Society of Saint Vincent de Paul assistance programs Pasco County.

The vulnerable that are threatened with a one time crisis are often the clients of St. Vincent de Paul churches in Pasco County. They focus their assistance on those people that have explored every other option as well as state of Florida or federal government program. Whether it is a free box of food or a few dollars to pay some of the rent, utilities, medical or other bills, the Society tries to assist.

When an applicant is a senior citizen, disabled, single mothers, veteran, or another vulnerable group, they are often given priority by the Society of Saint Vincent. The assistance is provided as a last resort. This means that someone that has used up all of their food stamps may be given an emergency box of groceries. Or those that are out of grant money from LIHEAP can be given funds for paying utility bills. Another example may be referrals to mechanics for car repairs if an applicant needs transportation for the first day of a new job. Therefore each application for help is assessed on a one-off basis.

Emergency social services and financial aid programs

In partnership with the client, and provided they also pay some money for their bills as a contribution, there may be some one time help from Pasco County St. Vincent de Paul. The types of expenses paid, in order of priority, are as follows. Many of the resources, whether financial or not, as well as operating costs are paid for by the sale of goods from the Thrift Store.

  • Shelter costs – This will be rent, mortgages, and other costs to stop homelessness.
  • Food – Basic, inexpensive groceries can be covered.
  • Utilities – Water, heat during the winter or air conditioning (if applicable) during the summer.
  • Medical – Referrals to patient assistance programs or clinics.
  • Mobile clinics - The society offers basic medical care in partnership with volunteer doctors or dentists. Or find free community clinics for the uninsured.

Those are some of the priorities. See the pattern of the basic staples of life. Food, shelter, medical are the core basic needs. After that come expenses associated with employment and fiscal stability. So, there may be money available for work clothing, gasoline vouchers, or bus passes.





In addition to that, there may be some core supplies may be available using the Pasco County St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. Maybe instead of money, the client is given a used laptop computer for their work. Or maybe a desk for their home business. Or there are free furniture vouchers for items as well. Addressing employment matters of the client is also a priority. Volunteers as well as donations are used by this thrift store.

Outreach is available for the homeless, and staff from Pasco County Society of Saint Vincent de Paul locate people living in parks, in cars, under bridges, and other locations where they can find refuge. Once a situation has been identified, then the agency provides assistance.

First they meet with the person to see if they are open to using a shelter (when not full). If that is not an option, then Society of Saint Vincent de Paul will offer information on hot meal services through local or regional soup kitchens, the team will deliver food bags, give a sleeping bag or clothing, and address hygiene needs. When needed, the homeless person can also be directed to health, physical and substance abuse counseling.





Applying for Society of St. Vincent de Paul resources

There are several churches that are part of the faith based charity. Volunteers work with applicants, and often visit them in their home or place of residence. Some of the places to try include the following. Note financial resources are always very limited.

Dial the regional St. Vincent at 352-686-9897. Or try the Our Lady of the Rosemary Catholic Church in Land O Lakes Florida. Call (813)949-6094. The main thrift store is at District Council of Pasco, Inc., 7944 Grand Blvd, Port Richey, FL 34668. Call 727-845-8283.

By Jon McNamara

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