Adams County Colorado public assistance.

A listing of the social services and public assistance programs offered in the Adams County Colorado area below. As you will see from the details below, each resource is focused on a person who meets a certain background, with an emphasis on the low income with children, disabled, and the elderly who live in the greater Adams County region. To learn more, or to apply for help, dial 303.659.2120 to speak to a case manager.

Food and cash assistance programs in Adams County

Low income households and the working poor can apply for monthly food benefits from the state of Colorado and also the federal government. The resource is commonly known as food stamps, and it is intended to supplement the household's nutritional needs for the month and is not intended to provide 100% of the groceries and food that is needed by a qualified family. After successfully applying for assistance, all vouchers and benefits are given to qualified low income households through the Colorado Quest Card, and people can use that debit type card at their local grocery store. Eligibility for public food assistance is based upon the household's total assets, income, shelter costs such as rent, resources, and household size. In addition to getting food and groceries, recipients of food assistance in Adams Colorado will also be referred to the Employment First Program for assistance in job training and other employment needs. Call 303.227.2350

Cash assistance is offered by TANF, which is the federal government Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Call 303.227.2332. This can sometimes be referred to as the federal government public welfare program, and is called Colorado Works in Adams County. Temporary cash assistance and other support is provided by TANF with children under 18 years old. All aid depends on available funds. In addition to receiving cash for basic needs and paying bills, people will access self-sufficiency programs and will need to be working in short order, and stay current with other regulations. Note that relatives who may be taking care of kids, such as a grandparent, may receive TANF cash assistance and grants for children under a financial assistance program called Child Only TANF.





Colorado Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) can help low income customers and seniors in Adams County pay their heating bills. Certain income levels need to be met by applicants that are based on federal government poverty guidelines. Money can even pay for heating unit repairs, or fuel or heating oil if someone has run out. Call 303.227.2378, or find more Colorado energy assistance programs.

Financial assistance can be provided for day care and child care costs. Parents need to be working, in job training, or aggressively seeking employment in order to qualify for the Adams County Child Care Assistance Program. Either unlicensed or licensed child care costs may be subsidized by the public

Of course the government Supplemental Security Income/Colorado Supplement (SSI/CS) can give a cash grant to current Medicaid and SSI recipients. As with all resources, number of household and income guidelines must be met by any applicants.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), also called the USDA Food Commodities, distributes surplus federal government food and groceries to qualified low income residents. Phone 303.286.4191. This can help Adams County Colorado residents in need of immediate emergency food assistance, and it is supported by numerous volunteers. They work in the warehouse as well as main office, and they are always looking for other volunteers too.

Military Family Assistance Program is offered by Family Tree, Inc. in partnership with the Adams County Social Services Department. This assists military families and veterans that are experiencing financial hardship by providing connections to federal government military and community resources and services. This includes connecting military members and their families to education, employment programs, rent and housing, free food, clothing, counseling, and other public and private resources. Also call Family Tree, Inc. in Denver Colorado at 303.412.7855.

Burial and Funeral Assistance is even offered too. A cash grant can be given to pay for cremation, burial, and funeral services to Adams County families. Most recipients of public health care, medical and financial assistance programs and resources qualify for this.





Adams County government medical assistance and care

The greatest number of public resources can deal with medical issues. Those are listed below.

Aid To The Blind is for individuals who are 18 or older. The state program provides a public assistance cash grant to those who do not have health insurance or Medicaid. A similar service is Aid To The Needy Disabled (AND). This is for people who range from 18-59 and who meet disability guidelines. Phone number to dial is 303.227.2348 for information.

Old Age Pension (OAP) is both medical assistance and cash to seniors who are 60 or older. Health care is offered from either Colorado Health and Medical Program or federal government Medicaid.

Family Medicaid is offered for teenagers and kids up to age 19. Some adults may qualify for care as well depending upon the individual and family circumstances. Non-citizens may qualify for emergency medical assistance too. Some specific examples include qualified Individuals, Special Low Income Medicare Beneficiary Program, and Qualified Medicare Beneficiary. All of these Adams Colorado medical bill assistance programs pay for all or part of the Medicare (Part B) premiums for Medicare recipients with limited resources and income.

Adult Medicaid is offered for people over 19, and the government partners with other public assistance grant programs in Colorado and the federal government. Resources provided include Supplemental Security Income/Colorado Supplement, Old Age Pension, as well as Aid to the Needy Disabled. Various forms of medical bill assistance are offered. Call 303.227.2348

Pregnant women and new borns may be able to get help from Baby Care/Kid's Care. This program provides medical assistance and health care for pregnant women. Among other services they may be able to receive family planning during pregnancy and up to 60 days after delivery, prenatal care, and labor and delivery assistance. The newborn will also be able to receive full medical care and benefits for up to age one. This program offers comprehensive hospital and health care, including prescription drugs, well child check-ups, hearing, immunizations, dental, and vision care.




Education and job training

For children, Adams County Head Start will provide high-quality early education for qualified children from low income families in partnership with their families and the community. Social services and aid included can improve the chance of children to be successful in school, help improve the abilities of families to be financially self-sufficient, and can provide a strong foundation for children to grow and develop basic skills and education needed for school. Head Start partners with many local schools and non-profits and an extensive network of public government and private business support agencies.

Adams County job training is provided by Career & Household Opportunities for Income and Community Services (CHOICES). The main objective is to increase the household income of lower income working families in Adams County through resource connection and job training. The government funded CHOICES program provides up to 12 months of free job and education training and resource connection for eligible Adams County participants. Services assist participants with both saving and earning money. Various components are included, including worksite training options as well as individual training arrangements.


By Jon McNamara

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