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Ingham County St. Vincent assistance programs.

The disadvantaged in Ingham County, if they have a referral from DHS, can call upon St. Vincent de Paul for information. The charity, using state of Michigan government grants as well as donations, works to provide support for a wide range of services. There may be assistance from the church group for rental or utility expenses as well as free food and care for seniors. The faith based agency and its staff work to help the low income in Ingham County .

When it comes to seeking any type of financial assistance, all resources are limited. Clients also need to have a referral from the state of Michigan DHS – Human Services office, otherwise St. Vincet will not review their case. Many of these programs rely on the generosity of the community, whether it is people or churches donating goods such as clothing or holding fund raisers. So while they will try to provide money for certain bills, many residents of Lansing will either need to be turned away or referred to other programs.

The financial aid available may cover some of the expenses below. As noted, this will only be for an emergency only, if the applicant is out of all other options, and meets all of the qualifications in place.

Rental assistance is a one time housing initiative that exists, and is focused on, preventing homelessness. There may be loans for paying rent and other aid, such as placement into shelter or funds for security deposits in Ingham County. All applicants will need to call to apply and to determine eligibility for the program.

Other financial aid may be paid out. The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul knows that a crisis can be caused by many things, and often come on suddenly. It may be a job loss or medical emergency. When a crisis strikes a family that is already struggling, and bills such as heating costs need to be paid, the charity will try to provide help.

  • Utility assistance is for expenses such as heating bills, gas, and electric.
  • Eviction Prevention will not only include the loans indicated above, but there is mediation and advice to tenants so they can learn how to make regular payments on their rent.
  • Single Mothers can get help. There are funds, and needs such as formula, for working single mons that are unable to make ends meet.
  • Medical assistance from Society of Saint Vincent De Paul may be vouchers for medications and basic check ups from local clinics.





In addition to above, local churches that are part of the society will try to families as well as senior citizens in need have access to quality medical care. There is a case manager that helps those who are eligible for Medicaid or the affordable care act apply for assistance. Staff will also have information on local community clinics, or places people can turn to for medical equipment for those suffering from some type of sickness.

Food, clothing, and personal hygiene products may all be provided too. As anyone on a low income or SNAP food stamps know, these items cannot be purchased with public assistance. However, they can be critical to helping families prevent germs and infection, so personal hygiene and healthy food is important.

Society of Saint Vincent De Paul pantries and clothing closets can meet this need. Based on donation levels, there may be soaps or shampoos. Other goods may be free bags of groceries in a crisis, or the home delivery of a meal to an elderly person in Ingham County. So many resources are available.

During the holidays, there are Christmas programs which may have meals for families or gifts for children. Also, the very low income as well as homeless may also be able to benefit from a Thanksgiving meal as well. Society of Saint Vincent De Paul will give families in need something to celebrate by offering assistance for the holidays.

Some of the specifics may be food packages, which are distributed and may have meat, turkeys, toppings, and more. There are also occasional vouchers to local grocery stores available from the churches. Other resources may be holiday clothing for the entire family, including shirts, dresses, suits, and shoes. So many resources are brought to bear.




Also, clients can learn about programs run by the Federal or State of Michigan Government. The staff from Society of Saint Vincent De Paul will refer people to a variety of health and social service agencies and programs. Some of the more common ones are as follows. Apply for Head Start and affordable Child Care, Medicaid, TANF & SNAP Food Stamps, or even medical care from Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

The phone number is (517) 484-4228. Note only a limited number of churches are part of the society.


By Jon McNamara

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