs, including the Colorado Department of Human Services, can help individuals and families in an emergency. Both financial and non-material assistance can be provided to qualified individuals. The options and counties are listed below.

Receive cash assistance and case management from the Colorado Works Program. Support is provided for low income families and children. The Works program is the states version of the federal government created TANF Program, which is one of the nation’s leading public assistance programs. Various services and financial assistance can assist participants. A goal is to be able to get them into position to terminate their dependence on federal and state of Colorado government benefits. Services include cash assistance for basic living expenses and bills, job counseling and preparation. Case managers and social workers will work with clients to develop plans that focus on ensuring that participants are bank in the workforce and earning an income as soon as possible.

The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program offers lower income families financial assistance and cash grants for paying for child care bills. Applicants and people who can receive assistance from this public program need to be either searching for employment, in job training programs, or currently employed. Families that currently receive cash assistance from the Colorado Works Program may also be eligible for public aid. Your local county department of social/human services administers this program and accepts applications. More on free daycare in Colorado.

Colorado Works Benefits and Services. A number of public assistance programs and benefits are provided by this statewide program which is run by the Department of Human Services. They include one or more of the following.

  • The state of Colorado provides family planning services and health care that may not be not available through Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Individual development accounts can help people get their finances back in order.




  • Your town or county may be able to use Colorado Works funds to provide vouchers for state approved job placement and career counseling agencies.
  • Home heating and cooling bills can be paid for by Colorado Works funds.
  • Employers and job seekers can benefit from Colorado employment incentives to participants or employers as determined necessary by your town or county policy.
  • Services for victims of domestic violence may be provided too.
  • The needs of the refugee population can be met through Colorado Works. The public program known as Colorado Refugee Assistance Program (CRSP) utilizes government funds to provide cash and grants.
  • Job training and various employment programs are administered for both the custodial and non-custodial parents that are TANF eligible.
  • Other resources are available too, and find more details on cash assistance programs in Colorado.

Colorado Food Assistance Programs – Many food banks, non-profits, and public programs are run by the Colorado Department of Human Services or they partner with the state agency. The organization wants to focus on good nutrition and health. A number of vouchers and monthly benefits are offered to low-income households, and the funds and cash is used to buy the food needed.

Specifically, some of the resources available include those offered by the Colorado Department of Human Services. Several Food Distribution Programs and other Household Programs manage the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Distribution Programs for home consumption. Colorado Currently administers two of these public assistance programs which are the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) as well as the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP). Learn how to apply for help from local Colorado food pantries.





Health insurance is offered from the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). This is a very low cost health and dental insurance program for Colorado's pregnant women as well as uninsured children. The CHP+ program is public health insurance for low to moderate income children and pregnant women who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but cannot afford to pay for other private health insurance plans.

Tenant rights and laws are addressed by the Community Housing Services Inc. (CHSI). This resource offers information about tenant rights and their legal obligations, and help is offered for state of Colorado and community resources. Services are available across the state. The mission of state run CHSI resources is to provide services, including legal advice, for individuals, which are primarily low-income families and seniors.

The specific program offered is known as the Community Housing Services Inc. Landlord and Tenant Dispute. This program can offer individuals and lower income families information on leases, rental assistance, the legal eviction process, security deposits, harassment, privacy problems, and other aspects of Colorado law and rental programs.

Utility bill help is available from the Low Energy Assistance Program (LEAP). The state of Colorado LEAP program is designed to assist with paying for winter heating costs. Financial assistance can even pay for cooling bills. The application process for a grant usually takes several days. However in a crisis another public assistance program is available to Colorado families, and learn more on the LIHEAP crisis program.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless helps people who have lost their homes to foreclosure, or who have been evicted, and are now homeless. CCH provides childcare, housing, healthcare, support services, rural programs, money for security deposits, and more for homeless families and individuals across Colorado.

Division for Developmental Disabilities is offered by the Department of Human Services. A wide range of qualified non-profits and agencies provides services and public assistance. Many resources are provided by the Division for Developmental Disabilities. The DDD organization coordinates the various programs.





Public Aid from Colorado Cities and Counties

To learn more about these or other public assistance programs and social services, select a county for you below. Or dial the Colorado Department of Human Services at 303-866-5700.

Adams County

Arapahoe County

Boulder County

Denver County

Douglas County

Jefferson County


By Jon McNamara

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