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Colorado utility and heating bill assistance programs

Information on assistance programs in Colorado that can help with paying utility and heating bills. Numerous agencies, government programs, and services from utility companies can help the low income, elderly, unemployed, and other facing an emergency pay their bills. Learn about how to prevent a disconnection and get assistance for your bills and expenses.

Aquila Cares provides grants to pay for local weatherization efforts and services including weatherstripping, insulation, caulking and other energy-saving actions. Local assistance agencies, such as the Salvation Army and your community action agency, to determine eligibility to the program and these charity organizations also distribute funds.

Atmos Energy – The program known as Sharing the Warmth can help people pay their gas and energy bills. Local community action agencies are the best place to go to or call for more information.

Black Hills Energy - This company serves families in multiple states, including Colorado. They run several financial assistance and conservation programs, and also work closely with non-profits and government resources. Thousands of individuals receive help with heating and utility years every year. Find more details on Black Hills Colorad energy bill assistance.

City of Fountain – The Lighten the Load assistance program can provide energy bill payment assistance that is limited to $150. Applicants can receive aid up to once per year for paying their water, electricity bills or wastewater expenses. The applicant to the program needs to have a disconnect notice. Apply at Pikes Peak Community Action Agency, and they can be reached at 719-471-7870.

City of Longmont runs the COPE assistance program. It offers utility bill payment assistance. If you are interested in this option, you must apply for federal government LEAP first and have a disconnect notice from your utility company. Contact OUR Center, 303-772-1342.




City of Loveland Water and Power Department offers customers the Help a Neighbor in Distress (HAND). The so called HAND project helps qualified low to moderate income applicants avoid a loss of their utility or energy service due to an unpaid City utility bill. Qualified applicants to the program will be provided with a voucher to pay their City utility bill. The HAND program, which is administered by the House of Neighborly Services, is funded by the City of Loveland Water and Power Department and community contributions and donations as well. Call 970-962-2111

Colorado Springs Utilities – The Home Efficiency Assistance Program (HEAP) is a partnership with the Energy Resource Center (ERC). What HEAP does is it provides water and energy efficiency measures as well as conservation education for customers and individuals with limited household incomes. Contact ERC at 719-591-0772 for eligibility criteria and application procedures in order to sign up.

Colorado Springs Utility Company, which can be reached at 448-4800, offers customers the Citizens Option to Provide Energy (COPE). The Project COPE assistance program is currently being funded by donations from citizen-owners and local individuals who work closely with Care & Share Inc. and its network non-profit agencies and organizations to manage the assistance program.

The program itself will administer funds to families and individuals in need of help. To be eligible for Project COPE assistance, there are some criteria including the applicant must be facing an emergency, they need to first apply for the federal government Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) assistance program, have a disconnect notice. The program can provide a cash grant of up to $500 to help with paying bills.





Delta Montrose Electric Association - The Operation Roundup program is created by donations and can help individuals and families with expenses, including energy bills. Dial 970-249-4572

Energy $avings Partnership Program – This is another program that is offered across Colorado and it may be able to provides no cost or free energy efficiency and conservation services to low income-eligible customers, the disabled, and seniors. Services offered as part of the partnership program can include an energy audit, attic, high efficiency lighting surveys , wall, floor and crawlspace insulation, air leakage reduction, appliance safety inspections, forced air efficiency assessment, and other safety inspections. And a host of energy conservation and weatherization programs are also part of the program. Applications for the partnership program are available in English and Spanish. 1-866-432-8435

Energy Outreach Colorado - Runs a Utility and Heating Bill Assistance Program. This program distributes energy assistance dollars year round to Colorado families through almost 80 community-based Salvation Army and Community Action organizations at 90+ sites reaching over 60 Colorado counties. The funds provide emergency fuel and heating bill assistance for Colorado's low-income households facing an energy crisis or possible disconnection of their utilities or heating bills.

Energy Resource Center – ERC this offers low income individuals and families free or low cost home weatherization assistance, furnace services and insulation to low income families. Financial assistance is not provided. They focus on conservation measures. Individuals and customers who are currently receiving LEAP, Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or MEDICAID assistance automatically qualify for ERC services. For more information call 719-591-0772 to learn about the Centers programs.

Fort Collins Utilities – The Payment Assistance Fund is for customers who have a disconnect notice. People who have a shut off notice are eligible for emergency help and/or financial assistance through the Payment Assistance Fund. To apply for help an individual will need to take their shut off notice to the Mission at Catholic Charities Northern, 460 Linden Center Dr., on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. You will need to qualify, there is limited funding, and other criteria apply. You can also get help at most once every 12 months. Dial 970-484-5010to learn more as well.

Heating oil and disconnection prevention in Colorado - In addition to these services and resources for the low income and unemployed, there are programs in place that provide free heating oil and emergency disconnection prevention services. Find general information on getting help with utility bills.





Mountain Parks Electric, Inc. also runs an Operation Roundup program, which is funded by customer donations. Crisis and emergency funds are then distributed to needy families and individuals, as well as even non-profit organizations, through a grant application process. Call 970-887-3378

Low income LIHEAP and weatherization assistance - Government resources available include LEAP as well as free energy conserving measures from weatherization. These programs are focused on helping low income and at risk families both pay and save money on heating bills and other energy costs. Find where to go for LEAP and weatherization in Colorado.

Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. - Round-Up provides grants and funds to needy individuals and families in the local community. Call 800-388-9881 to inquire into the program or to apply for help.

Source Gas - While payment plans may be offered, most of the resources they administer to low income families are federal government or state of Colorado utility assistance programs. Examples include Energy $aving Partners, grants from LIHEAP, Percent of Income Payment Plans (PIPP), and many others. Continue with Source Gas financial assistance programs.

State of Colorado Property Tax, Rent, and Heat Rebate assistance program is operated through the state Department of Revenue. What the program does is it allows tax rebates for home heating bill payments to residents who are at least 65 years old, the disabled, and people who spouse has passed away (surviving spouses at least 58 years old). Qualified applicants can receive a rebate of up to $600 of their property tax and $192 directly or as part of their rent payments. The program is for people who have a very limited income. Call 303-238-3278

Winter gas and heating bills - When the temperature drops, many families (whether low or moderate income) need help paying the increasing costs of their monthly heating bills. There are a few non-profit and government funded resources available in Colorado to those who qualify. Click here heating bill Colorado assistance program information.

Xcel Energy - Examples of some of the programs offered include weatherization, LIHEAP, cash grants, and payment plans. This is one of the largest utility companies in the central and western part of the nation, and they are committed to helping families in Colorado keep their power on during a difficult time. Learn more on assistance from xcel in Colorado.





Yampa Valley Electric – The Caring Consumers assistance program can help families pay their heating and energy bills. The program is funded by customer donations and charity groups. Several other resources are offered for low income customers in Colorado as well. Call 970-871-2231, or get more details on assistance programs from Yampa Valley Electric.


By Jon McNamara

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