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Queens St. Vincent assistance programs.

Most of the support from St. Vincent Society in Queens New York is from referrals to local churches or charities that they partner with. The organization tries to help the poor, low income, and families facing poverty in the borough. Immigrants and non-English speakers in Queens can also get help. Volunteers and staff try to help them get the support they need and also address the cause of the hardship.

There are housing programs designed for the very low income and disabled in the Queens area who are chronically homeless or struggling to keep up with their monthly rent payments. The program features long-term case management to help clients find employment, save a portion of their income, access medical care and acquire daily living skills. So the Vincentians take a wide approach to helping families in a crisis.

Many of the shelters and transitional housing programs in the borough are sponsored by the City and DHS as well as the federal government Department of Housing and Urban Development. These centers are expensive to run, So St. Vincent has referrals to them and partners with other organizations.

Providing food and tackling hunger is a focus. During the workweek, free, healthy lunches are available from a number of churches and soup kitchens. Sandwiches and drinks are provided to anyone in need of a meal. A variety of food pantry organizations based in the metropolitan New York area offer these lunches and meal services, and they also operate food banks for needy families. Locate a list of Queens NY free food pantries.

Limited financial assistance is for individuals or families in a crisis. They can turn to the St. Vincent de Paul Society for help with utility bills, funds to prevent an eviction, food, and more. A key focus is on stopping future homelessness in Queens. Cash grants may be available to individuals who are facing imminent disconnection of their utility or heating service. This is part of the greater resources focused on addressing affordable housing needs in Queens.





Anyone seeking help from St. Vincent of Queens New York must satisfy guidelines pertaining to income and other factors. Donations and additional resources, such as the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP), comprise the funds used for any type of utility-bill assistance or other program.

Staff from the charity or volunteers from local churches help formerly homeless families find and furnish housing in Vincentians or surrounding boroughs. Financial assistance with first month rent payments or a deposit, using such programs as from emergency food and shelter, and ongoing year-round support is provided as well. Caseworkers also help clients secure employment and address the cause of the crisis, which also touches upon managing finances and access other services.

Other basic needs can be arranged, often from thrift stores or clothing closets. Children from low income families in Queens can receive discounted school supplies or their parents can get Christmas help for them. Other items may be furniture such as beds, cribs or appliances.

Volunteers will also try to provide residents access to reliable transportation, or maybe a bus or subway pass. Information on this may be available to help qualified clients go to work or job interviews in the city. This service is intended to improve employment opportunities for those from the region so that they can take care of themselves and their family.

While much more limited, Saint Vincent de Paul and local churches have linkage to automotive centers located throughout Queens and other boroughs that may be able to repair and recondition cars for individuals in need. Some mechanics may agree to help people that need a car for work.

Anyone seeking help from this must have a valid need for transportation (such as for an interview). If there is assistance provided for the repairs or maintenance of a car, then they are expected to be able to maintain it following those repairs. Referrals are required to qualify for this service.

Medical screenings from local clinics in are another healthcare resource provided by referrals from St. Vincent de Paul in Vincentians. Services include diabetes screening, blood pressure measurement, physicals, immunizations, and nutritional counseling. Depending on resources and other factors, some patients can get direct aid such as free pharmaceutical vouchers or referrals to specialists. All of this is in an effort to offer basic health care for free to struggling residents.





Some pro-bono attorneys in Queens coordinate a counseling program to provide free or low-cost legal aid to income-eligible clients, and the Vincentians can offer referrals to these. The program includes free or low-cost clinics, which are often held on a weekly basis in the city. Furthermore, volunteer lawyers affiliated with St. Vincent de Paul offer individualized advice and make referrals to other free legal services.

This Saint Vincent Saint Vincent charity groups is part of the greater network in Queens and nearby boroughs. For more information, call (212) 755-8615, and volunteers from the charity or local churches will support the poor and vulnerable to the best of their ability.

By Jon McNamara

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