Financial assistance for SourceGas energy bills in Colorado.

When having difficulty with paying your utility bills, Source Gas administers programs for customers. Many of them are offered by the company but some of them are provided by the federal government, state of Colorado, or non-profits. The financial aid is intended to help customers prevent a disconnection on their account when they are out of options.

Government and non-profit programs

The main resources available include the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program, which provides cash grants for paying bills. Many households also use weatherization, which is a conservation programs which can help customers save money on their bills. The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) helps needy Source Gas Coloradoans pay their winter heating bills.

Most of the aid from LEAP is for very low income SourceGas customers. The focus is on the elderly, disabled, or families with young children. As a matter of fact, they are often able to apply for financial help first, before other individuals from the state. The federal government sets funding levels, and money is disbursed on a first come and served basis.

Weatherization can save homeowners potentially hundreds of dollars per year on their utility and heating bills. Typical savings may be about 20% of their total costs. The government provided free Weatherization upgrades will reduce energy consumption and lower monthly utility bills. In addition to that, they will increase the overall comfort and safety of the customer’s home. It is for single family, mobile homes, and even multi-family units.

Applications for LEAP are usually processed by a local community action agency, the Colorado Department of Human Services, or your county Department of Social Services. Call any of those locations in order to get more information and to apply. Or dial 303-866-5968.

Energy Outreach Colorado is available across the state. A non-profit organization runs it, and there are several different components. Staff from the agency can also generally provide tips and advice to qualified low to moderate income households. The main number to dial is 303-825-8750.




In addition to that, the Energy Outreach Colorado (which formerly Colorado Energy Assistance Foundation or CEAF) has several financial assistance programs. They can be used in order to low-income and working poor people pay their monthly energy bills.

Resources from SourceGas

The company offers the PIPP, or Percent of Income Payment Plan for qualified low-income Colorado customers. This will set the level of the customer’s monthly utility bill based on a portion of their total household income. In some cases SourceGas will also provide credits on your account which can be applied to any past due balance. People will need to enroll annually in the program.

The PIPP program has a maximum charge the company can collect from customers and is funded by rate payers. As a result the money available from the program to provide credits to qualified customers is limited to the amount of funds collected from the SourceGas rate payers.

The Energy $aving Partners program is also available across Colorado. It is run in partnership with the Energy Assistance Foundation, the Governor's Office and Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) and other agencies. It is a form of conservation. The company, working with its partners, will offer families weatherization type improvements and it is for seniors, the disabled, and physically-challenged.




SourceGas also participates in the Colorado Rebate and Incentives Program. This will provide homeowners with rebates and savings on low-cost energy audits, equipment, and other items that they can use on their homes to save money.

Other options may be available from the company, including payment plans. Call them at 1.800.563.0012 if you are struggling.


By Jon McNamara

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