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Cleveland Ohio area Saint Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Low income families in Northeast Ohio can get assistance from the dozens of Society of Saint Vincent de Paul parishes (conferences). The main programs are run by the Cleveland Diocese, but resources are offered across multiple counties. Whether it is free furniture or funds to pay past due utility bills or back rent, or free food or hot meals from Hunger Centers, or clothes or winter attire, the SVDP assists the poor.

Dozens of parishes across the counties of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Ashland, Medina, Wayne, and Summit are supported by the Society. The parishes rely on donations of material goods as well as money to help their clients. Each and every year tens of thousands of individuals tend to get assistance, whether it is housing, free guidance, food, or something else. The resources from the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul are offered regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or other factors.

Emergency assistance for paying bills

As noted, there are dozens of churches, or conferences, that are part of the society, and they are based in all counties including Cuyahoga, Summit, Lake, and others. However the funding is coordinated from the Saint Vincent local diocese in Cleveland, and they disburse funds, collect donations and organize the assistance.

Families from across Cleveland Ohio that sign up for financial aid for bills, rent, water costs or something else need to have a demonstrated need for assistance. They also need to have proof of income, residency, and more. All of the clients are identified and referred to the churches by community and social service agencies, school social workers and even local staff for an appointment/assessment.

Potential clients will be provided with an application that contains a specific registration appointment, as SVDP will often require a volunteer or Vincentian to visit the applicant’s home. By scheduling this in advance, the Society parishes will hope to provide families as well as individuals with efficient service and a decreased waiting time.

The Eligibility Criteria for emergency financial assistance or cash grants to help with bills or security deposits (or a mortgage/rent payment) include the Head of Household must bring Picture ID and proof of residence/address. SVDP applicants must live within designated service area. Then, for each child in the home, the parent should bring proof of birth date and Social Security number or 9 digit ITIN. An assessment may also then take place, and this is also required from Ohio HEAP low income energy bill help.




When qualified, there is homeless prevention in Ohio. This will enable the struggling, low income family to keep their utilities on, whether it is water, heat, or electricity. There may also be some funding to help with primary housing costs, including rent or mortgages. However the Cleveland Ohio Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has limited funds for homeless prevention and rapid rehousing. Unfortunately, only a small number of applications can be fulfilled.

Free necessities from SVDP in Cleveland region

Vincentians from the Society of Saint Vincent parishes collect items from the public. There are donation programs, a thrift store that people donate too, free back to school supply giveaways, charitable drives and other resources. All of the necessities collected from the public are then given, for free, to the needy, poor, and those facing a hardship. Some of what may be given is below.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Food Pantries in the region are set up as well as Hunger Centers. The locations, including soup kitchens, allow qualified clients of the agency to be able to choose only those food or grocery items just as they would in a supermarket. There are different types of items available at pantries, Ozanam Hunger Centers or soup kitchens. There are food items (formula) for babies, nutritional supplements for the elderly, and much more. Or turn to a soup kitchen near you for hot meals.





The team at the SVDP parishes across the Cleveland area know very well that not everyone can get to the centers or pantries. Therefore, in order to assist those people, in addition to the regularly scheduled appointments for families as well as individuals at the Pantry, volunteers (Vincentians) provide home delivery for disabled individuals or the homebound as appropriate.

The locations in counties such as Cuyahoga or Lake is also combined with the agency given out clothes, household goods, paper products, hygiene supplies, laundry detergent, and other items. As when someone is struggling to pay for groceries more likely than not they need help with other basic needs too.

Contact the Cleveland Ohio area Saint Vincent de Paul to find how the free clothing and furniture bank works as well as school supply or laptop drive and how it can assist struggling families. Anyone seeking to use it needs to apply. Bring proof of indemnification for all household members, proof of income, copies of social security cards, and other identification. A worker will need to review this information.

If found to be approved, a client will be able to “shop” there for a few critical items that they need, such as winter jackets, free furniture including beds or couches or tables, chromebook computers and more. This will be an escorted trip from one of the SVDP Vincentians. What will happen is the person can pick out clothes, including boots, winter hats, jackets, gloves, school backpacks or uniforms, free laptops or desktop computers and more.

There are items as well as furniture goods in all sizes as well as for both males and females. Some supplies may be more stylish than others, but it any case the clothing or furniture bank can always help meet a need of a struggling household.

Other basic needs and household necessities may be offered by the Saint Vincent de Paul from parishes (conferences) in counties including Cuyahoga, Ashland, Wayne, Lake, Geauga, Summit, and others. Even laptops for students in school. People, and companies, from across Northeast Ohio donate to the society, and those goods are passed out to the needy and poor.





Applying to Society of Saint Vincent de Paul conferences in Northeast Ohio

As noted, there are dozens of churches (or conferences) that participate. Each has limited resources and relies on volunteers to disburse financial help, food, meals, clothes, and more. But referrals are also given out for services in the area including the counties of Cuyahoga, Summit, Lake, Geauga, Lorain, Ashland, Medina, or Wayne. Call 216-696-6525 x.3150, or the main location is at 1404 East 9th Street 3rd Floor, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.

By Jon McNamara

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