Adams County Housing Authority rent and mortgage assistance programs.

Find help for a variety of housing needs, including rent, mortgage, utilities, and even security deposits. The Adams County Housing Authority oversees several programs for income qualified families that are facing homelessness. Or if someone doesn't qualify for assistance, then referrals may be offered to other non-profit agencies or maybe federal government resources such as section 8 housing vouchers.

Residents of the county who are at risk of becoming homelessness due to nonpayment of their rent or mortgage have options available to them. They can turn to the General Rent/Mortgage Assistance Program for help. Any funds or grants paid out are limited, focused on stopping evictions or foreclosures and will come with restrictions.

In order to be eligible, the issues causing the delinquency must be out of the clients' control, and all alternative sources of financial assistance must be exhausted first. Eligibility requirements also stipulate that the rent or mortgage program is for residents of Adams County who have lived in a housing unit for a minimum of six months. Additionally, applicants are required to have a current source of income, as well as a budget and a plan that shows they can demonstrate an ability to meet future financial obligations.

Grants may be issued from the Rent Delinquency and Utility Delinquency Programs. In some cases, a client may be provided a loan for paying their housing costs, such as a rent payment. Additionally, program staff members from Adams County Housing Authority also mediate between tenants and landlords or maybe the applicants utility company and provide education on managing money and paying off debt. This is all reinforced by ongoing counseling and case management services.

ACHA's Foreclosure Intervention program is available for homeowners in danger of losing their homes. It is offered for all types of mortgages, including VA, conventional, FHA and sub-prime. In addition to mediation services, the program provides instruction and assistance in regard to money management. Housing counselors also help with budgeting, negotiating skills, and refinancing you current mortgage.

Public Housing is available in Adams County. The Housing Authority manages dozens of low income, one-bedroom apartments at Casa Redonda de Vigil, located in unincorporated Adams County. The program reserves the apartments for adults who are who are 62 years of age or older or disabled.




The county also offers a Rent Subsidy program to certain individuals, which bases their monthly rent payments on 30 percent of adjusted gross monthly income. Tenants sign a regular dwelling lease, with their portion of the rent paid directly to ACHA.

Adams County Housing Authority administers the federal government Housing Choice Vouchers on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's. The program, commonly called Section 8 helps, very low-income families, the elderly, and those with disabilities with obtaining safe, affordable and sanitary housing within the private market.

While there is a waiting list in place, participants can choose from various housing types, including townhouses, single-family homes and low income apartments. Once issued a voucher that is used to pay their rent, clients are made responsible for finding a suitable housing unit, which may even be the client's current residence.

The apartments or rental units must meet minimum standards of health and safety, as determined by ACHA. Any housing subsidies or cash grants are paid directly to the landlord by the Housing Authority on behalf of the participating family. The individual then adds in the amount that represents the difference between the actual rent as charged by the landlord and the amount subsidized by the program.

In order to get financial help, subsidized families need to work toward economic self-sufficiency. After that goal is achieved, and assistance is no longer necessary, the vouchers become available for the next resident of the county.

Clients of ACHA's Housing Counseling Program are paired with HUD certified counselors, who work with them to examine their situations and create action plans for resolving any issues. Additionally, the counselors provide information, referrals and education to help clients with understanding the responsibilities that go along with being a homeowner or tenant.

The Housing Counseling Program also organizes for participants a number of informational workshops on various topics. As an example, the Foreclosure Prevention Workshop provides education in regard to ways to resolve default, Colorado's timeline for foreclosure filings, home disposition strategies, and communicating with banks or lenders.





The Home Ownership Workshop is offered in partnership with Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. It operates as a valuable source of information about various aspects of the home-purchase process. Participants of these free sessions can work with counselors on how to determine whether buying a home is an appropriate option. There are also classes special programs for first-time homebuyers. Attendees can get information on how to find the right realtor and select a lender and the most effective ways to protect your investment.

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program, or FSS, is to help working poor individuals or families break free of all dependency on public assistance programs. This is accomplished through joining with area businesses, welfare agencies, schools and other local partners to work closely with families and develop personalized employment, savings and development plans.

As part of this, financial assistance may be offered from Adams County Housing Authority to help with rent, mortgage payments, and/or utility bills. The homeless may receive a government grant to pay a portion of their deposit. Counseling from a specialist in the ACHA Housing Counseling Department is included for all program participants as well.

The process starts with an interview from specialist. During this session the counselor determines needs, how any default originated and came about, and what barriers may be in place to prevent the household from meeting financial obligations in the future.

Following that session, the counselor from the housing authority works with the clients to prepare an individualized budget. They will also advocate on behalf of the clients with utility companies, landlords, or mortgage lenders. Those who do not meet eligibility requirements for FSS are typically referred to other community agencies.

For more information, the Adams County Housing Authority is located at 7190 Colorado Blvd., 6th Floor, Commerce City, Colorado 80022. Dial 303-227-2075 for information.



By Jon McNamara

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