San Francisco Society of St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Some of the services offered to San Francisco County families by St. Vincent de Paul include food, meals, employment services, housing or rental assistance and referrals. The charity organization works to help the low income across San Francisco regain confidence and self-sufficiency.

Financial aid from help desk and social service center

Vincentian Help Desk is a resource offered by St. Vincent de Paul to help low income families and homeless individuals get back on their feet and stabilize their lives. Immediate basic needs can be met as well.

St. Vincent de Paul will provide assistance for critical and emergency type basic needs. This includes items like food or a bag of groceries, clothes, such as a warm coat, clean clothes, or shoes. All services and aid is provided with dignity and respect. When it comes to housing needs, the rentals and homes are very costly in San Francisco County. St. Vincent will give referrals, and find details on rent and security deposit help in San Francisco.

Thousands of needy receive help from this service every year, and a large percentage of those receiving assistance are senior citizens and the elderly. Every month hundreds of emergency food boxes are provided. A number of families have received help in setting up their new homes. Other support provided includes clothes for school or a job interview, as well as back to school items for children. The Help Desk is staffed mostly by volunteers and stocked with donations and contributions from local businesses, individuals, local parishes and churches, and community groups. The address of this center is 1175 Howard Street, San Francisco.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul is associated with the Multi-Service Center, which is the largest homeless shelter in northern California. Hundreds of people use the site every night. Not only does it provide a place to go, but a number of other services are provided at the same time.





This includes food (two meals a day), mental health counseling, a drop-in medical care clinic, and case management. Various support groups operate to help people with various needs. Other resources offered include emergency clothing, a library and computer lab to help people find a job or deal with their financial or personal situation.

Saint Vincent poverty fight assistance programs

Poverty fighting services are provided by the St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco. The charity is a leader in providing case management, stabilization, and other services to the low income, elderly, and those suffering from poverty, homelessness, or domestic violence.

Clients are provided individual assistance, and case managers will help those in need become self-sufficient. The organization will treat all clients with dignity and respect. The Society clothes, feeds, shelters and provides assistance programs to hundreds of people in the San Francisco metro area every day. A key service is also helping families budget.

Vincentian conferences provide men and women with a number of assistance programs. The resource is a key service of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in San Francisco.





Members can make home visits to the homebound, elderly, and individual’s in-need of help. Volunteers and others can deliver boxes of food during the holidays, collect and distribute blankets and food, pick up groceries and medicine for the homebound and provide transportation for the infirm. Some services can even provide furniture for the newly housed, help with paying utility bills, serve meals and do what they can to help the less fortunate in San Francisco.

The charity will offer some short help and a lifeline to those who are qualified, and who need rent assistance, food and clothing, medical aid, or help with addiction or incarceration, employment and shelter. Churches that are part of the society try to meet those needs.

Referrals are always provided. People who live in poverty often have wide-ranging needs, and the SVdP organization serves as a resource referral center. Volunteers and others can help connect people with other financial assistance programs and non-profit organizations. They often have linkages with several agencies and organizations throughout the San Francisco County area for referral.

St. Vincent de Paul Vincentians work on helping San Francisco residents increase their income and gain new skills. This can help increase a resident’s income so they can better afford the high cost of living in the Bay area. To this end, there are various resources. There are even some easy ways to make free money, from gig jobs, technology, and more.

San Francisco locations of Society of St. Vincent de Paul

There are several churches that are part of Saint Vincent de Paul in San Francisco. Each offers their own form of assistance, both emergency or long term. Free food, social service centers, and even small amounts of financial help may be available.




  • Riley Center Domestic Violence Services, 1175 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, (415) 552-2943
  • Ozanam Wellness Center, 1175 Howard Street, San Francisco, California A 94103, call (415) 552-5561
  • Vincentian Help Desk, 1175 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, phone (415) 202-9955
  • 1237 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94109, (415) 977-1270
  • Homeless Shelter - MSC South, 525 5th Street (at Bryant), San Francisco, California 94107, main phone (415) 597-7960


By Jon McNamara

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