Camden County St. Vincent assistance programs.

Regardless of your religion, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and its local churches may be able to provide help. The staff and its volunteers work to alleviate needs of the low income and poor. They focus on addressing the situations that cause someone to face a hardship or fall into poverty. Some examples of the resources provided include a free food bank, clothing assistance, Christmas toys for children, Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets, and limited, emergency financial aid. Some of these resources are only offered as a last resort.

However, St. Vincent relies on the generosity and contributions from people in the Camden County region. They achieve their goals only with your help and support. They always need monetary contributions, donated food and clothing, or people just to volunteer their time. Your donations will be put to good use and will be focused on helping the low income, unemployed, and those that are struggling.

The Thrift Store is open to the general public. People can shop there for gently used goods. Some families, in particular those faced with a voucher or some form of hardship/crisis, may receive free items such or vouchers.

The on site children’s room may have shoes, belts, winter coats, or school supplies. It will always have good buys since children grow so quickly. Some educational material may be offered too. For example, if you need a new movie to watch or book to read, these may be offered in the bookroom. Other items available in Camden New Jersey can include house wares, appliances, glassware, DVDs, winter coats, hats  and other items. Toys or gifts for Christmas may also be obtained. All money raised from the store in selling goods is used to pay for the various financial assistance programs that the charity runs.

Basic needs may be provided by Society of Saint Vincent in an effort to serve those in need in the community. The charity may provide them with free food and clothing. Some funds may be able to help the working poor or low income pay their utility bills and avoid eviction. The organization will oversee person - to - person meetings from home or office visits. They will determine how to best help people and residents facing a crisis. Staff can also refer people to social services, churches and community action agencies.




Case management is offered. In order to help clients allocate resources properly and develop a systematic approach to improving their finances, volunteers and specialists from the agency counsel families that are dealing with budgeting issues.

Financial aid is limited but may be provided. Funds may be offered for perhaps paying your rent or mortgage payments, medical costs, or utility and heating bills. Vouchers for prescription medications may be provided too. Free food and groceries may be offered from the St. Vincent Food Pantry or local churches. Other basic needs in Camden County include clothing and other household items from the thrift store (see above).

All services and advice is provided confidentiality. Staff will work with the client to determine how they can best help those who need it. They also will protect the identity and dignity of those they serve. St. Vincent will also provide hope for people of all faiths. The charity will assist and support families as they regain their self - sufficiency, and support the poor and jobless.

The Food Pantry also gets donations from local businesses. For example, some restaurants or stores may provide hot dogs, cheese, eggs, and chickens. A local bagel shop provides day old muffins, bagels and even items such as muffins. They also receive other food and grocery items from a number of other local Camden County businesses.

A few local Society of Saint Vincent churches and charities in Camden County are as follows.

  • 112 Lees Ave, Collingswood, New Jersey. Call (856) 858-1444
  • 8 Green Ave, Woodbury, NJ, dial (856) 848-7744
  • 200 Coles Rd, Blackwood, (856) 232-5558



By Jon McNamara

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