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Get assistance paying rent in San Francisco County and City.

Find information on government programs, not for profit agencies, and charities that provide rent help to San Francisco residents. Get phone numbers of who to call for assistance. Counselors from many of these groups can provide information on your options for security deposit help, emergency rental assistance, or free legal aid to stop evictions. Get advice on where you can apply for the correct program.

The demand for assistance is very high, mainly due to the high process of housing in the county. While funding and resources are limited, every agency will do its best to provide emergency rent help to those who need it. If an organization in San Francisco can’t assist then they may have referrals. Or case managers will direct clients to federal government or state of California low income housing programs.

San Francisco Catholic Charities administers a Rental as well as Homeless Assistance Program for the unemployed, low income, and working poor. If you are faced with an upcoming eviction, the resources provided may be able to help families who are at risk of losing their apartment or home.

Social workers try to prevent further homelessness. Emergency eviction prevention funds, money to pay for moving costs, and other forms of counseling and rent assistance are all offered to qualified renters. Telephone number is (415) 972-1301. The address is 180 Howard Street. There is another Catholic Charity homeless prevention program at 990 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. Dial (415) 972-1200.

For people who are already homeless, First Avenues Rental Subsidy Program is a non-profit organization to contact. The First Avenues will help find a new home or apartment, and the agency promotes the rapid re-housing of families residing in San Francisco’s homeless shelters. Some grants may be offered to pay first months rent or a security deposit. Dial (415) 751-9577.

Referrals to state of California and federal government assistance programs can be provided by HELPLINK at 1-800-273-6222. Residents of the region have several other programs available to them, including section 8 housing vouchers, low income public or private housing and more.

Family Service Agency – The main office is at 1010 Gough Street, and they run an Eviction Assistance Program. Staff is available to offer counseling, resources, financial aid, crisis intervention, cash, and homelessness prevention assistance to San Francisco families and individuals to retain their housing. (415) 474-7310 ext. 318




The AIDS Emergency Fund is for San Francisco city (or country) residents with HIV, AIDs, or their immediate family members that are impacted by it. Grants can help them pay their rent or utilities. There is also medical care, transportation, shelters, and other services (including housing). The address is 12 Grace Street
San Francisco, CA 94103. People with HIV or AIDS that need emergency financial help (including for rent( can dial (415) 558-6999.

The San Francisco office of American Legion Department of California offers emergency financial aid, with a focus on veterans. Part of their funds or loans can go to pay rent or security deposits. Or their is mortgage help or money for storage or moving expenses. The goal for the rent help is to stop evictions from expensive San Fran apartments. The local office phone number is (415) 431-2400. The address for applications is 401 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102

Salvation Army centers in San Francisco offer financial aid, free furniture, rent help, case management and more. There are locations in the city as well as county. In addition to emergency rental assistance, there are free motel vouchers, food, deposit or first months rent help and more. The unemployed, single mothers, working poor and others can get help. One office is at 1450 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94133, (call (415) 781-7360) but there are other sites. More on San Francisco Salvation army rent help.

Homeless Services Center is a local charity. They assist the homeless, including men, women, youth, and immigrants or non-English speakers. Get clothes, case management, motel room vouchers, and information on future security deposit or first months rent help (when financially stable). Continue with Homeless Services Center assistance programs San Francisco.

San Francisco Housing Authority supports the city and the county. Among other programs, they administer section 8 HUD vouchers. They also manage low income apartments, offer rent subsidized homes, any emergency government grant programs for utilities or paying rental costs and more. There is also public housing units as well as emergency section 8 for veterans, the disabled and elderly. Address is ​1815 Egbert Ave, San Francisco, California 94124. Call (415) 715-3280





The Hamilton Family Center (phone number (415) 409-2100) or dial ((415) 292-9930) can give free food, shelter, rent assistance, housing and guidance. They serve more than 250 San Francisco families daily. They run shelters and transitional housing too. Learn more on Hamilton Center assistance programs in San Francisco.

Housing and rent counseling services are offered by Compass Family Services. The so called Compass Connecting Point housing assistance program connects people under threat of eviction with a counselor to help access the best resources to help families find stability. If you have received an eviction notice call Compass Connecting Point at 1-888-811-7233.

Seniors, the disabled, or those families in SOS may call on Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. They offer financial aid and rental assistance if the applicat is close to an eviction. The address is 330 Ellis St. San Francisco, CA 94102. Call (415) 674-6000 for details on rent or security deposit help, shelter, or other short term aid.

A zero percent interest loan or grant to pay rent may be offered by RADCO, which is part of the Eviction Defense Collaborative (EDC). Financial help may be available for all singles and families in the city of San Francisco. Call 947-0797 to apply for help or to get more information. The money may be used to pay back rent as well.

