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Portland and Cumberland County Maine St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

St. Vincent de Paul in Portland Maine serves the struggling, low income, homeless, and immigrants among others. The charity and its churches operate a free soup kitchen/feeding site, pass out free food or hot meals, clothing, and basic needs. In some instances, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Cumberland County offers small amounts of financial help, or referrals to it.

Volunteers and donations allow Saint Vincent to operate. They get donated food from stores, restaurants, and corporations among other sources. Charitable donations in Cumberland County as well as partnerships also allow meals and emergency financial aid for bills, rent, or medical to be provided on occasion as well.

Free food, hot meals, and basic needs

Hot meals, advice, and other support is available from the Portland Maine St. Vincent de Paul dining site/soup kitchen. The location is used to address hunger. It can feed the poor, homeless, vulnerable, immigrants and anyone who just needs a place to go. The center and the programs available could not be accomplished without donors (such as restaurants and retail stores) giving their time and money. There are also a number of volunteers who work there.

The charity will often give dozens, if not hundreds of meals per day. In addition to that service, there are also special holiday meals that operate at certain points of the year, namely Thanksgiving Day turkeys and Christmas Day. St. Vincent provides food, advice, and information on Cumberland County Maine social services at the same time as the meal. So attendees can learn about job training and work programs, budgeting, and much more.

A steady increase in grocery prices impacts many people in Cumberland County. With more households struggling financially, they turn to the Portland Maine St. Vincent Food Pantry. The location depends on donors and volunteers. There is support from the Regional Food Bank, individual donors, churches, senior citizens, local churches, businesses, and civic organizations.





In addition to a free hot meal from the dining site, many clients can be given clothes, free personal toiletries, hygiene items, a warm blanket, and more items. Portland Maine St. Vincent donations allow some basic needs to be given out to keep people warm, safe, and address other basic needs.

St. Vincent Cumberland County Maine Family Assessment / Referrals

Anyone that needs help needs to start here. This is where a case manager or Volunteer meets with the applicant to better understand their situation to offer help, if possible. All Society of Saint Vincent assistance programs are available through this process, and the non-profit will also refer applicants to other resources for their needs. Whether it is a local charity, DHS benefit program, or some other service.

The Assessment-Referral is done as a joint effort between the applicant and a case manager. They will determine financial status, the client’s strengths, debt levels, weaknesses, and needs. Some of the assistance programs as well as social services provided include, but are not limited to the following.

There is help Connecting Seniors or care givers to support, Family Development, Energy Conservation programs, food pantries, financial management and debt counseling, low income housing, and much more. Every individual is assessed for their unique needs. Locate other government senior assistance programs.





Apply to Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Portland area

All resources are limited. The biggest focus is on addressing and preventing hunger. This is where the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen in Cumberland County can be most effective. Note any financial aid for bills or rent is very limited and comes and goes. The address is 307 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101. Call either (207) 772-1113 or 207-939-3740.

By Jon McNamara

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