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Free appliances.

There are places to get free appliances from, as noted below. Get everything needed for a home, whether a refrigerator, washer or dryer, microwave ovens, freezer, hot water heaters, and more. In general, charities will give out free (often refurnished) appliances to low income families, including the elderly, disabled, veterans, the formerly homeless or women who are leaving domestic violence. The government will also provide grants, vouchers, or financial help to pay for an appliance as well.

Note the charitable and government assistance programs are very limited, come with restrictions and other criteria. However, there are other free appliance programs available to anyone, regardless of their income, as noted below. All sorts of household items are given away to the low-income, seniors, people with no money and others.

  • Get a free washer and dryer or vacuum among other household appliance.
  • Kitchen appliances including a free refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, or freezer.
  • Free heating and cooling equipment, including AC units, space heater or a fan.

Other small a major appliances will be given away for free as well to people or families with no income. Or grant money can pay for some units. Or find other buy, sell trade places or groups near you for free items, including appliances, from online groups, websites, smartphone apps, and others.

Government programs that help pay for or give free appliances

Any type of free government assistance or grant money will be for very low-income families, households living in poverty, people with no money and often the elderly or disabled. A major goal of the public aid or grant is to help pay for, or provide, appliances that help with critical needs, such as heating or cooling systems (HVAC), air conditioner units or box fans, or maybe medical type equipment for low income elderly or senior citizens or the ill. Generally, a free grant or voucher is provided to pay for the items. Or continue to read about free air conditioners from the government.




LIHEAP, or the low-income energy bill assistance program, will pay for new appliances. This government grant programs covers what is needed for heating or cooling a house or apartment. Get free furnace, small appliances like space heaters or air conditioners, fans, or other HVAC units. Depending on the state, LIHEAP may also pay for the emergency repairs to the HVAC systems, in particular during the summer or winter months. Find free LIHEAP grants near you.

Medicaid as well as Medicare can pay for Durable Medical Equipment. Some appliances fall into this category, depending on state laws as each state is a little different. For example, if the senior or disabled person needs a refrigerator or freezer for keeping medications cool, some states may help pay for those colling items. Or chair lifts, food processors, or small appliances like blenders may be free. Learn about free health insurance polices, including government Medicare and Medicaid.

Free appliances may be offered by a government program known as Housing First. There may also be household items can be given to the formerly homeless. This can also include women who need a safe place to live or formerly homeless veterans. In general, the HUD (and sometimes charitable program) helps place people into a permanent home or apartment and it gives financial help. As part of this process, free appliances for the kitchen, HVAC needs, cooking, washing and more may be offered. Get details on Housing First for the homeless.

Get free appliances from charities near you

Charities and churches near you will provide free appliances as well as a number of household items. There are furniture banks, thrift stores (that generally sell stuff but may it give out for free to those in crisis), clothing closets for small household appliances and other options. Almost all appliances from a charity organization are the result of donations from communities, so the items will be refurbished or gently used.

Furniture banks have free refurbished (or sometimes new) appliances. Other household items are available as well. There are hundreds of furniture banks appliance programs for low-income families around the country. Get everything from freezers to ovens, washing machines, blenders, small window air conditioners, dryers and more. A free dryer will also be offered to the low income based on inventory. There may also be kitchen utensils, bedroom sets and more. Locate free furniture for low income families.





The Salvation Army provides free small appliances or furniture, vouchers for household supplies and more. This is in addition to the financial assistance, food, and other resources. Generally, the Salvation Army gives the items to the most vulnerable, such as single moms or dads, the working poor, women fleeing DV to a new home, or elderly. But some others may be given free emergency appliances, such as for cooling their home during the summer. Learn how to get assistance from the Salvation Army.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has a number of low cost, or free thrift stores/furniture banks near you. Whether clothes, or a small or larger appliances (like a dishwasher, AC unit, sewing machine, ovens, free washer and dryer etc.) they give out free items to the needy. The faith based charity-church, often called SVDP, also give foods, clothes, and many other household supplies, as their donations allow. Continue with free items from SVDP.

Catholic Charity free appliance and furniture ministries help the low income. The charity has hundreds of locations across the county. The type of assistance varies by location, however many of them give away free kitchen or household appliances or vouchers to pay for them. This can include a washer and dryer for a single mom, AC unit for a low-income senior, dishwashers and more. Get assistance from Catholic Charities.

Volunteers of America provides free basic needs and stuff, including appliances as donations allow. The disabled, veterans, formerly homeless, ex-prisoners and other vulnerable can get help. Everything from housing to a free appliance for the home or apartment is available. Whether a free refrigerator, dryer or washing machine, microwave or something else, VOA works to help the less fortunate. More on Volunteers of America free items near you.

Low-cost and or cheap appliances are available as well. Of course, there are the thrift stores mentioned above. But other places for low cost, new or used appliances include Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill stores, and others.

Websites and smartphone apps

There are a number of places to look online for free appliances. Sometimes people give away gently used items as they want to help the less fortunate, give back to the community, or reduce “waste” in landfills. In other cases people give away appliances if someone will pick them up. The main websites, apps, and technology tools to use to find free (or very low cost) appliances are as follows.




Freecycle is a worldwide non-profit that operates in most us cities and towns. All sorts of free stuff can be found, including appliances, clothes, outdoor supplies and really everything. The non-profit is run by volunteers who give away used items, including appliances, vs. discarding them into landfills. Get water heaters, dishwashers, microwaves, induction heaters, air conditioners and so much more.

Craigslist is maybe the most well known website for free stuff, including appliances and more. In general, the items need to be picked up from the person who is given the items away. Find clothes, kitchen appliances including refrigerators, food, medical supplies, furniture and so much more. Read more on Craigslist free stuff.

Free appliance  Washer, dryer, and moreOnline marketplaces will often have a free appliance and other stuff section as well. While most of them do sell goods, sometimes the “seller” is willing to just give them away. Look for the free sections on OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace. Get free goods like stoves, appliances, blenders, lamps, computers, dishwashers and so much more.

Nextdoor is another, hyper local website that may have free items, including small or major household appliances. This may be a good option as the website focuses on small actual neighborhoods, so someone may be able to get an appliance, like a washer or dryer or something else, from one of their neighbors.

There are other online marketplaces for buying and selling goods too, and they may be options. While not as common, some give free stuff for homes or apartments, if they do not sell them otherwise. Find online marketplaces for buying-selling or free goods.

There are also apps that focus on giving away free items, including household appliances. They include Listia as well as The Free Stuff App. Both of these are platform, available on both Google Android and the iOS system. It is a community in which people with surplus items give them away, for free. This can include small or major appliances, including kitchen goods or items for cleaning, such as dishwashers, freezers, water heaters or tanks and more.

Another benefit of these is people can not only find free appliances, but they can trade or buy items too. This means if someone is looking for a dishwasher, maybe they can “trade” barter with you for something that you may need, such as say a desk chair or any other items. Facebook also has a Buy-Sell-Trade feature.







Free appliances, coupons, discounts and other items can be found at several other diverse websites, however these do not focus on household items. But they can still assist. Whether appliances, clothing, furniture or computers, food goods or more, there are other places to get stuff for free online.


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