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Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Sacramento assistance programs.

Families who are most at risk in Sacramento can apply for help from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. The charity organization and its churches are focused on helping those in need. It can provide direct financial assistance, case management, or other guidance and support to Sacramento California families.

The non-profit St. Vincent de Paul is committed to providing various forms of direct assistance to the working poor and low income in the northern part of California. Priority is given to a community's most vulnerable residents, which is normally children from low income families and seniors. The charity will try to help those who live in poverty, lost their jobs, or who are just struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet.

A primary objective is to help people of all backgrounds and religions meet their basic needs and ultimately break the cycle of poverty and gain self-sufficiency. Some short term financial assistance, while limited, may be available for paying expenses such as rent or utilities when an individual has no other options. Or information on vouchers for prescription medications and health care is available. Case managers and volunteers also can provide one-on-one service through home visits and one on one interview sessions.




Volunteers and staff from St. Vincent can go into people's homes to learn the extent of their needs and what exactly they need help with before determining how to assist. The Sacramento Society of St. Vincent de Paul can serve anyone in need, regardless of the applicants gender, race, age, creed or origin.

Some of the most common direct financial assistance programs include the following. This is totally dependent on funding and the applicant being found eligible.

  • Financial assistance - As funding allows, and if found to be qualified, individuals can apply for direct financial assistance for paying expenses such as utilities, rent, transportation, or car repairs. Any cash assistance from St. Vincent is really limited, and comes with restrictions.
  • Clothing is offered. In particular for children for school items, or parents for work. Coats, boots, free shoes, and much more is offered.





  • Food assistance is in high demand in the Sacramento County region. This can include canned goods, perishable items, and surplus government commodities.
  • Household and material goods such as furniture, personal hygiene items, and more is distributed. Some of this can be sold or offered at the thrift store.
  • St. Vincent health and medical needs - This combines vouchers for medications with information on free clinics, pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs from companies such as Sanofi, and other support.

So called Vincentians visit the homes and apartments of those in need. They will assess how to best help the low income and needy. They may arrange for financial aid or other support such as free food, furniture, clothing, or diapers.

If the Society of St. Vincent de Paul can’t meet your needs, they will offer consultation, referral and intervention services. So learn about other local non-profits or charities in Sacramento, public assistance programs, and other resources. They also provide information on health care (including Medi-Cal), as that is often a challenge for the poor as well as elderly in the region.

In some years tens of thousands of families can receive some form of assistance from the charity and its churches. Or if they do not receive direct support, then referrals and linkage to other St. Vincent partners is arranged. After all the Society has an advocacy role for those who are voiceless or defenseless.





Another key program is offering a voice for the poor. The charity organization will speak up, especially for those who have no representation or so called voice. The various councils, including the one in Sacramento, help to create interest and awareness among Vincentians. The organization will strongly encourage members to speak in one unified voice. They will try to extend services to the low income individuals and families in the northern California region.

The main Society of St. Vincent de Paul location, and thrift store, is at 2275 Watt Avenue in Sacramento, California. Call them at (916) 972-1212

By Jon McNamara

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