Hamilton Families rent and housing programs.

Families that are facing eviction in San Francisco, or the homeless, may be able to get assistance from the Hamilton Families. They are a one of the leading organizations in San Francisco as well as the Bay Area, and provide everything from shelter to homeless prevention programs in the region. They work with clients in order to prevent an eviction, such as by offering emergency rent help or mediation services. Permanent, low income apartments and housing solutions are also available. Hamilton Families also supports homeless children in the city.

The homeless in San Francisco that qualify for support may be able to receive assistance in locating a new apartment or home to live in. The resources, known as Hamilton Housing Solutions, offers many forms of support. There may be paying for a security deposit, move in costs, legal aid, or they can get help on locating, low income permanent housing. Other resources are administered too.

After families are placed to live in safe and affordable, permanent living, case managers will continue to partner with the client on maintaining their new home or apartment. This may include rental subsidies too. So ongoing support is available to break the cycle of eviction and homelessness. The total length of the support may be as long as 18 months.

Cash grants can be available to pay for a security deposit or first month's rent as part of Housing First. This will also help in offsetting move in costs. This, like all resources from the Hamilton Families, is also very limited. Therefore in some cases a loan for these expenses may be issued by First Avenues. Call (415) 614-9060 for details on this program.

Rental assistance or subsides may be available. This can even pay for up to 18 years worth of rent in some limited cases and is combined with case management and more. Enrollment periods or funding levels will vary.

For those facing imminent eviction, an emergency grant may be available to pay a portion of any back rent due. This financial aid from the non-profit can help single adults living in SROs, families with children or those who live in Permanent Supportive Housing Apartment. It is targeted at residents of San Francisco facing a short term reduction or loss of income. Self-sufficiency workshops and resources will also be issued at the same time as the cash grant. (415) 614-9060.





An emergency shelter is operated by Hamilton Families in the Tenderloin as well. In fact, it is the only family unit in the city of San Francisco. There are both beds for short and more medium term stay, free meals, crisis counseling, basic medical checkups, and other safety net programs. Up to 50 individuals are supported each nights, and are also given 3 meals, referrals, and more. The service will link guests to employment and job placement programs as well.

Similar to above is the family residence units. This can be used for up to 6 months and also offer assistance such as for employment needs, credit repair, and life-skills training. Very limited amounts of financial assistance may be available for guests of the unit. Or enroll into workshops for activities such as budgeting, practice job interview sessions and debt reduction.

The city of San Francisco and Hamilton Family offer transitional housing programs as well. A couple dozen needy, at risk families can be offered social support services and other help. This will in effect give them time to get back on their feet and address any long term barriers that they are faced with. The goal is to end chronic homelessness of these families. Receive support with budgeting, parenting skills, and other life classes. This is all done while preparing for housing and economic stability.

Long Term, Permanent Supportive Housing from Hamilton Families offers clients with intensive case management among other things. This is also part of Hamilton Housing Solutions, and the ongoing help is given for as long as 1.5 years to those who qualify. These services are for seniors, single adults, families, and children. It is mostly for residents that are dealing with some form of disability.

As part of this, the non-profit will offer rapid rehousing. Ongoing guidance is available too, as well as eviction prevention from First Avenues. This is also focused on ending the cycle of homelessness for those with a disability or mental health issue.




These services are operated from a few different sites across the city and county. They include the following.

  • Hamilton Families, 1631 Hayes Street, San Francisco, California 94117, dial (415) 409-2100
  • The Dudley Apartments, Permanent Supportive Housing Services, location is 172 6th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, phone (415) 861-8645
  • Hamilton Emergency Center and Family Residences is located at 260 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, California 94102, phone (415) 292-9930
  • First Avenues and the Housing Solutions for Families office is at 255 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. Telephone number is (415) 614-9060
  • Hamilton Family Transitional Housing Program, 1631 Hayes Street, San Francisco, California 94117, call (415) 409-2100

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