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Indianapolis Society of St. Vincent dePaul assistance programs.

A leading charity organization in Marion County Indiana, St. Vincent de Paul serves indigent individuals as well as seniors and the poor. The organization and its many volunteers partner with local churches, non-profits and community volunteers to help clients in a crisis. They emphasizes offering food, clothing, and financial support such as homelessness prevention.

Anyone seeking aid will have volunteers visit their home, and this is done for all individuals who have requested assistance. The charity will help them process applications and determine what support the charity can provide to help alleviate emergencies.

As part of their services, St. Vincent de Paul distributes food to needy persons and helps clients afford the cost of rental housing in Marion County. They also help provide utility bill help and medical care, among other services.

More basic support includes free hot meals from the Cathedral Kitchen, personal hygiene kits and clothing. This, and more, is available to homeless individuals, the working poor and families through St. Vincent de Paul Society territory in Indianapolis.

The organization also provides information in regards to local transitional housing units across Marion County and affordable apartments to help stabilize homeless clients. There is also the Holy Family shelter, which is short term lodging.

In addition, staff help families obtain permanent housing and pay the security deposit on them, and clients who need to have their homes repaired can turn to the organization for assistance in finding qualified contractors.

Staff members and volunteers from the local branch of St. Vincent de Paul visit the homes of senior citizens, including invalids and nursing home residents, to provide care and companionship. They may have a meal and offer other aid.

The agency or its partners manage thrift stores in Indianapolis that feature gently used clothing, school supplies, furniture, holiday gifts and additional items. The merchandise at these stores varies from day to day. The agency invites anyone, regardless of income level or religious background, to shop in the thrift stores.




The money raised from the sale of goods at these stores finances the programs the organization administers throughout its service territory, with funds helping low income individuals and families obtain food. There may also be some of his used for direct monetary aid. So the grants provided for utility bills, rental expenses, prescription medications and other needs is raised from the sale of goods at these stores.

Churches and other venues across the region operate food pantries that offer meals and groceries to address the immediate needs of poverty-stricken individuals and families. St. Vincent de Paul also works with charities to provide free food or meal baskets on a monthly basis to indigent clients residing in Marion County.

There is also the Frederic Ozanam Free Legal Clinic in the city. The very low income and disadvantaged can receive free legal advice on certain civil matters from highly trained attorneys. While exceptions can be made, this advice is generally available to clients of the Client Choice Food Pantry.

Information on clinics is available. Persons in need of medical care can turn to St. Vincent de Paul for referrals. The agency has information on a pharmacy program for poor, low-income and/or uninsured residents who cannot afford the cost of prescription medications on their own.

This charity program is designed to offer support to individuals who are struggling with serious medical conditions or even a life threatening condition. The organization may even have occasional vouchers so that clients can acquire prescription drugs at a pharmacy at a reduced price.

Financial assistance is rare, however it is in fact among the most sought-after services provided by St. Vincent de Paul of Indianapolis. This service includes grants and capital to help clients pay for living expenses. In rare cases, there may be funds to pay for back rent, energy bills and food needs.

The organization offers a number of other social services and makes referrals to local charities, churches and agencies to help clients access specialized support. Examples of these include the following.




  • Career services and employment counseling are available to assist unemployed clients in conducting job searches or drafting résumés.
  • Transportation services are provided to unemployed people seeking a job, elderly individuals and persons who lack a means of conveyance.
  • St. Vincent de Paul offers basic supplies, a Meals on Wheels program and other support as part of its disaster relief service.
  • In rare cases, free vouchers are available to cover the cost of gasoline, very-short-term lodging, or local bus fares.
  • The charity also administers seasonal assistance programs, including meals and gifts, around the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays.

All resources are limited, and the charity can be reached at (317) 687-0169.


By Jon McNamara

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