Help from Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul programs.

People facing a crisis, and that also meet low income limits, can turn to churches that are part of Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul. Basic needs, such as food, clothing, rent and utilities are addressed. There are various restrictions in place. For example, the free food cupboard is only open certain periods of the week, and proof of hardship is needed for any grants that are issued for financial help.

When applying for help, applicants will need supporting documentation of their hardship. They should bring information such as proof of all income and a list of all monthly expenses. ID as well as information on savings, and residency documentation in Monterey County are just a few other examples of what may be needed.

Help with 3-day Rental and Utility Shut-off Notices

Monterey County Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides financial aid for qualified individuals. Since it often comes down to 3 day notices, this can be thought of as a form of emergency assistance for rent or utilities. The funds are a last resort, and applicants need to have applied for other government and private sources first. An interview with a case manager is required in which many of the terms and conditions above will be discussed.

Families facing eviction through a 3-day notice from their landlord or a utility shut-off (whether electric, gas, or heat) may contact the Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul Help Line for referrals.. When they make this call they can talk to a volunteer counselor about limited assistance for those particular bills.

Please leave a message including your name, call back phone number, city of residence, and if possible the dollar amount of rental or utility assistance needed. As noted, all financial aid is limited and conditions are in place. A volunteer will try to respond to the voice mail message within 48 hours. The Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul Help Line is 831-915-0415. Financial assistance is limited both to resources as well as due to residence of Monterey County, CA.





Temporary Housing Services

Note that the Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul is no longer able to assist with temporary hotel lodging. But with that being said, there may be referrals given. The charity has partnered with the local iHelp Shelter Outreach service for very low income/homeless men and women needing. The outreach is focused on given a free warm meal as well as provide the client a safe location to stay overnight at one of many local churches in Monterey County. For someone seeking other accommodations, here is information on free motel or hotel voucher programs.

Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul food pantry or cupboard

The hours are limited. Currently the food cupboard is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-2:30pm. However the days as well as the hours that it is open could change. Therefore it is recommended that any families seeking groceries to check posted schedule for schedule changes and special holiday hours. The food cupboard generally passes out canned goods to families and individuals in need as perishable good space is limited.

Visitors to the Food cupboard visitors can one free bag of groceries at most one time per week. What is provided in the contents of the bag will vary. As an example, the grocery items given out by Saint Vincent de Paul can change depending on the visitor's access to cooking facilities as well as donation levels. Some visitor's to the pantry type site without permanent residence (such as the homeless) may receive a packed lunch instead of a bag of groceries.

As noted, the site depends on contributions from people and businesses in Monterey County. Donations of food cupboard items, groceries, packed lunches or surplus food items are always welcome by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.  Items that are expired, outdated, or spoiled cannot be distributed to needy families, so do not donate those. In addition, another constraint is that storage is limited for perishable goods, such as fruits, vegetables, or meats.




Resources vary by community as well. The cities and towns in Monterey County that have local food banks include Seaside, Marina, Salinas, Monterey, etc. So not every municipality has the same exact resources. Families as well as individuals that are not located in the Pacific Grove township are encouraged to seek out food cupboards in their local township. In addition, many churches operate food cupboards as well. These sites may not be directly associated with Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul. People seeking groceries can also apply for the financial help for rent or utilities which is referenced above.

Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul operates a food cupboard through its St. Angela Chapter, which is one of the partner churches.  The location of the food cupboard is 162 9th Street, Pacific Grove, California, 93950, behind the St. Angela Merici Catholic Church. Or for the 3 day notice for financial aid, the intake number is listed above as well.


By Jon McNamara

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