Henrico County St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in the Richmond Virginia region tries to break the cycle of poverty in Henrico County. Since this is a long term battle, they will also try to provide the community with short term support. This can come in the form of a bag of groceries or maybe just a kind ear from a staff member. The team can even help clients applying for financial aid for rent, medications or food, whether from the government or local non-profits. This, and more, is arranged.

The main resources are below, with a focus given to certain residents and conditions. But anyone from the community can apply for assistance from Henrico County St. Vincent de Paul and the Vincentian Relief Fund (VRF) or the Mini Loan Program.

Free food, meals, and basic household items

A walk-in food pantry is open. This program is operated by St. Vincent de Paul Henrico as a key service for feeding the working poor, immigrants and others. The use of the food bank is for existing clients only, so they need to go through intake as well as an interview. When found to be qualified, people can access the pantry once every 30 days.

The pantry is not to be relied on itself for battling hunger. However it can be used for a dependable source of groceries or personal hygiene supplies for short term needs, and the non-profit has been combating food insecurity in the region for a long period of time.

Families as well as individuals are welcome to come in during regular business hours. Anyone that uses the pantry can receive a variety of groceries items, both fresh and perishable. There may be meat, diary, baby formula, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other items. Recipients must live within the agencies service territory.





Emergency financial help from VRF from St. Vincent de Paul Henrico

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has been providing emergency rental, medical as well as utility bill assistance to qualified residents of Henrico County and the Richmond area for years. The agency pools funds from different sources. Money is raised from donations, partner churches, and the United Way, among other agencies. Anyone who applies for a grant is screened. If qualified, funds are given directly to the vendor, whether it is a utility company, landlord or mortgagor.

The application process is extensive. The steps may be as follows.

  • Due to the large number of low income people or struggling families requesting assistance, there is a thorough, initial screening of clients.
  • The need for help has to be documented, and Vincentians from St. Vincent will confirm an applicant qualifies for a grant.
  • A final meeting will take place with the client to review the decision on the application.

If qualified, funds are issued for everything from water bills to rent arrears or heating costs or critical medications and more. In addition, Richmond area St. Vincent partners with the Department of Social Services to offer the applicant information and direction to other services for which they may qualify. Find how to get public assistance in Virginia

The Vincentian Relief Fund (VRF) also provides other support. It may be help in applying for government aid or referrals. St. Vincent may give some free clothes for work or school. There is spiritual counseling, advice, and kindness. In general, the vulnerable in Richmond and Henrico County are supported.





Mini Loans can also be used for paying rent or critical needs or consolidating debt. The St. Vincent in Richmond is available. They work with Village Bank to replace payday loans. The interest rate will be much more affordable. Read more on payday debt consolidating with loans.

Apply for St. Vincent de Paul Henrico County resources

Vincentians process applications. There may be a home visit or referrals provided as well. The main address is 4491 Springfield Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060. Call 804-527-1037.

By Jon McNamara

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