Pinellas County St. Vincent de Paul emergency assistance programs.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in is a non-profit faith based agency with a wide service area that includes the area of Pinellas County as well as city of St. Petersburg. The organization's main goal is to help less fortunate residents and those living in poverty as they work to improve their living conditions and quality of life. They also support the vulnerable, such as senior citizens, single mothers and disabled.

The church and its volunteers will help in many ways, including by offering housing from the Center of Hope as well as Basic Needs from the Day Center. Much of the support is accomplished through providing information on and links to various resources and local or government assistance programs, including those that offer financial assistance, such as section 8 housing or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

The Pinellas County St. Vincent de Paul provides support to homeless adults, single moms, veterans and even adolescents seeking stability. The non-profit offers low cost transitional housing as well as support services that assist homeless people as part of the Center of Hope This is a program that was created in their efforts to help people gain greater stability and independence in life. Or the transitional housing can help people reunite with family members. Clients can gain the following.

  • Individual social services care plan as well as case management.
  • Legal aid is arranged by Society of Saint Vincent for immigrants or women fleeing violence.
  • Relationship counseling if parents or wife/husbands have issues.
  • Daily living skills around budgeting, nutritional support, and more are arranged by the Center of Hope.
  • Job training as well as employment counseling in Pinellas County.
  • Veterans can access information on grants and benefits for their needs.

As part of the transitional housing in Pinellas County, each participant works with program staff members to develop and carry out an individualized case plan. This will help them focus on employment, family relationships, credit repair, financial literacy, nutrition, health, and much more.

There is also an emergency shelter operated here. The staff at Pinellas County St. Vincent de Paul partner with churches as well as the Juvenile Welfare Board and Personal Enrichment through Mental Health Services (PEMHS) on its operation. The families placed there access many of the same services above, such as transportation, job programs, hot meals, and more.





Each Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Pinellas County food pantry operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and no appointments are necessary. This will not only give out free groceries and serve two hot meals each day. It it also brings information on the agency’s other services closer to individuals and families in need. When making use of a food pantry or the 13,500 square foot food center, clients must fill out an intake form that helps the agency determine their needs and address their barriers to self-sufficiency.

Each pantry will provided help based on donations from Pinellas County. In general, the emergency food pantry provides a three-day supply of groceries to needy persons. Clients may access the center at most six times in a 12-month period, although exceptions may be made during times of crisis. St. Vincent de Paul offers this program to help feed individuals, children living in poverty and families who are in desperate need of assistance.

The Thrift Store is a wonderful opportunity for community members residing in Pinellas County to “Re-use and Recycle” their clothing and home items. Clients may “shop” for various available items such as clothing, shoes, bed linens, dishes, cookware, toys, beds, couches, and refrigerators. Some low income families may be given free items from the thrift store, or a voucher for them.

People can donate too. They can drop them off at the Pinellas County St. Vincent de Paul, or in some cases a pick up service will be arranged. By donating to the St. Vincent thrift store, it helps the environment and reduces the amount of trash at area landfills. Re-usable items are place back in circulation to meet the needs of other members of the community who may be struggling to stay afloat.

The location run by the Society of Saint Vincent in St. Petersburg Florida is available to any member of the community. They may access available clothing and household goods at a much reduced cost. This store helps struggling, working poor families maintain financial stability as they may use their hard earned income for paying for shelter, food and transportation instead. Or during a crisis, items are provided at no cost, and locate more details on free stuff for low income families.





Veterans can get emergency housing or rent help from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Pinellas County or partners. The program is known as SSVF, or Supportive Services for Veterans and Families, and it has a number of components to it. The federal government provides ex-service members and income eligible Veteran families with assistance in obtaining VA and other benefits, outreach, case management, and financial aid below.

  • Homeless veterans may be placed into shelter or be given a free motel voucher for use in St. Petersburg.
  • Grants can pay for expenses ranging from security deposits to rent or energy bills.
  • Health and medical care is arranged at hospitals and clinics.
  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers case management, ranging from job placement to education or ESL classes.
  • Debt reduction, credit counseling, and Personal Finance Planning Services are arranged by the church.
  • Child care bills can be paid and other employment related expenses. There are other government programs that offer help paying for child care.

There are private, non-profit organizations in Pinellas County as well as consumer cooperatives who can provide SSVF to to very low-income veterans or the homeless. The main goal is to get them permanent housing and stabilize the situation.

The other resources available include a Day Center as well as information hotline. The Pinellas County St. Vincent de Paul operates the center in which people living in poverty, the homeless, seniors looking to get out of the heat and others can drop in at. Clients can be given hot meals, boxes of food, free bus passes, use of a shower and advice from a volunteer of the church. This is what the CARE center offers.

When it comes to information, clients of Pinellas County St. Vincent de Paul in need of emergency assistance for housing or other needs are referred to the nearest service center. The non-profit as well as partner churches and charities support efforts to assist the homeless and also the low income.




The agency offers an integrated system of services and sometimes financial aid. There is financial help (such as grants or interest free loans) for the homeless and low income. The funds help with utilities, rent, mortgages, and other needs. There is also guidance given from the church to help people make the transition into long-term housing as well as stability.

Staff will help people by providing access to federal government, state of Florida, and local funding for direct service centers. There is also assistance for the at-risk, whether from homelessness or the shut off of power. The Society of Saint Vincent will arrange for the provision of temporary financial assistance and housing relocation and, if and when needed, general stabilization services.

The church based group is located at 84 15th St. North in St. Petersburg, Florida, 33705-2016. Call (727) 823-2516.


By Jon McNamara

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