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St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs Lincoln and Lancaster County.

Financial assistance and material goods are provided by the St. Vincent DePaul Society in Lancaster County Nebraska. They operate a Help Line and Outreach Center. Based on needs, everything from emergency financial assistance for bills or housing to hot meals, referrals, food, and anti-poverty programs are run by the SVDP churches in the Lincoln area.

More information on their resources are below. Any assistance is normally arranged from a home visit. But the SVDP conferences focus on hunger prevention; homeless prevention; medical needs; programs for the vulnerable (seniors, disabled, etc.); and the poor. Both financial aid for rent, utilities, transportation as well as free or low cost goods are offered.

Emergency financial help from Lincoln County Saint Vincent

Financial Assistance may help pay the remaining balance on a bill, such as rent, water, energy, or medication. In order to get help from the Society of Saint Vincent in Lincoln County Nebraska, the applicant will need a receipt proving their ability to pay the remaining balance (beyond any grants or loans from the Society). This proof will be required before the agency will make a pledge or pay out any money. Some medical or health care needs may be offered too, whether medical, prescription drugs, gasoline for work, or something else. There is often some money to pay partial bills, if the client contributes as well.

In addition to that, the applicant will need to submit proof of all income and public assistance, a Photo ID’s for all adults that live in the Lincoln County Nebraska region, original Social Security Cards for all household members, and verification of the unpaid bill, lease, or prescription.

Any amount paid out will be minimal. It may only be in the tens of dollars. In addition to the expenses indicated above, other expenses may be considered to be paid, however funding is more limited for them.





This financial aid from Society of Saint Vincent is for one time, emergency expenses. Therefore anyone applying is limited to getting help at most once per year, even if they qualify. The money is also provided only to a third party vendor, such as the landlord or energy company, and never an individual.

The Food Pantry at Lancaster County NE provides bagged goods of free food or groceries to needy families. The distribution normally takes places a couple days per week, and there may be canned groceries, fresh fruit or vegetables, and other goods. Dozens of bags of free food are distributed every month.

Donations are needed. All monies contributed to the center that support the food pantry are raised from individuals, local stores, grants or corporations. There are also plenty of Volunteer Opportunities available. They need help to register recipients, Help sort as well as purchase food, volunteers are needed for stocking pantry shelves at the SCDP conferences, and also to participate in food drives several times per year. There are also Christmas and Thanksgiving services too. Volunteers are needed to provide added support for filling bags during the holidays.

Some special dietary needs can also be met by Saint Vincent in Lincoln. Some clients can be given free stuff such as baby formula or Ensure for the elderly. Or their may be gift certificates or gift cards given out for vitamins, supplements, and other needs. Find free stuff for the poor.

Additional financial resource, volunteer programs, and help may be offered by Society of Saint Vincent volunteers.





  • They can help with home repairs or home modifications, including for disability access, roof repairs, plumbing, lawn work and more.
  • Free rides may be arranged for local doctor appointments in Lincoln or a job interview, or mechanics work with Society of Saint Vincent parishes to help with car repairs.
  • Churches help immigrants, farm workers, and migrants with housing, employment, healthcare, food, and other needs.

Other assistance may be offered based on needs. Clothes, heating oil, and so much more. SVDP in Lincoln is a volunteer driven organization. Donations and more volunteers are always needed by the conferences. Please give back if able.

Guidance from SVDP in Lancaster County

Most calls to the Help Line will require a home visit. This is when the financial help and needs will be assessed. The conference will give assistance as needed and as resources allow. However the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul also gives guidance too.

The staff can direct clients to job training programs, full for full time and gig work. There are also credit and money management classes in Lincoln Nebraska that volunteers can help clients enroll into. The churches also offer USDA programs such as how to shop for healthy meals as well as Unit Pricing.

SVDP also advocates for the poor. The Conferences assist with hunger and homeless prevention needs. There are details on where to go for public assistance benefits including SNAP food stamps public aid or Section 8 housing vouchers. Or cash assistance in Nebraska or low income energy bill assistance programs (LIHEAP).

The point being that the Society of Saint Vincent works to address short term emergency needs as well as long term self-sufficiency. They try to help address short and long term poverty in Lancaster County.

Applying for help from St. Vincent DePaul Society in Lancaster County NE





Multiple churches and conferences are in the city of Lincoln and county. The Outreach Center has an address of 2215 O Street, Lincoln NE 68503. Whether emergency assistance or a box of food, or counseling or guidance, call 402-435-7968 to reach the Help Line. A home visit may be required, and anyone can apply regardless of religion, race, age, or ethnicity.

By Jon McNamara

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