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Saint Vincent de Paul assistance programs near you.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is provides emergency assistance and free items. Find how a SVDP conference near you is committed to providing social services, low cost stuff from a thrift store and financial help, including rental or housing assistance, to the poor and low income. The St. Vincent de Paul parish near you listed below offers free food, clothing, gas, rent assistance, money for utilities, and transportation to people facing economic or emotional crises.

People of all backgrounds and religion will get assistance from Society of Saint Vincent conferences and the unique style in which the charity operates. Volunteers from the parishes visit applicants in their homes to asses their needs, and most of the financial assistance goes to the elderly, people om social security, single moms and working poor.

To learn more about the services they provide and to apply for SVDP assistance, contact the nearest Catholic Church in your town or county and inquire if they have a Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference near you. Even if the church does not have one, they will usually know of a location to turn to for help and the church be able to refer you. As the Vincentians help many families that are living in poverty.

What is provided by SVDP

The exact number and types of assistance will vary by state and location, which are listed below. However after using the phone number to contact a Saint Vincent de Paul's Social Service Office (SSO), and being found qualified for receiving assistance, people usually benefit from one or more of the following.

  • Transportation assistance, including gasoline vouchers, used cars and bus tokens, are provided by St. Vincent. Find how to get cars for free.
  • Housing assistance, which can include rent assistance and foreclosure prevention services or referrals.
  • Utility bill help is arranged by SVDP. Funds can pay electric, natural gas or water bills, and they provide propane vouchers for heating bills.
  • Clothing, free household goods, back to school stuff, appliances, beds and furniture. Many St. Vincents operate clothing and furniture banks. Or find other free items.
  • Free food boxes and groceries or hot meals. Holiday assistance is also offered, including free Christmas help for the low income and Thanksgiving meals, free Easter baskets for children, and other aid such as a free grocery program from SVDP.
  • Emergency prescription medications or vouchers from the Society of Saint Vincent near you.
  • St Vincent de Paul rental assistance programs are offered. Based on funding, a parish will help people facing eviction, the elderly or disabled pay a portion of their rent.




Being a leading charity organization, everything that the local St. Vincent de Paul that may be near you and its partner churches provide is focused on helping those families who are faced with poverty. The organization will support people battling an illness, that family problems, or other financial difficulties. Staff members and volunteers extend financial aid as well as other counseling services.

Most of the clients of the charity are very low-income and homeless families or individuals, and they turn to St. Vincent for financial assistance for paying a bill. Or they get information and referrals while receiving individualized attention from one of the many Vincentians. The volunteers will often visit the home of the applicant to offer personalized support.

St. Vincent De Paul emergency financial assistance near you

Offering social services and emergency financial assistance is one of the primary cornerstones of the SVDP charity. That primary focus still remains and is one of the main social service programs offered today. Emergency assistance from St. Vincent near you can be provided for gas or help the homeless get a motel voucher. Low income families can be given free clothing, household goods, personal hygiene products, a bus ticket, food or they giveaway vouchers for other basic needs. Locate a free voucher near you for low-income people.

  • Many Society of Saint Vincent parishes also operate soup kitchens as well as emergency feeding sites for the hungry. They service hot meals, breakfast, lunches or other hunger prevention programs to the homeless as well as low-income.
  • Cash grants can be provided by St. Vincent for paying utility bills, rent and other expenses. But the funds tend to be more sporadic and limited, so loans may be issued in some instances. Low income, homeless, unemployed and basically anyone can contact them in order to apply for financial help or to inquire into a loan from a church. Your religion is not a factor.

Housing, rent assistance, and Society of Saint Vincent homeless prevention

Saint Vincent De Paul runs a pro-active Homeless Prevention program. It can help low-income families pay back rent, mortgage payments or utility bills among other expenses. The funds from SVDP will be used before someone loses their home or is evicted from their apartment. The charity will work with clients to offer a solution to a housing crisis by offering rent or foreclosure help.





When possible, financial assistance provided is temporary in nature, and the church can provide rental or utility bill assistance. If found to be qualified, St. Vincent’s De Paul will then provide free money for a portion of the utility amount or pay for a portion of one month’s rent due. Sometimes the money can be provided by a local church.

Transportation assistance, including free gasoline and bus tokens from SVDP

If someone needs transportation for a critical reason than Saint Vincent De Paul near you will be able to help. As funding and resources allow, if someone needs a bus token or free gasoline to get to a job interview or appointment, then St Vincent may be able to provide this. Sometimes a local volunteer may drive someone to their interview or doctor appointment too. Funding is very limited, and only certain centers or churches will offer gasoline to the needy. However it is just one more option that may be available for families.

Additional St. Vincent de Paul services

Some of the other social service and assistance programs offered by Society of St. Vincent De Paul include these. The resources will be organized by a local Vincentian or volunteer church near you.

  • Case management – Get help in addressing underlying causes of poverty, and develop a plan to improve your financial situation. Activities can include credit repair, debt reduction, education, and more.
  • Assistance for kids - Vincentians from St. Vincent de Paul may give out toys for Christmas or a birthday party, Easter candy, or free school supplies and backpacks in partnership with Wal-Mart.
  • Veterans – Receive counseling and case management from SVDP. Veterans can also receive the same services and resources that others can get, including emergency financial assistance for bills, food, shelter, gasoline, rent help, and housing.
  • Housing First – Helps people on the verge of eviction, or those who are currently homeless, find emergency shelter as well as short term and permanent housing.




  • Thrift stores - Most Saint Vincent de Paul locations operate them, and they sell gently used goods. Some collect donated vehicles and then give them to low income families. Find a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store near you.
  • Soup kitchens - Volunteers as well as donations allow St. Vincent de Paul to serve free hot meals. There can be sandwiches, dinners, a hot healthy breakfast as well as other meal services.Saint vincent de paul near you

Find a Society of Saint Vincent de Paul near you

Saint Vincent De Paul operates in most counties and states across the nation, and your local church is often the best place to contact for a referral. There is financial help from the SVDP, free material items for low-income families or single adults and more.

In addition to the listing below, click here to find many other local assistance programs, including charities and non-profits. Or locate phone numbers below for a St. Vincent that can offer financial assistance and social services.











District of Columbia - Washington DC























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York














There are other locations of churches and charities that partner with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul near you. Additional volunteers, thrift stores, financial aid, and other resources are available from this list of centers. They also offer food, free hot meals from soup kitchens, and assistance for the elderly. Get the help you need from St. Vincent De Paul.


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