First Avenues - The Rental Assistance / Subsidy Program offers medium to long term rent assistance. While there are many factors used to determine the exact amount of financial aid that will be disbursed, and individuals of course need to apply, in general qualified applicants may get 12-18 months of rent help. This will depend on available resources and the exact program they qualify for. (415) 751-9577

Mayor's Office of Housing in Coordination with the Human Services Agency runs the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP), which can provide money to pay back rent and stop evictions. Call (415) 557-6449. Or for more information, find eviction and rehousing programs in San Francisco.

Homeless Prenatal Program has created a Housing Assistance Program. It may be able to support homeless families with minor children in San Francisco. Case managers can help clients locate low cost, safe, affordable housing in the region. They will also adequately prepare them to move in through offering credit repair services, budget planning, preparing a housing resume, meeting with landlords, and credit checks. (415) 546-6756

YMCA of South San Fran is at 1486 Huntington Ave, South San Francisco, California 94080. Get referrals, emergency rent help, drug or alcohol abuse services, transitional housing, and other support. Phone number is (650) 276-4101.

Parkpoint San Francisco at Plaza Adelante – Offers eviction prevention services, housing support, and government benefit enrollment assistance, such as with section 8 housing vouchers. 2301 Mission Street, Plaza Adelante.





Swords to Plowshares is a group of local non-profits and charities. They may have one-time emergency rental or security deposit help, funds for a mortgage, or loans for both tenants and homeowners. The rental support is part of the Season of Sharing Critical Family Needs program. Telephone - 415-252-4788.

Eviction Assistance Service and Education Project can help those facing homelessness. Social services, referrals to rent programs, and other housing support is available. Partners include the San Francisco Economic Opportunity Council (EOC). 415-701-1100.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic offers housing assistance for the disabled, people with mental illness, or other concerns. Find affordable, low income apartments or homes, and get help with maintaining them through rental subsidies. Call 415-885-3286.


Tenderloin Housing Clinic - This nonprofit provides landlord-tenant information, a modified payment program for rent, eviction prevention, job search services, counseling and case management and SRO housing. (415) 771-2427


Community Legal Services provides San Francisco County residents with free legal aid and access to attorneys. Seniors and low income residents can get legal help with rent, housing, and deposit issues with landlords. Dial 650-326-6440 for details.

San Francisco Housing Authority provides support. They take applications for section 8 housing, operate managed and leasable homes or apartment, help with budgeting, and other support. The office is at 1815 Egbert Avenue, San Francisco, California 94124. The non-profit also maintains waiting lists for section 8 rent subsidized homes as well as offers Self-Sufficiency. Dial (415) 715-5200.

Community Action of San Francisco, which is the Economic Opportunity Council, assists the low income as well as residents living in poverty. Families or single people can learn about ESG grants to pay rent, low cost or affordable housing, LIHEAP, home buying programs, loans, and employment. As emergency rental assistance is only one part of homeless prevention. It needs to be combined with legal aid, employment, and ongoing support. More details on financial help from San Francisco Economic Opportunity Council.

The disabled or San Francisco families with kids (including single mom) can apply at St. Anthony's Social Work Center. Assistance includes loans, rent or deposit help, transitional housing and other support. Address - 121 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102, (415) 592-2855.

Tenants Together gives free advice and counseling to renters or homeowners. They help immigrants, Asians, minorities, and those who may face housing discrimination. Referrals are given to legal aid and rental programs too. Phone (415) 495-8100.

La Raza Community Resource Center – Assists low income families, with a focus on Spanish speakers. Apply for rental assistance, government benefits, grants for housing needs, and other support. Valencia St, San Francisco, California 94103, (415) 863-0764.

AIDS Housing Alliance of San Francisco may have hotel vouchers for homeless clients, back rent payment assistance, funds for security deposits or first month’s rent, application assistance, and information on low income apartments. Dial 415-552-3242.







Tenderloin Housing Clinic will help people with a short term crisis that are otherwise stable. Emergency rent help, outreach, budgeting and other support is offered. Address is 472 Turk St. If the family or individual is about to lose their home and needs to move, then security deposit or moving assistance may be arranged. They cover San Francisco, California, and call (415) 771-2427.

Others places to call in San Francisco for rent help include Family Service Agency ((415) 474-7310), Canon Kip (487-3786), St. Anthony's Church (415)241-2655, and Swords to Plowshares (415)252-4788. A combination of referrals to grant programs for paying rent, short term housing, and other solutions may be offered.

By Jon McNamara


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