Excel Energy financial assistance programs in Colorado.

Excel Energy offers low income customers in Colorado a wide range of programs. Weatherization can help people save hundreds of dollars on their utility and heating bills. In addition, grants and financial assistance is offered from LIHEAP and Energy Outreach Colorado, and payment plans and other services are available too. A comprehensive listing of resources are below.

The Excel Energy Qualified Weatherization Program will provide low income customers in Colorado, with a focus on seniors, disabled and families with children, free energy saving enhancements to their home or apartment. If someone applies and is found qualified then all services will be offered at no cost to them.

Weatherization is run in partnership with the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO). This service is for people who are struggling and are faced with paying high energy and heating bills. The resource is targeted at those who need some help in reducing them in the future and saving money. Xcel customers in Colorado may be able to benefit from energy efficiency improvements in their home. Free weatherization services are offered for both gas and electricity customers.

Some of the services offered to Xcel Energy customers in Colorado from weatherization include these that follow. Access repair or replacement of approved inefficient furnaces or heating units. Families may qualify for the installation of compact, energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Receive replacement of inefficient freezers, refrigerators, or appliances. Last, but not least, wall or attic insulation may be offered to help keep homes warm and keep out the cold air and drafts.

As with all Colorado and Excel Energy programs, there are a number of qualifications that need to be met. For example, families who get public assistance from TANF, LEAP, COAP, and SSI will often qualify for weatherization. All applicants need to meet income qualifications set by the government. There is also limited funding, and sometimes a waiting list as well.

Another option available for Excel Energy customers is the Colorado LEAP assistance program. This is a federal government funded and is the state version of the LIHEAP - low income energy bill assistance program. Applications and funding occurs at the county level, and oftentimes local non-profits (like the Salvation Army) can help people apply for aid. It can assist families with paying their winter heating bills, and also natural gas costs. Financial aid from LEAP is available from November 1st through April 30th of each and every year. Customers will also need to still contribute towards paying their bills.





All lower income customers and families should look into LEAP. Thousands of Excel Energy customers in Colorado benefit from it, and interested individuals can dial 1-866-432-8435 to get more information or to apply.

Energy Outreach Colorado is another option. This non-profit can help both seniors and lower income families pay their winter heating bills and other expenses. The Colorado EOC program raises money from local individuals, Excel customers, other utilities, and businesses. All funds are then offered to those who are struggling. Over 100 non-profit agencies and charities all work with Energy Outreach Colorado to administer this resource. Learn more by dialing 1-866-432-8435.

Customer service and payment plans are offered by Xcel Energy in Colorado. When you dial the company, you can be put in touch with a Personal Account Representative. They can explore with you programs and resources to help people address either currently unpaid utility bills, or deal with an expected future hardship.

A representative from the company may be able to create a payment plan, direct you to government aid like LIHEAP, and otherwise guide you through a variety of options. Excel can also provide information on federal and state government and non-profit agencies that offer financial assistance and grants for energy bills. Personal Account Representatives can also provide tips and advice for saving money. This can be in addition to any weatherization services referenced above. Call 1-800-331-5262




Recharge Colorado and Xcel Energy offer free energy saving tips to everyone. These are in addition to those federal government weatherization programs and services referenced above. Get tips and advice, and learn about such services as Sealing Air Leaks, Energy Audits, Furnace Safety Testing, and energy efficient Storm Windows and Doors.

By Jon McNamara

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