Albuquerque St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

A leading charity organization in the Bernalillo County and Albuquerque New Mexico area is St. Vincent de Paul. They work with conferences, charities, and volunteers to provide services to the poor, elderly, disabled, and people that are struggling. While unfortunately not every applicant can qualify and resources are limited, the charity works to fulfill the needs of the less fortunate.

The Conference can serve qualified clients that meet income and other conditions that are in place. The agency and its volunteers will offer home visits. When this occurs two volunteers will visit the home. During this process, families can receive consultation, direct financial aid case management and referrals.

While funding levels do vary widely, typical assistance from St. Vincent de Paul pays for groceries, rental expenses, medications and utilities. Through the generosity of churches and other parishioners, your local Bernalillo County church may be able to assist the poor and unemployed within the local parish boundaries. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is the largest Albuquerque Catholic lay organization in New Mexico that serves people in need. The members of the charity come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Assistance may be offered regardless of age groups, religions and economic levels.

The local conference has dozens of members and parishes that meet monthly to determine how best to serve the poor and low income. They will offer home visits to the seniors and home bound. Or they will visit anyone who needs assistance. The local conference also visits Albuquerque nursing homes to provide guidance, support, and companionship.

Holiday assistance is offered as well. The Society of St. Vincent will also collect food and clothing at Thanksgiving and provide it to the needy. They also administer the Christmas wish list for children of low income and struggling clients we have visited during the year. The poor and income qualified may receive a hot meal, a small gift for their children, or other care around the Christmas season.

The charity also has information on local thrift stores. These are open to the general public and may have gently used clothing, school supplies, furniture, and more. All money raised goes to fund financial aid programs. Please donate any surplus goods to a center as well if you can.




Most of the local requests in the Albuquerque region are for Emergency Assistance, and unfortunately that is the hardest request to fulfill as resources are so limited. Income qualified applicants may receive assistance that includes vouchers for food or clothing. For people facing a disconnection or eviction, funds may be offered for paying rent or utility bills. On even rarer occasions, transportation, prescriptions and other basic needs are provided to Albuquerque New Mexico families. Referrals to other resources are included where St. Vincent De Paul cannot provide assistance.

Any type of financial aid will usually come with conditions. This includes applicants will need to attend case management and go through other self-sufficiency. So the St. Vincent de Paul is focused on providing long term solutions and support to those that are struggling.

Social services may be offered to qualified refugees and immigrants in New Mexico as well. The charity can offer assistance to immigrants, including referrals to housing, job placement, and short term aid. The organization will also work with other local groups such as Catholic Charities to ensure that immigrants and new comers are able to access the services they need.

While there are many conferences and churches that are part of the local St. Vincent de Paul organization, the main office is at 12500 Carmel Ave. NE Albuquerque, NM 87122. Call 505 346-1504 for information or additional referrals.



By Jon McNamara

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